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How to Stop Procrastinating as an Entrepreneur

How to Stop Procrastinating as an Entrepreneur

According to recent study 40% of people have experienced financial loss due to procrastination in today’s episode You’re not going to talk about why we procrastinate I’ll give you many reasons why we do but at the end of it Which is a most important part of this episode I’m going to explain to you when we’re about to procrastinate in our mind We go through four different options. And then we just say I’m not gonna be doing it. Why do we go there? And once I talk about that with you, you’ll get a new hack on how to minimize the level of procrastinating you’re doing today So this the first time you’re visiting vitam and this is the number one channel on YouTube for entrepreneurs We got over a thousand videos on this channel on sales entrepreneurship hiring firing raising money great interviews If you haven’t yet subscribed to the channel Please do so click on the subscribe button and you can watch a bunch of other videos afterwards Anyways, let me get right into it point number one is a bad estimation of time Here’s what I mean by this so think about it this way Procrastination means you have a deadline that you don’t hit right? You’re like I gotta get to this deadline It’s a priority but I don’t hit it many times You think you have a lot more time than you really do? Right, like think about it you like arm. You know, I got next Friday, it’s good I got so much time to get it done all of us and you’re like, it’s Thursday. Oh my goodness How do I get this thing done now? Maybe we got away with it in high school. Maybe we got away with it in college You cannot get away with it in business because again, you don’t hit your deadline you lose customers You don’t hit your deadlines, you lose millions potentially billions some companies do because they don’t meet their deadlines so number one is time optimist or Somebody who has a bad estimation of time number two You are overwhelmed because you’re taking on more projects than you can handle. Let me explain to what I mean by this I got a big staff here a lot of people that work at the home office a lot of salespeople a lot of sales officers, right and Many times if I look at somebody that every time I ask him for something they say yes, or I got it. Okay. Yes Yes. Yes. I got it. Yes. I got it and then they don’t need half the deadlines I’ll sit down with them and I’ll say listen you seem a little overwhelmed you kind of tell they’re kind of going like this Oh, I got it. You know I got it and they’re kind of like sweating it right I’ll say look I want to simplify something for you. What’s that? Just because I asked you to do something doesn’t mean you can’t rebuttal and tell me Pat I got these three pending projects that are doing do today and you Smita to do it so which of these three is less important than the next request you just made then I Backtrack and I have to tell them you know what those three our priority do that I’ll ask this either from somebody else or let’s revisit this tomorrow. No problem Thanks Pat, and then they go back to their business, right? So sometimes you’re procrastinating because you took on way more than you can handle that’s number two. Let’s talk about number three Distractions what is distractions way too many distractions in your life. For example This is a phone. Okay, we all have a phone but here’s a question What notifications are on on your phone meaning? Snapchat insta Twitter Facebook text whatsapp How many notifications do you have? Do you know how many of the reasons why we progress is because all these notifications are on Sometimes you’ve got to turn off the notifications to a lot of things You’re not being distracted a lot of different things By the way, there used to be time where nobody could call their spouse at work nowadays. It’s a little bit more lenient That’s not really that big video like it used to be people talk to their wives or their husbands while they’re at work But sometimes your biggest distraction is every time your wife or your husband has an issue you on the phone with them Oh my gosh, babe. What happened Oh, seriously. Oh my gosh. Okay. Got it And then you just forgot the project that you were due by four o’clock today And you miss your deadline then you’re sitting in a meeting You don’t have anything prepared? Looking like a fool just because you got a call from your husband and your wife and you got distracted Okay, so sometimes it’s you have way too many distractions. You got to lower those number four you’re perfectionist Sometimes when you’re perfectionist, you don’t do anything unless if it’s perfect Right, so you have the I don’t want to say best of both worlds It’s more like the worst of both worlds because you’re both scared a fear of success And you’re scared of fear of a you know failure what if I don’t do a good job because it has to be perfect and What if I do come through and do a very good job? Then there’s more pressure on me because everybody’s expecting me to do another project that could be bigger. Oh my goodness This is so crazy and that whole pressure being a perfectionist You just kind of set it aside saying I’m just not gonna be doing it So I’m afraid of failure or I’m afraid of success I know this sounds weird, but some of you guys are related to say, that’s exactly me Pat I understand I’ve worked with many of you you got to kind of get over this perfection of stuff and start meeting your deadlines Point number five you really don’t know where to start and you are told here’s your task. You got to get this done You said yes, but you’re not