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hey everybody and welcome to another
live edition of the sewing report I’m your host Jennifer Moore and I’m
here to help you discover your love of sewing if you don’t have it already
so welcome this Labor Day weekend if you live in the United States it is the
holiday weekend for us that means that the trash is gonna be picked up a day
late so I’m a little bit bummed about that but if you watch last week’s show
you know that initially I was planning to have this week’s show be about sewing
machines and you know how much you should pay for a sewing machine but then
with everything happening in the world I thought it would be a much better and
more appropriate topic to talk about how to use our sewing quilting skills to
help other people so that’s what we’re gonna be focusing on this week so if
you’d like to get in on that conversation stay here if you’re
watching it live or if you’re watching the replay there’s gonna be a lot of
comments and I’m also gonna pop up the chat screen so that those of you not
watching live can still see all the comments that happened during the live
show because that’s what we’re here for right we’re here for the conversation so
thank you everybody for joining me and let’s get right into it so um yeah I
yeah this this week has been this week has been rough for a lot of people
hopefully just one thing we can do we can we can pray for them we can keep
them in our thoughts but even more importantly we can actually do things to
help other people in need and I think that’s one thing that I love about the
sewing community is just how strong we are and how how we can come together
when something good or bad happens and that’s really what I want to focus on
we’ve got a few people watching we’ve got sterling Vick Stephanie and is it
bah bahs ma from Kuwait Wow someone’s watching in Kuwait that’s kind
of that’s kind of awesome so for those of you I’m sure everyone’s aware but
there was a hurricane that hit Texas and also Louisiana as a tropical storm
Harvey and it’s caused a lot of damage and so many so
much havoc on that area in the southeast so obviously we can we can pray for
these folks and we should and but you know what there’s been a lot of debates
and a lot of talks talking this this week that I’ve seen in various Facebook
groups and social media about you know for those of us who sew and quilt how
can we help and also what’s the best way to actually help people so I’m gonna pop
up the chat window right now and let’s uh let’s just start talking but that’s
what I kind of wanted to focus in on is just you know like fur for those of us
who do so you know I know after what happened in Orlando at the pulse
nightclub the Orlando Modern Quilt guild really got together and really they
started this huge thing the quilts for pulse project and they made over 1,800
quilts and also I’ve been posting if you don’t follow me on Facebook you
definitely should because in-between this show I will post a lot of stories
and give my insight and just talk about stuff that is happening in between our
live shows on Sundays so definitely feel free to follow me on Facebook I’ve
linked my handle below it’s obviously backslash sewing report but
in between the show that’s where we can also talk and continue the conversation
I share a lot of sewing news stories and a lot of things that I see that I think
are interesting so if you like what I do here definitely make sure to follow the
Facebook like the Facebook page because you’ll get much more of me there if
that’s something you want I don’t know that maybe maybe it maybe this much
might be too much for people but if you are if you happen wondering like what
you can do to help people I’ve seen so I’ve seen a lot of articles basically
and this is something too that people should be aware of in times of tragedy a
lot of people try to donate stuff they try to donate food clothing quilts teddy
bears and from what I’m seeing this week from various articles sometimes that’s
not always the best thing you can do just because of all the logistics that
are involved in transporting these in you know having people distribute
them and keep track of everything the articles I’m seeing are basically saying
you know what that causes even more problems so that may not be the best
thing to do the charities this week are saying please donate cash that’s the the
thing that will help us the most and also will help us allocate our resources
best because when you have to keep track of stuff then it costs money for that
charity or that organization to you know transport it or make sure it’s
distributed when donating cash really allows those charitable organizations to
do what’s best with the money and what’s the most efficient because in in these
sorts of circumstances it’s very important to make their dollars go as
far as possible and I’ve seen a lot of really lot so much giving so many people
stepping up to help obviously football player JJ Watt I’m not a huge football
fan but I’m really inspired by what he has been doing to to help ease raise
over ten million dollars to help the people affected by Harvey so there’s a
lot of us that would that want to help but we’re not sure how or we’re not sure
what the best thing to do is and for those of us with the talents of sewing
and quilting there you know obviously that can we can donate our time we can
donate our our abilities and and yes so let’s let’s chat about that we’ve got a
few more comments we got barber from Texas Maya from Tennessee Nick for those
of us who far far away a good idea is to put a quilt project on tickets to
fundraise exactly and that’s actually more my lines of thinking there was a
conversation I saw earlier this week in a Facebook group
people are like oh can you have too many quilts and you know should you give
quotes to people in need and here’s the thing the people right now affected by
Harvey many of them don’t even have a like a safe place to stay you know
they’re in shelters they’re you know if they’re able to get out of if they were
able to get out of their homes they’re not in a position where they can really
accept things beyond their immediate needs which is basic clothing and food
and water so I know many of us might think oh them
having to quilt would be awesome and yes it would but more down the line when
they’re back into a safe living situation in a situation where they can
