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How Training With Your Fundraising Coach Can Make Your Shoe Drive Fundraiser Successful

How Training With Your Fundraising Coach Can Make Your Shoe Drive Fundraiser Successful

Hey I’m Joe with Funds2Orgs. Now in our
how to do a shoe drive fundraiser series we’re teaching you the step by step
process of well, how to do a shoe drive fundraiser. Of course there are other fundraising methods and we know that you’re tired of selling candy and
products to your family and friends. And that’s why we wanted to offer a creative
and unique method of fundraising. So with a shoe drive fundraiser, well we provide you everything that you need in order to get started, including
your own dedicated fundraising coach. Now the fundraising coach has coached
plenty of successful drives in the past add all the marketing knowledge that is
going to coach you to success in your shoe drive fundraiser. So in this video
we’re going to cover the importance of connecting with your fundraising coach
on a weekly basis. Let’s get started. Now when you sign up for a shoe drive
fundraiser with Funds2Orgs your fundraising coach is going to connect
with you or try to connect with you ASAP. They’re going to send you an email.
They’re going to make a phone call and you know, “Hey I am your fundraising coach. I would love to sit down and have a planning call with you at your earliest
convenience.” Now in this call there’s probably going to
be a lot of information because well shoe drive fundraising is probably going
to be new to you. So that’s okay. That’s why it’s important to connect with your
fundraising coach every single week because they’re going to give you tips
and based on how your shoe drive fundraiser is going they can tell you, “Hey let’s be more aggressive doing this. Have you tried using social media?”
Because they have coached successful fundraisers in the past and they’re
doing it right now and watching them do it right now from from the studio. So
it’s always important to connect with your fundraising coach at your earliest
convenience. So I’m here with Donna who’s one of our
fundraising coaches. What territory are you in? I have the Northeast. I take care of
everybody at the net. So Maine, Maine, Delaware. Yes, yes so we’re talking about
why it’s important to connect with fundraising coaches and I wanted to talk
to highlight a little bit about the creative ideas that you guys offer.
Because I know that there’s things like you’ve done like a golden shoe that you
guys have talked about. Alright. Talk about hings like that a little bit. Okay well one of the things we do
ask you to connect with us is so we can share some of these ideas with you. We
have we have drive partners that have done like competitions between
classrooms to have them collect whoever the classroom the collects the most
shoes gets the Golden Shoe Award. So they take a single shoe that somebody donates, a shoe and they spray-paint it gold and then that’s the award for the classroom that gets the most shoes. That kind of gets their bragging rights.
So that’s been that’s been pretty fun. We have one group that has done a Tarp Pops where they put a big tarp out in the middle of the parking lot and everybody
throws shoes in and then whoever gets closest to the center wins the prize. You
can also do, a great events for churches is the Barefoot Sunday where everybody
comes into the church on Sunday and then they donate their shoes along with the
collection plate and it’s interesting the number of people that forget, and
leave shoes, leave Church barefoot. So it’s kind of a good way to get the
message across as well. And the creative ideas like those are important
because this is such a different type of fundraiser so you got to make it fun.
Right. Exactly you want to make it fun because it is, there’s work involved
but you want to get people excited about why you’re fundraising and keep it fresh
and keep it exciting. So the creative ideas that we share, like other drive
partners share with us about what they’ve got going on, we can then pass on
to our partners too. One final reason to connect with your fundraising coach, well they’re always here for you, whenever you email them, whenever you call them, whenever you message them they will always respond and make time for you to make a call or to inspire you or to motivate you. And it’s important to
keep up to date with them because they’re the biggest key to your success
in a shoe drive fundraiser and they’re always going to be here for you
throughout your shoe drive fundraiser. I hope these tips help you find success
with your fundraiser. Subscribe to our channel for more videos on doing shoe
drive fundraising and for our other series on using social media to help
your shoe drive fundraiser be successful. And if you want to learn more about shoe
drive fundraising and what we do here at Funds2Orgs, well the websites behind
me brand spanking new. check that out. I’m Joe with Funds2Orgs. Thanks for watching.

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