really clear on what’s expected of you So when you come back to your desk or you’re sitting by your side, like what is my step number one or number two? What do I do next? I have no idea what to do next So because you wouldn’t give a clear expectation because you didn’t ask the right question You’re sitting there saying I don’t really know my first step is what do I do next? So because you don’t know what to do next you procrastinate Point number six is low energy. Some people call it lazy Some people kind of low energy stamina fatigue endurance, whatever you want to call it is I’ll give a task to somebody and you kind of know they’re like oh Okay. Alright so Let me see if this is we had a meeting the other day and I told my executives there’s a couple people in the office If I ask for him to do a task in my mind, I know it’s not gonna get done So why don’t we have them over here? Well, let’s find a way to rearrange them you want to move somebody else to another department that they’re not gonna get the job done because every time they do their energy is Low, and they’re not excited by heating hitting their deadlines. Why are we moving? Somebody told the front department? No, no, no No we just have to figure out to realize are we willing to lower standards and accept this kind of performance or Do we need to go get somebody with high energy? That’s not lazy that’s willing to work and get the job done Let’s figure this thing out now that may sound harsh to some people but in reality if you’re in an environment That’s a start-up and everything is moving as somebody is low energy Sometimes you just don’t get the deadlines done because your energy is just slow and you got to increase your energy Point number seven is very simple. It’s boredom a lot of times You’re given a project or you accept a project or you take an assignment or it’s something for yourself and you’re trying to get this One thing done this task then you got a deadline You just kind of send you’re like, oh my gosh. I cannot believe I have to do this You want me to pay my bills on time? This is so flippin boring. It’s driving me nuts I just don’t want to deal with the writing. You set it aside right due to boredom now That doesn’t mean that’s the right decision you made but sometimes we procrastinate because whatever project we’re working on is Absolutely boring point number eight your leader your example procrastinates so do you you’re in an office as many offices have a culture of procrastination like No one really takes deadlines that seriously no one really takes projects that seriously I know this sounds kind of strange but there are many Businesses that are ok deadlines are not met. They’re very casual about it So guess what happens if that’s the culture from the top and it accepted anybody else in that culture is okay with procrastination? Point number nine you do not have the right team to delegate to let me explain to what I mean by this So your CEO your founder your c-suite executive say you have seven deadlines to reach this month Okay, you got all these projects and three of them. It’s gotta be you your diligence on them But the other four you can delegate to somebody else now Every time it comes down to you delegating a project to somebody you either Don’t trust the individual to be able to do as good of a job as you or you just don’t have the right person so Either you got to start to learn to trust your people or go recruit and find the right people that you can trust because one Of those two is preventing you from delegating and last but not least point number 10 You simply don’t see value in the project you’re working on meaning you’re you’re you see the project, you know You gotta hit the deadline, but you don’t really value. So you just kind of say you know, what? I’m not gonna be hitting it So I procrastinate and you set it aside and turn your attentions in a whole different place. So that is our 10 different reasons Why we progress and let’s talk about how we come to conclusion of our decision-making process to say I’m gonna go up and come through with this and not procrastinate or I’m gonna procrastinate on this project Here’s how simple it is when a task comes to hand like we have to do something Our brain goes to one of two places I don’t know if I really want to do this But on the other side is I have no other choice I have to do this For example, I don’t know if I want to wake up this morning to go to the gym I really don’t feel like you don’t have to do it You get up to go to the gym because you want to go to the gym and get in shape and look better right now I don’t know if I really wake feel like waking up this morning to take my kids to school You don’t have a choice. You’re there, right? You have to get up early to feed them and take them to school because it’s your job, right? So somebody may watch is insane why don’t if I like the word have to Hate to say to you A lot of things in life is things we have to do no one likes to pay taxes. We have to pay taxes No one, you know likes to take their kids to school every morning you have to do it It’s something no one likes to go pay their bills, but you got to pay your bills. You don’t pay your bills You kick that. There’s a lot of things we have to no one wakes up and says, oh my gosh, I love changing diapers It’s just the most exciting thing of my life. I just love waking up to a bunch of pooping diapers I love it, but you have to do it. You’re dependent you chose to have a baby, right? So there’s a level of decision making process that has to do with your maturity level the higher we mature There are certain things we got to do that we don’t want to do but we have to do so