accumulate personal belongings many people lost everything every single
thing they own I’m in a one Facebook group and a woman was writing all of her
sewing supplies and sewing and fabric were destroyed by flood water and then
she was like well can I wash the fabric and other people are like you know in
because there might be like contaminants or other sorts of stuff in the water she
may have to throw everything out just because there’s no way she could
sanitize all of the items that were destroyed by the flood particularly
fabric especially if there’s you know you don’t know what’s in that water so I
thought that was a good point to bring up that people are like you know what
you may have to throw it out just because it’s not safe for you to keep
these items so anything you know anything that can’t be sanitized a lot
of these people are going to be losing you know bedding quilts things that
they’ve made again lots of sewing supplies and fabric and you know that’s
just something to think about I’ve never had to deal with that really before I
think my house flooded once when I was a kid but I really didn’t understand the
the full gravity of the situation and you know it was in the basement so I
probably lost some stuffed animals and toys but I’ve never been it personally
been in a situation where I’ve literally lost every single thing I owned and
feared for my life so for those of us who have not experienced something like
that we are very blessed but let’s uh definitely keep these people in Texas
and Louisiana and everywhere else that might be affected obviously there’s
another storm coming so hopefully it does not hit the United States let’s
hope not because we don’t really need any more of that I’ve got a couple more
comments sighs we got sakuya luigi and stephanie my office was trying to figure
out how to do a food drive and send the food but physically shipping it there
was really the limiting factor so individual donations it is Stephanie and
yeah that’s that’s so right you know the logistics
mayor of getting all this stuff to to Texas you know if you’re living in
Alaska you know it would be make more sense and cost less for you to donate
money to people on the ground who can get supplies closer you know close more
in close proximity to where they are so I think that’s something to think about
so if you are looking to help I’ve listed below in the description box some
reputa called Charity Navigator obviously not all charities are is
ficient with their dollars as others so I guess this website charity I think
Navigator has graded different charities on how how good they are with their
finances and that’s something to keep in mind too you want as much of your as
many of your dollars to really go to helping people rather than be for like a
CEO or you know administrative costs you know who wants that so I’ve listed below
some charities that I’ve kind of done a little bit of homework on obviously
though before you donate anything please do your homework and I would ask you
that to please you know check out the charity make sure they’re legitimate and
make sure that what you think your money is going toward actually does go toward
that so it’s important to keep in mind we’ve got Linda from Montana Champaign
twist I agree that cash is the best way to help but there are some who can’t
afford to give money but may have a spare time or physical items they wish
to donate champagne choice that’s a good point and we are going to talk about
that because that’s sort of where I’m headed in the direction of helping we
got Linda from Montana we’ve got Vic quilts and sewn objects
would be great to donate a few months from now when people need to rebuild
their homes exactly when someone has the space and you know facilities and you
know the ability to keep things then that would definitely be a better time
also we need to know what people actually need quilts are wonderful and
sewn items are wonderful but obviously these people need food medical supplies
water a safe place to stay so well what we do is awesome there are just more
immediate needs that have to be met right now we’ve got a Sequoia I think
the other storm is headed towards South America
like I was just reading an article on it and it said there was a chance but it
also could like just curved out and go somewhere else so let’s hope it goes
somewhere else because we definitely we don’t want another we don’t need I know
it’s hurricane season and these things are to be expected but with all the
stuff going on right now we these people need a break we’ve got a is it jinda I’m
not sure if I’m pronouncing that right if I’m not I’m really sorry because I’m
really terrible with pronunciations definitely donating through my church
they’re driving to Houston to hand out clothing food that’s awesome I’m also in
Georgia as well so uh and you know a little bit later I’ll kind of share what
I felt compelled to do to help so to fit hello in Houston Owen and soda fit I
really hope I hope everything’s okay with you she says we are not in need of
anything right now hold those son items until better able to get it to a person
directly and coming from someone straight from Houston that is good to
hear so to fit I hope you were not personally affected by this hopefully
you and your family are all okay and we get champagne twist please keep in your
prayers the people suffering from the effects of floods and monsoon in South
Asia it has been underreported in both the UK and the u.s. champagne twist
thank you for that but yeah this has been a pretty this has been a pretty
rough week all around there’s a lot to think about and you know I just feel
extremely blessed to you know have a safe home you know and not have lost all
my stuff you know so I have food to eat and I’m safe and healthy so I think
there’s a lot to be grateful for if you are I mean things like this just make
you feel grateful for what you do have right so yeah I I feel like I’m on the
verge of getting really emotional for not a whole lot of reasons but um I
don’t know it’s just been a pretty heavy week Prince okay so so to fit for
instance try to get with an individual member of a church a group like my
daughters who work for Habitat for Humanity to get this directly and who
can make sure the individuals get what you want so again if you are thinking
about sewing things for people in need I think that’s wonderful but just make
sure to communicate with people to make sure
