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Hi I Dominic Colenso and in this video I want
to talk to you about how to start your pitch or presentation.
They say it takes about 7 seconds to make a first impression and that does not mean
to say that if you do things wrongs if you gonna mess things up you can’t get it back,
but what if does give us is a very clear window of opportunity to get our audience engaged
on site and listening to what we have to say. The kind of most important thing to think
about really not to be boring. Now what do I mean by that, I mean don’t do what everyone
else does, I ‘ve seen that to so many presentations, were I’ve listened to someone say “good afternoon
everybody” or “Good evening everybody” or “Good morning everybody” my name is Dominic
I am from Inflow Training and I am here today to talk to you about… Well if you are here
today to talk to me about it then just talk to me about it, get on with it, get in there
and tell me the interesting stuff that they are gonna my attention. So what I recommend
you to do is this: Start with a bang! I recommend that you do something a little bit different,
I don’t mean anything crazy or pull a big stand, what I do mean is start instead of
all that pre able, that good morning, good afternoon start with a fact, with a figure,
with a quote, with a story, maybe a bit a video or a bit of music, something thats gonna
grab the audience attention and really get them engage and what we don’t want them doing
and this is I see in so many speeches and presentations is while the speaker starting
to speak, the audience are spending their first couple of minutes finishing their emails
or text messages on their smartphones. what we want people to do is to realise that you
started and to start paying attention to what it is you are talking about.
As far as I am concerned thats the secret to starting your pitch or presentation is
to start with a bang, grab your audience attention, dispense with all the niceties and get them
to engage with what you are saying straight away
I hoped you enjoyed the video, I would love to hear your comments, leave them in the comments
box below or tweet me @dominiccolenso and if you are watching this video anywhere else
but the website get yourself over there that where all the good stuff is
until the next time keep shining

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