Let me get into a little bit deeper You got four things that happens every time you got a decision first thing we think about here’s a decision. Here’s a task Here’s a responsibility that we got to take up number one Do I have to do it first thing your brain will say no you don’t have to do it or it will say Yeah, you got to do it But this one you can assign to the team we can do collectively as a family we can do collectively as an office It’s a team project. I can make this a team project or I can delegate this to an individual to get this done, right? So no team project delegate to an individual or yes I’m gonna do it right the challenge with a lot of the decisions that we procrastinate on is Things that we have to do and things that it’s on me to do that we set aside that’s when it causes problems Okay, very simple it’s stuff that I have to do and it’s mainly my Responsibility to do it that I said I decide I don’t want to really touch it I don’t really want to do this and then the more of these things that stack on top of each other then you have a cluster of problems you got to be working with so when it comes down to Procrastination a few things. You’ve got to be thinking about that. I’ll help you out number one Every time you have a new project that comes to you first thing you do is once you accept it Make a list of what you need to do next listicle. So for instance, what do I need to do here? Step number one do this number two. Is this number three? Is this number four? Is this number five? Is this number six is this? Okay. Let me send that email number one number two Let me make that phone call to this person number three. I’ve got to get that thing back and then I’m good to go Hey Johnny, can you make that phone call to Bobby get him on the phone? I got to talk to about this You’re already halfway to getting your assignment done. So you accept the responsibility you take an assignment instead of procrastinating Immediately make a listicle of what to do number two create a reward system if I finish this here’s my reward some time It’s very simple, you know if I get this part done I’m going to go out there and go to this place and eat if I get this part done I’m going to go out there and do this if I go and work out five days a week this week on Sunday I’m going to go out and get myself this if you read this book every day for five days the kids are gonna get this but there’s got to be a listicle and then there’s got to be a reward system add it to it then next thing is to Have smaller victories that are getting you excited to develop the muscle of getting projects done Sometimes you simply have a list and you get less done that builds confidence to know like luck even this morning I made my bed, you know right after making my bed. I went to brush my teeth I made something for my kids early in the morning before I left man. This is good I got a lot of stuff done here. It’s it’s victories. I’m getting small things done So now when a bigger responsibility comes you your muscles being built up for this big one You get that part done and that’s a massive victory for you. So again, Listicle number one at a carrot to it once you get it done Create small victories that lead to the big one and last but not least The times where you have to do something that you really don’t want to do there’s a lot of projects that I have to take As a company that I really don’t want to do, but I know it’s getting me closer to the vision Always sell the vision to yourself and the people involved in that project. For example guys Listen, I know nobody wants to be doing this right now We’re here at 11 o’clock at night And we got a lot of better things that we can do them being here at 11 o’clock I’m sure you’d love to be with your family. You probably would love to be Netflix and chilling with your newest girlfriend You’d probably love to be playing soccer right now. But here’s what we’re doing afore The reality is this if we get this together this projects gonna get us closer to XYZ and you can get closer to getting your promotion you can get closer to doing this and Collectively we can say we were part of this project so you do that both with your team and you got to be able to psych yourself out too when you’re working on a project all by Yourself and nobody’s there. If you don’t psych yourself out when you’re by yourself on a project you’re working on that is I have to You’ll eventually get bored out of your mind. And you say you know what? I’m just not in the mood so because The whole thing we talked about would bore them earlier There’s a lot of things I do as a CEO on an entrepreneur that’s boring a lot of things But because the vision is so big and exciting and the legacy excites me in the history excites me I do it anyways based on the vision. So again, those are the 10 reasons why people procrastinate Those are a few reasons how we come up with our conclusion on the decisions We make for procrastination and a few hacks You can use to help you minimize the level of procrastinating you’ve been doing lately and having said that The next video I want you to watch is a video about you deciding who is worth your time or not We wrote a victim made a video called who’s worth my time It’s a video for you to process and decipher through all the people you’re spending time with to I don’t know why I keep spending time with this guy you so every time I talk to me just sucks out my energy I shouldn’t be spending time with this person This video is built for you to know how to prioritize your time And if you haven’t yet subscribe to the channel, please do so take everybody, bye-bye

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