that that’s what they actually need and actually want maybe there’s something
else you can do and I think um so I’ll get to what what I’m gonna do so I was
kind of thinking because these charities need cash why not I’ve seen a few
businesses doing this as this week why not you know if you sell patterns or if
you sell things don’t eat a procede of the donate a portion of the proceeds to
a charity or you know maybe you can raffle or give you know sell an item or
auction off something you’ve made and then give the money to a cause you a
cause you believe in in a cause you want to get behind I think that’s another
great way to get the charitable charitable organization what they need
but also you are using your gifts and sewing talent – oh sorry sorry guys do
my hands are like going kind of crazy that’s the way that you can use your
sewing talents to help other people indirectly so you know and if you are
someone that has donated your time donated your handmade items if you want
to share maybe what you’ve done in the past
that you felt called to do led to do and you know just share some stories so
that’s what I want to hear if you donate you know maybe like you know angel gowns
to hospitals or if you donate blankets to an organization like a women’s
shelter let us know in the comments because you know maybe that would
inspire someone else here to do something similar or just to get out and
do something because I’ve been wanting to do something like this for awhile and
I think when Harvey came around I was just like you know what this is this is
the time this is what I can you know kind of put into action what I’ve been
thinking about doing for a while so um okay we’ve got oh so to fit okay
my house took on minimal water daughter Jennifer lost everything I am I am so
sorry I hope your your son and daughter-in-law were rescued but went
back and house only got minimal water soda fit I really hope Jennifer has a
place to stay and I hope she’s able to get back on her feet I’m really sorry to
hear that I like I know people are like oh well
they have they must have insurance right you know
well one not everyone has flood insurance and also you know that doesn’t
that doesn’t replace things that doesn’t replace your photos that doesn’t replace
your memories and places and you know I know there are sometimes issues with
insurance companies paying out claims so even if you do have insurance I do know
there that doesn’t that really doesn’t discount the fact that there is gonna be
a tough road ahead but yeah so so to fit thank you so much for sharing that with
us and I’m so again I’m so sorry to hear about your family members losing their
everything they own Doug I cannot even like I honestly can’t even imagine what
that’s like and if you are in Houston just know that we are praying for you we
are pulling for you and we’re gonna sit with you so okay yeah and said if it
says beware of rental insurance it is not flood insurance and that is
definitely something to keep in mind and actually we I’ve had flood insurance and
I actually did live in Texas years ago I lived in El Paso and weirdly enough I
was in El Paso in 2006 when they had a huge flood I don’t believe my condo had
I owned a condo at the time I don’t believe I had flood insurance and but
thank goodness I was actually in a part of El Paso that did not flood at all so
my condo was totally okay but we lived in Florida
previously to Atlanta and we in-floor anywhere in Florida if you’re on a
property you should definitely have flood insurance so we had flood
insurance there we actually have flood insurance here even though we don’t
really live in an area that’s prone to flooding I think across the board flood
insurance if you own a property it’s just something that’s really good to
have and just in case you never know what’s gonna happen so it’s again if you
if you are you know if you have been lucky so far just make sure that you are
you are covered to the max with it with all the insurance you can get and that
you have a plan in place for what for the worst-case scenario basically
because again as we’ve seen this week stuff happens
stuff happens you got Stephanie my sister found out
the hard way when she was living in New Orleans
oh boy right before Katrina hit thankfully her house survived since she
didn’t have any insurance and that’s the saddest thing you know when you see
people that have lost their homes from a fire and they don’t have insurance maybe
they don’t have a mortgage that’s that’s gotta be like that just has to be like
the worst mo the worst feeling ever was is not only that you lose everything but
you can’t even rebuild so yeah so this is yeah this show is definitely not a
super upbeat show this week but hopefully we can we can commiserate with
each other and and talk so yeah if you are if you use your sewing and quilting
talents to help other people feel free to share or share what you do share how
you got involved and also why you chose this route because I think it’s
important to talk about I also think it might inspire other people in here too
to do something that helps other people so I’ll share with you what I decided to
do so I’ve been chatting with some people in a Facebook group and I was
like you know what why not because especially with quilts it’s hard to get
people to pay what they’re worth and but why not like a raffle or something like
that so um I kind of chose a unique route so on my Facebook page I’m doing
something until next Saturday September 9th and I’ve had a few projects that
I’ve made some for the channel some just you know just because I made things
purses and also I’m also raffling off that really awesome drew Chorus Game of
Thrones pillow cover I made for last week’s video so I posted a few photos of
things I made on Facebook and I basically told everyone and you guys are
included if you would like to participate if you donate twenty dollars
or more to one of the charities I listed as post a screenshot under the photo and
I will be you will be basically I’m gonna pick some
who screenshots each item to win whatever the item is so I had a few I’ve
had a few purses that I liked I didn’t really have a particular recipient in
mind so I’m I had these items already made and so I decided you know what why
not just give them away to people that donate to a charity right now so and
also I liked that idea because the money I’m not taking I’m not money’s not
