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I Delivered Elon Musk’s New Couch and Raised 18K for Charity!

I Delivered Elon Musk’s New Couch and Raised 18K for Charity!

– Good morning. Today is the day. You don’t rest and slack on the day you’re going to deliver
a couch to Elon Musk. You just don’t. I don’t usually run but
today’s a running day because you gotta get the blood flowing to have energy, to be prepared. That is what it takes. So if you’re willing to do
it, this is what you do. Haven’t had coffee yet. I probably look super tired
and like (buzzer buzzing). That’s what it takes, you gotta do it. Got my running gear,
ready to go do my best Casey Neistat impression
but much, much slower. Let’s go. (upbeat music) I think I’m at a turning point. There’s no more road, more
deep canyon, that’s it. (upbeat music) (goose honking) Geese. Sayin’, yo, Elon’s getting
the couch, go check it out. Alright, back from the run. Easy day, 2.5 miles, about 30 minutes, so just a little jaunt. Walking, didn’t know where I was. Found Coyote Trail or Coyote Creek, saw a bunch of black cats, time to shower, get ready to go deliver a couch. (water splashing) Alright, showered, ready to go. How’s my hair, you like it? I don’t know, mixed on it. Gonna go to Philz Coffee nearby,
hangout, get some work in. Gonna show up at Tesla around 10:30, deliver the couch, maybe go on a tour? We’ll see. Let’s go. (upbeat music) Okay, every time you
come to San Francisco, you must come get a coffee Philz. (upbeat music) I don’t know why… I bought a vegan doughnut. It’s a special day, right? Wow, sugar, sugar. Another must in California, avocado toast. But this looks more like
guacamole toast to me. It’s not supposed to be a spread, it’s supposed to be slices. That will balance out the sugar. Combined with the coffee, we’re
ready to go deliver a couch. (upbeat music) 10 minutes out, couch man is on his way and we’re gonna try to
get some shots of that. I don’t even know what couch we got yet because Wayfair is donating it. So thank you to them, big
shout-out for helping us because then all the
money can go to charity. I’ll talk about which charity it is and all that in a minute but
first I want to make sure that we get over there
in time so we don’t miss the actual delivery of the couch. Can’t believe this is really
happening, so fun to be here and thanks for Tesla for inviting me and making this such a fun little thing. Let’s go check it out. (upbeat music) Alright guys, just delivered the couch. They’re gonna go get it set up, hopefully today, they have a lot of stuff. Obviously they’re very busy,
this kind of a distraction but some really cool news for you. I didn’t know this until
literally just now. So we raised almost $8,000. Tesla Club of Sweden raised $1,500. We’ve donated, or we’re
donating those to charities. Ours is going to a charity
based out of the UK called Renewable World,
who helps fight poverty by providing renewable energy. So I believe the next big
project they’re working on is in Nepal, from all the
people that were devastated from the earthquake back in 2015, providing them for ways to
be kind of energy independent and get back to their
lives and kind of rebuild. So that’s where the money’s going. Now Tesla, I thought originally was gonna donate the cost of the couch. But since Wayfair donated the couch, Tesla is going to be
matching the entire donation, the entire thing. So all $8,000 or close
to 8,000 that we raised plus the 1,500 that Tesla Club of Sweden, we collectively are over $18,000, money raised going to charity
from a simple little joke, idea here to create
this GoFundMe for Elon. Now I think Elon and everyone
really appreciates this. It’s wild, it’s fun, but don’t think that we should keep doing this. This was kind of a random one-off thing so thank you everyone that
donated, that made this a thing. – Here it is, the goal was $1,000, they’ve raised almost $8,000. (audience cheering) What is wrong with you people? Why are you, who is
sending this man money? He’s a billionaire, a billionaire with a B which stands for boy
don’t need your money. (audience laughing) – I didn’t get a chance to meet Elon, yet, I may later on, won’t be able to video or do anything weird like that but I will tell you about any further developments that we have. As of right now, I’m just buzzing because I got to come up here and do this. So thank you to everyone for watching, still have a lot more
to come and stay tuned. It’s a fun ride and it’s gonna continue. (upbeat music) – Hi guys!
– Hi guys! – It’s Emily and Helen
here from Renewable World and we just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported
Ben’s GoFundMe campaign and who voted for Renewable
World to receive the donations. – Everyone here at Renewable World is delighted to have been chosen. As you can imagine, we never expected something like this to happen. Renewable World’s only
a small organization so support like this
is absolutely amazing. With your support, we
can continue our work around the world and
give remote communities the access to renewable
energy that they need to escape the cycle of poverty. Whether that’s using solar
technology to give electricity to homes in Kenya, power
businesses in Bangladesh or to pump water in Nepal,
it’s only with the continued support of people like yourselves that we’re able to achieve the
fantastic things that we do. Sustainable technology is
helping to build a better world and now you’re all part of that process. – If you’d like to find
out more about our work, then do head over to our website. From there, you can
sign-up to our newsletter and you can also follow
us on social media. – Thanks again for your support. Bye!
– Bye! (upbeat music)

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