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How to shop in charity shops with Caroline Jones | Fashion | The Pool

I’m Lauren Bravo and I’m here today with
fashion blogger influencer and charity shop aficionado Caroline Jones aka
knickers models own first tell me about the project so in 2015
every single day you were a different outfit sourced entirely from charity
shop I did yeah how did that come about well it came about because my mum Mary
was a charity shop volunteer at Cancer Research UK for 12 years so I was all
I’ve always been exposed I love to wear second-hand clothes mixing up with new
sadly she had breast cancer which she lived with for 12 years and then sadly
she passed away in October 14 I felt very much that I needed to remember her
in a very happy way because that was the that was what she wanted in the end of
the year I raised 67 thousand pounds including Gift Aid incredible and so
since the challenge finished you’re still dressing in charity shops I don’t
they are you pretty early yeah I’m mixing up new which is lovely
sort of adding in new but predominantly predominately pre love most of my
wardrobe probably 85% of my wardrobe is second-hand wear shoes not underwear not
under enemies always my design have you ever bought bras or swimsuits I mean if
I have got sports bras yeah with taxol mm-hmm you know you know I know yeah
pick up lots of things which haven’t been worn before so let’s talk about
charity shop shopping in general I have brought you today to my favourite local
charity shop which is the crisis shops thanks mark I have a lot of love for the
old-fashioned style of charity shop the jumble sale bargain bin 50p chuckling
charity shop but actually there are so many of these incredibly beautiful
curated charity boutiques around these days I think people might be thinking
well it’s alright for you in London you know some areas you’ve got these very
trendy chanson if I go into my local charity shop I’m not going to find that
but actually there is a joy in all of the different types that you have across
the country that’s a really good challenge I get
that challenge a lot ask that question a lot you live in you know the north of
London and you must get great pieces people donate fantastic pieces it
doesn’t necessarily mean I want to wear well that’s it it’s from yes of all or
whether they’re in my size and I have challenged myself I have been in two
shops which from first impressions you think there’s probably nothing in here
it’s not gonna work yeah but they’re often the little gems where you think
only Jaeger jacket oh yeah some beautiful leather shoes or just as
little pieces that you want you aren’t expecting air and that’s the joy
actually of pre love shopping is you don’t know what you’re going to find
just anywhere so let’s talk a bit about trends so if people think that they
can’t shop in charity shops and also be on trend what do you say to that the
amazing people that run charity shops are also tuned into high street this is
it they’re curating things for all the time so it’s great to see a window
that’s got floral going on in it love floral I mean that’s so cool yeah I
think pay attention to high street trends pick up on social and online on
magazines and just use those elements so if somebody says to you Caroline
I want to shop more in charity shop but I just don’t get it right where do I
start what to tell them well I think you need a few rules really I think you need
to know and accept your body shape mm-hmm I think that’s where a lot of
people go wrong like I’ve made that mistake myself a whole lot you know
maybe in six months I will have lost some weight and therefore I’m not going
to I’m not going to try anything I’m just going to put up with things and I
very much feel that you should be dressing for what you are right at the
moment and that your wardrobe should reflect that so my wardrobe everything
in it fits me but I think in second-hand shopping world I just ignore the labels
and somebody did say to me a while back what’s your size nice I don’t know
roughly 8 to 18 anything I’ll try anything on and I will I’m not I’m
really not dictated to by the sizing of anything yeah
right if it feels right I’ll wear it I always say to people as well you should
only shop if you have a gap in your wardrobe yes this is very sensible
yeah and I’ve taken lots of women into a charity shop who’ve never been in the
space before right and I think that the key thing really is trying things on
just take things into the changing room give yourself some space isn’t try them
on give it a go try them on you never know exactly you’ll never know
are there any items that you think are particularly good to go to charity shops
for I know trench coats right yeah that’s a cleric trenches folks generally
right credible there were amazing coat mate laughs sometimes you have to adapt
I do have a couple of pieces from the 80s where I have removed the shoulder
pads right because they’ve been just to excess and you can do these yeah these
little tweaks are not that difficult to do and what else like you love
accessories right I love it’s a lot of brilliant necklaces broaches won’t we go
bangle and it’s a good entry level I think isn’t it for people who are still
nervous about charity shops just go in and look at accessories go and look
accessories scarves yeah sunglasses good gateway bags roaches are having a
massive moment again this season there are badges as well how badges I said one
childhood pin badges patches are great do you have a look online as well a lot
of charities now have an online shop a tree there great place and they have a
vintage section as well yeah occasion dresses particularly very much yeah yeah
that whole range are really well edited and then them loggers and people sort of
putting pieces together key trends set but for me I think it’s really coming
into the shop and rummage rummaging the origins of rummaging yeah can’t beat a
good manager

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