crossing my hands at that point basically people who want to participate
just donate directly to the charity so the charity gets the money right away
and then at random with a number randomizer if there’s more than one
person that screenshots that sends a screenshot under each item I’m gonna
pick at random someone to get that item I will ship anywhere in the United
States because of international laws I really have to keep these to the United
States just because international laws tend to get a little murky and I don’t
really want to get in any trouble in that sense but that’s what I decided to
do it’s it’s a very small thing obviously but just something small I can
do to maybe help motivate people to donate to one of the fine charities we
have like the Houston Food Bank there’s also Samaritan’s Purse there were a lot
of organizations the Red Cross there are many organizations that are stepping in
to help and there’s a lot of good people out there and we’ve seen there’s so many
stories about people doing really heroic or very selfless things so with
everything going on it’s also kind of nice to see how good people can be so we
had a couple more comments we’ve got a soda fit thank you for doing the show I
can’t save all time but glad you breached this topic and thank you for
joining us and again we’ll be praying for you and your family and I hope
everything turns out ok for your daughter Jennifer but thank you so much
for taking time out of your day to hang out with us for a little bit are evic in
for Fort McMurray Alberta went through some massive fires last year oh I
totally remember those hundreds and hundreds lost their homes I know someone
who has made homeless who has made homeless are a lot of people who don’t
have home insurance and it’s so unfortunate and I know a lot
of people you know if you’ve got the choice between getting homeowners
insurance or buying food it’s it can be a very obviously tough decision and a
lot of people are obviously gonna choose the food you know people just sometimes
have to make really difficult decisions and it can put them in a very risky
place as well I’ve got champagne twists sadly in some
cases insurance protects the insurers better than the insured please always
read the small print and ask questions before you sign good point to make wishy
wish you knew and your family all the best so to fit okay but yes please if
you do have any stories about stories or even recommendations or thoughts about
using your gifts of sewing and quilting to help other people please feel free to
share them we’d love to hear them and that’s what this hour is all about and
weirdly enough we almost didn’t start the show on time because uh my husband
had turned off all the circuit breakers to do something and I was like why don’t
we have internet but now we have internet again so the show was able to
go on and he’s finished but yes so on over on my Facebook page I’ve linked
I’ve linked to the post in the screen ah I cannot talk I’ve linked to the post in
the description box and you’re welcome to check that out and see if you’re if
you’re interested in anything I’ve made or if you want something made by me all
you have to do is donate twenty dollars or more to one of the organizations
listed and just comment with that screenshot showing me that you donated
and you can be eligible to win one of several handmade items and I’ll show you
some of the items we’ve got the very red and red if you’re a Game of Thrones fan
you can get one of these and this is one of the items I’ve also got some really
cute purses I’ve made a pink one a pink sparkly one a really cool swoon Harriett
bag that’s in like blue and silver metallic fabric and there’s a couple I
made some really cute clutch purses that look like fruit slices there’s a
grapefruit and a watermelon so if you’re into spurt
says and you would like a purse I made a head over to the Facebook page and you
can check it out there see if there’s anything you like because we are doing a
an online virtual raffle and hopefully to encourage people to donate to the
hurricane relief efforts so yes so the pillow yeah that is a pretty cool pillow
and so yeah we’re just hanging out and all right we’ve got other than donating
money does anyone have ideas for international supporters you know Vic
honestly the money would money is king right now cash is king and the charities
have really made it very clear to everyone this week please donate money
that is the best way you can help I know sometimes it can feel not very personal
but that is truly what will help me most people in this situation is cash Vic if
you want you can try to sell some items or maybe you know do what I’m doing
raffle things off auction things off and donate the money to charity that way it
feels more personal to you but someone had a good point I was talking to a
friend of mine and someone was like you know what it’s not about what makes the
giver feel good about giving it’s what actually helps the recipient and
charities again in these articles I read they’re like you know please the best
thing you do is give money it’s not canned good it’s not even bottled water
sometimes it’s cash because then they can decide what they need the money for
and also work out more efficiently how to get supplies food clothing to the
people that actually need it alright Malita any I have a lot of terrycloth
any ideas for quick projects Melina you know I have I love terrycloth and I love
toweling fabric I make a lot of baby bibs and also I like burp cloths so
that’s something you can do you can back it you can have like the terry cloth on
one side and then like a really cute cotton print and you can make all kinds
of stuff I’ve even used terry cloth to make placemats I put you know cotton
quilting quilting cotton on one side and then terry cloth on the other side you
can also make obviously like little bathrobes you could make some really
cute baby items in fact I was actually thinking about using my like waffle
weave cloth that I have left to make one of those really cute hooded towels for
baby I don’t even have a recipient mind but I just thought it would be cute to
make one and do it with some bias binding on the edge so there’s a lot of
really cute projects with terry cloth but i think baby items like like if you
have a little bit and you want to make small items oh you can also use them to
make like napkins you know maybe some towels placemats stuff like that a
