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How To Submit A Press Release For Your Fundraiser

How To Submit A Press Release For Your Fundraiser

Are you doing a fundraiser and you want
to get the word out to your community but don’t know? Today we’re here to
answer your questions on how to submit a press release for your fundraiser. Hi I’m
Kristy with Funds2Orgs and this is my friend Eric. How ya doin’ everybody? He is a Media
Specialist, he does a lot of work on YouTube and Twitch and he’s going to
help us talk about press releases. Yeah! If you have never submitted a press
release before and don’t know where to start we have some do’s and don’ts for
submitting one. So Eric yes for those of us who don’t know what is a press
release? Well a press release is a single page document that gives information
about your event that makes it newsworthy something that you can
release to media outlets newspapers the internet anywhere that you like that you
think will be interested in your newsworthy event. It gives the who what
when where and why and like I said not to beat a dead horse but it’s what makes
your event newsworthy. Now do you know how to write a press release? Do I? No I
have no idea but I can tell you that funds2orgs makes it easy by providing a free
downloadable document on our website. It’s under resources and under media
templates. Okay the first do is what to write in your
press release. So what to write in your press release is all about telling your story
for your event it gives the why you’re fundraising it makes it a newsworthy
event for whoever you’re sending it out to. Telling your story is super important
you want to make it personable but it also has to be newsworthy like
you said so you want to make sure that you target to the right audiences
exactly so if you’re doing a fundraiser for let’s say the ASPCA or for an animal
shelter you want to go after our human interest piece you wanna go out there
local news outlets you want to go after even though websites or something on the
internet you don’t want to go after a sports channel like the golf channel
because it’s more of a human interest piece and
not really a sports piece. But if you are a basketball team or a booster club supporting you
know the sports department or the athletic department in a school you want
to go after the golf channel you want to go after you know the sports section of
your local newspaper or TV station. And just keep the channels where you’re
doing your event. The next do is do submit it to the right
publications and through the correct channels and if it’s time-sensitive such
as you have an event coming up make sure that you submit it with enough time for
the editors to review and then once you contact the editors give them time to
respond to you don’t bother editors you gotta remember an editor is gonna get
tens hundreds sometimes thousands of press releases in a single day and they
have to go through all of them and if you call them as well sometimes you’re
that guy that just bothers them so much that they don’t want to deal with your
press release and also remember you want to make their job easier the point of
your press release is to make that newsworthy event a news story that’s
easy for a journalist to pick up and make a story about it you want to make
their job so easy that they recognize your event or your events as something
that can make an easy story out make it easy for them to help you like help me
help you if you guys have any questions about submitting a press release for
your shoe drive fundraiser be sure to go to our website we have tons of
information a lot of free marketing materials so be sure to check that out
you can also reach us at [email protected] if you have any other
questions. Once again this is Kristy and I’m Eric thank you for joining us
make sure you follow us and hit the like share and subscribe button down below so
you can get weekly tips and tricks on how to help your fundraisers see you
guys next time bye guys

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