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How to Win an Election–a Lesson from Steve Jobs

How to Win an Election–a Lesson from Steve Jobs

This is an iPhone otherwise known as a
smartphone. It does amazing things. You can pay
bills. Buy things. Watch movies, take movies, edit
movies and post them on youtube. You can listen
to music. Podcasts. Get a cab. Rent-a-car. Post on Facebook.
Tweet. Text. Get directions. Sing to Siri. Find
egg rolls in a strange town. And a thousand other things. Lots of people have one of these because allows us to
quickly communicate, better spend our time this we see fit,
save time, and bypass bureaucracies. It empowers us and affords us the freedom to make more
of our own choices. It’s the reason these things are so
popular. Don’t think so? Imagine what would happen
if the government demanded that we give them up, or banned or if some regulator turned
off the switch. The funny thing about being empowered is
that we like it. And once we have been empowered we are
loath to give up our power. We like having control over
our lives and better ways to manage our time and
our money. If you are or plan to be a candidate for public office, sell yourself in your message in terms
empowerment. Choice. Greater freedom of your would be
constituents to decide what is best for them. Like allowing people to buy a health
insurance plan that’s just right for them, instead of one dictated by a government
monopoly. The freedom to choose their own doctor.
Now that’s an idea. The freedom of a parent to pick the
school their child attends. The freedom to visit a sick child
or parent absent fear of losing a paycheck. Given the
choice, most americans are going to side with
the candidate that respects their intelligence, a candidate that thinks we are smart
enough to make our own decisions. That’s good news for those running for office who offer a message
of empowerment, the right to live our lives
as we see fit and keep a little bit more of what we
earn. I’m Jay Townsend. Stay tuned for more on the art of running
for office and how to win an election. Subscribe to my YouTube page, share this
video with your friends, and visit to get a
copy of my free book, The 10 Worst Mistakes That Candidates

  • Steve Jobs has a lesson to teach candidates on the art of running for office and how to win an election.¬† It is a powerful message‚Ķabout the appeal of empowerment. Watch the video to see why.

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