champagne twist it’s likely that many will not be in their own homes by
christmas end of the year maybe we could start making quilts blankets and other
items and then send those near at the time in Champaign to us that may be
something to do in the future in fact I will share a story oh yes don’t Kristin
Kirsten good point donating blood is a great idea the hospitals and other
medical facilities were also affected Kirsten I you know that kind I kind of
spaced on that but that is an excellent thing to bring up if you would like to
do something donate blood you know see what else you can donate to that will
help people that may be you know obviously there’s there’s always a blood
shortage especially here in the United States you know and I know like I’ve
heard from people that work for the Red Cross you know blood donations tend to
spike when something like this happens and then the rest of the time you know
nobody donates but that’s something that you can do all the time to try to help
other people who who need blood patients hospitals you could save someone’s life
I know my mom used to donate plasma a lot I will be honest I I have like a
really really terrifying fear of needles and I also pretty small and I have they
have a hard time taking my blood so I I’ll confess the idea of donating
blood to me I just I haven’t been able to bring myself to do it I can barely
get myself to do a blood draw for my own reasons
um so I’m a little bit of a baby so but I think if you like donating blood and
you are not scared of needles please do that I I feel terrible seeing this I
just I’m so scared needles the last time I had my blood
drawn for some reason I was like I get like these panic attacks my blood is
very difficult to draw because apparently I have like tiny veins and
they have to use the needles meant for like babies like the butterfly needles
it’s just so one of those things of so hopefully I could help them to help in
other ways to make up for that you know we’re not perfect but and that’s yeah
I’m just yeah I don’t know why I went off on this tangent I really did not
need to say that but in the sense in the spirit of being honest I I have never
had the the I guess personality and and demeanor to donate blood because I just
can’t even I can’t even let a doctor like get near me to draw blood for like
my own blood tests so anyways I’m really sorry for the people who need blood but
yeah if you like donating blood and you don’t are not terrified of needles
please go ahead and do that because obviously there are a lot of people in
need of blood I’m not in fact I’m not even sure what blood type I have that’s
like how not with it I am yeah so I may be and I Ike even getting a shot for me
if I know I’m getting the shot ahead of time I’ll kind of panic thinking about
it for months ahead that’s how that’s how bad the situation is I’ve even as an
adult when I have to go to get shots or something I just start crying it’s
pretty embarrassing actually and it’s not something I’m really proud of
obviously but that’s that’s the truth that’s the truth we got Maria I am my
veins are hard to find I’m scared of needles too and for some reason it
always takes three to four pokes to find a vein yes yeah and honestly I think we
should probably stop talking about this topic because I don’t want to scare
people off from I really don’t want to scare people off from from donating
blood so I’m kind of regretting saying this but um yeah I’m like I’m absolutely
like Sakuya said I am terrified just terrified like to the point where it is
super embarrassing so yeah anyways let’s let’s move on um but yes so if you
like to help with Hurricane Harvey you want to do something the charities have
said the best thing to do is donate cash and if you want to use your sewing and
quilting talents to raise money to donate that’s something we I think we
can all do we’ve got Vickie yeah I’m just starting
to get past my fear of needles when I oh my gosh I am so sorry Vic yeah there is
some wait some of these people in this group we have been through a lot a lot
I’m so sorry to hear that Vic I can under I can certainly understand why you
are not a fan of needles or anything anything that has to do with blood work
oh I’m so sorry I hope you’re okay wow that is I don’t even I own esteem
know what to say but I’m so so sorry there’s so much there’s just you know
and that’s the thing like um I think that’s one thing another thing I love
about the sewing community is how just how much we can be there for each other
and you know I’ve been in some groups and some people will share some really
personal things and you know it’s just amazing to see how supportive other
people are and how loving and caring people truly are you know I know for all
the for all the you know hubbub surrounding lots of hateful things that
are going on I think when you step outside and you actually really talk to
people you realize how good people can be so I know I’m sorry this is I feel
like I’m getting like overly emotional in this episode and I’m probably I don’t
even think after the show I’m probably not even gonna go back and watch this
but there’s just yeah there’s a lot of stuff going on so yeah let’s keep out
keep please keep all the people in Texas in Louisiana and whoever else may be
affected by Harvey you know you can you can definitely keep them in your prayers
and said you know support people emotionally as well as with stuff or
with money but you know that’s what I wanted to talk about I know this week I
was gonna next week unless something else changes next week we will talk we
will do the topic that I initially met for this week which is to talk about how
much we should how much you should budget or pay for a sewing machine but
this week let’s just let’s just kind of let’s just
kind of use each other as the shoulder to cry on
so yeah it’s been a pretty tough week I’ve seen so many images and so many
videos of people that just make you want to just break your heart and make you
want to cry so but I’m gonna try not to do that let’s talk about some others
yeah let’s talk about some happier stuff this week’s video if you have not seen
it and by the way I shoot and edit and prepare these videos in advance so this
one was shot probably about a month ago but this week’s video is about what
really happens in my sewing room it’s a kind of a weird silly music video that I
thought people might find fun so that’s up right now on the channel if you’d
like to see that I also linked it in the description box below and I’ve also
linked a a vlog I did a few weeks ago about YouTube creator day so you’re
welcome to check that out as well oh and I do okay so I do have something
kind of happy to talk about in other news um besides all this stuff that’s
really heartbreaking and depressing yes Linda that’s actually what I was gonna
talk about so tomorrow tomorrow for a full day so tomorrow is
late if you’re not in this States there’s a holiday called Labor Day
weekend Labor Day and Labor Day is Monday / tomorrow for a whole day
craftsy members are able to stream all classes for free yes you heard that
right all classes on craftsy for tomorrow only if you’re a craftsy member
if you don’t have a craftsy membership you can sign up real fast so it’s free
to sign up and then you can pay for class basically right now you pay ala
carte although I understand because NBC bought craftsy in the future they’re
probably gonna go to more of a subscription model like everything else
in the world they’re going to subscription-based but tomorrow only you
will be able to stream any craftsy class you want for free so even if you have a
craftsy membership and you’ve never bought a class you could still watch all
the classes you want for free so guys get the popcorn out get your sewing
machines ready be prepared to binge-watch craftsy
tomorrow in fact let’s binge watch craftsy so hard the site crashes or
something because that would be kind of interesting but in the description box
I’ve linked below a place where you can see all the details about this craft see
promotion and if you don’t have membership already I would definitely
recommend you get one because they do even have a lot of free classes that you
don’t have to pay for and they have free patterns on there and you can also get
some really great deals on sewing supplies and sewing in fabric so that’s
one happy thing I do have to talk about is the craft si Labor Day all I think
it’s called like all you can watch day they’re calling it so that’s pretty
awesome and that is one really cool thing I do have to share with you this
week is that tomorrow we can watch all the crafts two classes we want for free
and I’m pretty excited because there’s a few classes that I have not purchased
that I wanted to watch so I’m probably gonna be doing that tomorrow there is um
there are a few classes about like sewing industry secrets how to do things
a lot faster so I’m actually probably gonna try to check those out since I
have not purchased them at least tomorrow I can go in there and and watch
them and I kind of want to see if they’re worth buying or not so if there
is a class that maybe you’re on the fence about and you’re not sure if you
want to buy or not maybe that’s a good way you can watch a few hours of it and
say yeah you know not for me or you can say yes this is willing to pay $19.99
for you know or 1995 for so I think that’s a really cool thing crafts he’s
doing and um you know there was another thing I you know crafts II was in the
news a few wee several weeks ago I don’t know okay oh you got a couple comments
here um yeah so Linda yes thank you for the reminder and it isn’t that I have
linked in the description box where you can go on craftsy to sign up for that so
if you don’t already have a craft si membership sign up right now because
it’s an awesome site there’s an app so you can either watch it on your desktop
or you can get the app for your phone or iPad or tablet or whatever phone and you
can watch cool they have tons of classes and their sales all the time there so
their sales are great but if you want to wait to see what the subscription model
does maybe like if you’re a new craftsy member and the subscription the
subscription models coming out maybe you want to wait to sign up to see what you
know cuz I’m sure they’re probably all gonna also do some sort of free 30-day
trial or something like that all right we gotta jinda which class do you
recommend for beginners to Shinda there are so many classes they have a lot of
free classes too like there’s a free one on like sewing machine basics they have
a few free classes about knitting I’ve seen free classes about all kinds of
things so addition to my recommendation is go to crafts you sign up for it
there’s a link in the description the description box for this video and you
can go check out all the offerings and you can also sort through them to see
which classes are free and which ones are not there are free classes on
zippers on all kinds of things so definitely check that out and you can
use the free classes to gauge you know is it worth buying paid classes or if
you’re very new to the site and may be worth hanging out hanging out and kind
of seen what happens with this whole NBC acquisition to see if you know when if
and when they go to this subscription-based model you know if
it’s only $9.99 a month or something you know I probably do that and then you can
get access to all the classes – we’ve got um oh and um Barbara be sure to
check your email my email says it’s not available through the app you have to
use the link in the email but Barbara I have linked to I have link to where you
can get it so I’m also a craftsy affiliate as well so I got a an email
all about the promotion you could also read about it on my
website so in report com I was so excited to hear that last night that I
went ahead and I wrote a really quick blog post about all of the promotional
details but yes you can watch all classes for free tomorrow for one day
only but yes you can certainly use the link
in the description box and that’s the link I was specifically given as a
craftsy affiliate and that should take you to the spot where you can watch all
the classes for free and mixes didn’t know craftsy was the thing I will
check it yes you definitely should they have a lot of really cool classes some I
will say this some classes I think are better than others in my personal
opinion I think craftsy does a lot of things right but some of the classes I
think the I don’t know I don’t want it I don’t really want to like I really don’t
want to bash craftsy some of the classes are a little more helpful than others
and I’ll let you use your own judgment and deciding which ones you feel are
better than others I would say across the board all the classes don’t all have
the same level of consistency and teaching and some of them I’ve been kind
of like at some of the classes I love and I also think some of the instructors
are higher quality than some of the rest depending on how comfortable they are at
camera and also how well they’re able to really relate information maybe and I
may be a little bit biased because I do work in television as a producer so you
know again I you know I do tend to be a little picky about on-camera talent I
guess I don’t know all right Barbara says the BLA the bodice block lesson is
on sale for $29.99 do you know if it’s worth it I haven’t seen it offered at
any lower price Barbara are you talking about the Suzy fur class the one about
like creating your own bodice is that though it’s like about creating your own
what’s it called yeah like bodice looper is that the
class you’re talking about I do actually have the class and I don’t think I paid
$29.99 for it though I think they were having a sale occasionally like all the
classes will be on sale for like $19 or I’ll see a sale where they’re buy one
get one free or like buy two get one free they have so many sales at crafts
either hard to keep track of but Barbara if that is the one you’re talking about
I watched the first hour of it and it’s it is complicated like making a bodice
sloper is no joke I have not personally had the time to dedicate to making my
own bodice Loper and I will say watching the first hour of the class made my like
eyes glaze over I was like oh my gosh there’s a lot involved in this yes
Barbara I do have that um I would say if you have the time if
you can dedicate the time to doing everything she says she has you take a
lot of measurements and there it seems like a pretty complicated process to
make the sloper and I just haven’t had the time and energy to do that but I do
I did buy the class arena sale and I don’t think I paid $29.99 for it I think
I think I paid like 20 bucks for it and that’s why I was like well since all
these classes are on sale I’ll just get him now all right Stephanie says I got
all my sloper classes for about $20 and Stephanie I think I paid about the same
as you it was either a sale where they were all $19.99 or something or it was a
sale when they were like buy one where I was like the buy one get one free class
they do that a lot so Barbara I would actually wait to see if and also another
thing that you might want to wait for if you don’t plan on making the Bata sloper
right away wait for those Black Friday sales I have no doubt crafts you will
have some sort of crazy blowout blowout Black Friday sale because even their
normal sales are really good so I personally don’t really I don’t really
think I pay over $20 for any craftsy class in my opinion but tomorrow if you
want to check it out Barbara because because of the Labor Day all you can
watch day you can see if you think it’s worth it or if you you know and that
might give you a better idea but in the description box below again I have
linked to the would-be craftsy promotion so you’re welcome to check it out there
but yeah they have sales all the time sort of like how none of us buy patterns
at full price from McCall’s because there’s so many sales you know we’re all
kind of conditioned now to wait until McCall patterns are on sale for 99 cents
or a dollar 99 and I am no exception to that
so well I’m glad we could at least sort of get the show and do a more upbeat
note after I know there’s been a lot of stuff going on and it’s just been a
really hard week for everybody so let me know also if you’re joining us you know
what what do you guys have going on this week
do you I don’t know his been tough I don’t know it’s
I feel like this week’s been so weird and just strange and depressing in so
many ways hopeful and inspiring in other ways but also still very very tough so
let us know what you’re doing this week what kind of sewing projects are you
working on I’m actually more working on some video production stuff so I haven’t
really been sewing but I’m really excited because I do have some new
YouTube lights some new lights from a youtube set up and they make such a
difference and I’m actually um I love sewing don’t get me wrong and I love
creating videos but for a while now I’ve actually been wanting to gravitate and
doing some non sewing related videos just stuff I had in my head stuff that I
really enjoy doing or enjoy talking about that I am going to be starting to
post more videos on my personal non sewing channel so if you’re interested
in if you if you you know don’t think I’m totally nuts and you uh enjoy these
videos and you would like to see if some non sewing videos the new channel it’s
actually not really a new channel it’s just new in the sense that I’ve been
actually starting to post videos on there the new channel is called Jen
talks forever and on my channel homepage there’s a link to it and I also linked
my YouTube creator day vlog was done on that channel if you want to see some non
sewing Jen videos that’s where you can go I’m hoping to post some cool videos
there as well maybe more like I love doing product reviews I love talking
about stuff I like and stuff that works for me or doesn’t work for me so I’m
gonna be doing some like non sewing related videos over on this channel Jen
talks forever if you’d like to support me there you’re welcome to you don’t
have to if you’re just here for the sewing I completely understand
and there’s a lot of topics that I like talking about they don’t have anything
to do with sewing but I just really the initial reason I started this channel
was because I felt like sewing was just so under the radar for so many people
you know when you talk to people your friends family members if they don’t so
they just have no clue what’s going on so the reason I started sewing report
was to hopefully just maybe hope gifts help give sewing a
little more exposure the exposure we deserve but you know that that can’t get
around the fact that I love doing things that are not sewing related as well so
that’s where all of that content will live and I know I talked to you guys a
few weeks ago and the general consensus is that non sewing content can live
somewhere else so that’s where it’s gonna live I do have a playlist of some
of my Jen talks forever videos on the sewing report Channel but if you like if
you like what I do here and you’d like to see some what I do when I’m not
sewing or talking you guys here that is where you’ll find me elsewhere all right
we’ve got a few other comments uh Kirsten I had plans for tomorrow but
it’s going to be over a 100 degrees in the crafts the event I’m not leaving my
sewing room all day I think that sounds Kirsten I hope that sounds like a great
plan um I would just say bring some snacks with you in there maybe some
pizza or something in a bottle of wine just bring a whole bottle of wine in
there and don’t yeah I think that sounds like a perfect actually that sounds like
a lot like my plan for tomorrow so that’s I’m really hoping to watch a lot
of these craft C classes that I have not paid for so I think that craft sell is
awesome I wish they would do it more often especially for people who have
memberships and that I bought classes in the past I think it’s a great way to
show customer appreciation we’ve got do Shinda found my grandfather’s vintage
sewing machine just trying to figure out that sounds like fun
are you trying to like repair it are you trying to like just trying to see if you
could figure out how to use it that sounds really cool Stephanie I made a
fleece jacket for my five-year-old daughter and a wallet for myself I’m
military so tomorrow is a federal holiday for me Stephanie that’s awesome
and uh Stephanie thank you so much for your service I don’t know what branch
you’re in you’re welcome to share it with us but uh thank you so much for
what you do for all of us to keep us you know safe and keep us free you know I
don’t know if I don’t know how personally I want to get here or how
sappy but um yeah I do love this country and I I have I just think what you guys
do members of the military people that
fight for this country and help keep us to help protect us
I think you deserve all the praise and all the all the holidays you want and
also all the sewing you want Stephanie I think you should get to sew as much as
you want tomorrow and watch all the crafts the classes for free Barbara says
made a tank top today and have a jacket on the table ready to cut out that
sounds like fun more fabric in the wash being prepared for the stash so that
sounds that sounds like a pretty cool day to me too
so after the show is over I’m probably gonna I’ll be honest I’m probably gonna
eat some pizza and try to I I shot a couple non sewing related videos that
I’m going to put on that Jen talks forever channel I’m a few weeks ahead
with Sonja port but there’s still a lot that I always have so many videos that
video ideas in my head I have a list let me see if I can find said list of uh see
yes so these are all the like yeah I’ve got a bunch of videos that I really want
to make so I have a lot of videos that I have on the agenda and I just kind of
keep track of like if I come up with an idea I just write it down I’m like that
would be cool up sorry that would be cool for the future and then hopefully
I’m able to make all of these videos I’ve got Barbara thanks for reminding me
I have fabrics to wash Murray I have my first handbag on my snow machine Murray
that sounds like fun what um is it from a pattern or is it just like a self
drafted thing let us know what what kind of handbag you’re making Sakuya I made a
couple zipper pouches for my son and his friend I have so many projects they need
to work out and I think you speak for all of us there’s just so much to do in
so little time and it looks like we’re all gals in here and we as women know
how hard it is to keep all this stuff together running the household and you
know doing all this stuff it is it can be pretty exhausting so anyway guys I’m
probably gonna sign off soon so I can eat some pizza and also work on some
editing but yeah I try to shoot a few weeks ahead of time just to feel
comfortable and I also want to make sure that I’m not like there’s not a week
where I don’t have a video because you know I have committed to doing at least
one video a week and the show every Sunday so I like to try to at least keep
that keep that schedule going Vic it must be hard being a news
reporter around these times seen all the pictures and videos it’s great that
you’re feeling hurt and compelled to help
and victim you know I will say I am not out in the field the people that are out
in the field they’ve got it they deal with a lot more than I do most of my
career has been you know back in the newsroom sitting there you know writing
or doing other stuff but they’re you know the those reporters out there
covering the covering the storm they are you need to be like a superwoman or
Superman because it is a really really difficult and challenging job especially
within these types of circumstances and also you know they you you know how it
is they get you know it’s just it’s a really it’s a really tough job and I
think people don’t give those types of journalists enough credit they work
extreme they work extremely hard also they don’t you know most of the people
in this business they don’t get holidays off they work really crappy schedules
over nights weekends holidays working Christmas every year so it’s a job that
is not for everybody we got a couple more comments uh I need to make a bunch
of films – yeah champagne – ice make some make some videos make some videos
and uh Stephanie Barbara Stephanie I finally finished a McCall’s jacket okay
that sounds awesome what kind of Barbara let us know what pattern it is oh yeah
yes sakuya i will definitely enjoy that pizza my husband makes p homemade pizza
himself he makes amazing pizza so we still have some of that leftover I’m
definitely gonna be heating that up in the microwave right after we finish and
start importing some of my footage I’m really excited because these new lights
I got make they make they just really step up the production level and I’m
pretty excited about that and thank you guys all for joining me again I will see
you guys next week for another show and next week hopefully we are gonna be
talking about how much you should spend on a sewing machine how do you decide
how much to drop on one because I think it’s something that a lot of us are like
kind of second-guess ourselves about or you’re not sure especially if you’re a
beginner so next week let’s come back here and talk about sewing machines
again and I will see you guys later you guys have
a great Labor Day weekend and I’m about to eat some pizza yes I know you really
I’m sure you really all wanted to know that but you guys have a great day and
I’ll talk to you later

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