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I drew Youtubers for Charity! (and some cartoons too)

I drew Youtubers for Charity! (and some cartoons too)

hi my name is Alyssa and I talk about art
illustration and animation this week I’m doing a speedpaint of some work I did
for charity specifically Charityland which is a
stream hosted by three prominent theme park Disney Youtubers – Defunctland
Disney Dan and Rob plays and a myriad of other special guests if you watch any
theme park or roller coaster adjacent youtubers at all I’m sure your favorite
youtuber will either be a guest or will be in the stream participating with the
stream it’s gonna be a lot of fun the Charityland fundraiser is raising money
for Give Kids the World a nonprofit organization who in addition to having
their own theme park called Give Kids the World village which is awesome they
also help out kids who are sick and the special needs visit not only their theme
park but all the surrounding theme parks in the Orlando area including Disney
World in Orlando and Busch Gardens and all that fun stuff they’re also really
highly respected and reputable charities so you know that all the money you’re
donating is going right into this good cause to help bring happiness to kids
and their families so give kids the world and give kids the world village
really worthy cause a really awesome thing to give money to this time of the
year spreading happiness and joy this Christmas season. There was an open call
by Defunctland on Twitter who also runs the Charityland Twitter account
asking creators, vloggers artists whatever to submit things that they
could play during intermissions on the stream and I submitted a couple really
super quick speed paints like 15 second versions of the speed paints I’m gonna
have in these videos but I thought I’d also show the footage here as a more
drawn out speed paint because first of all I am happy with how these came out I
think they came out really cute and I kind of wanted to talk about the process
of making them but also I did want to get the word out there to what small
audience I do have here that maybe doesn’t watch theme park YouTube and let
them know about this stream and to tune in tomorrow at 4 p.m. Eastern Standard
Time December 15th go tune in to Charityland and donate and participate and
check out all the cool guests they’re gonna have it’s gonna be an awesome
stream. With all that said let’s get right to the speed paints so Santa
Mickey was the first idea I had I pitched it to defunctland I was like
hey I’m an artist do you want anything for the stream and he was like yeah if
you can do a time-lapse speed paint that would be awesome and I said is Santa
Mickey good? And he was like yeah so I had the go-ahead for Santa Mickey
and I got a little bit more creative after I finished Santa Mickey so the
this first idea was like the simplest to execute though I did have a lot of
trouble with Mickey’s eyes like in official artwork depending on what
era of Mickey you’re looking at his eyes for like the 90s Mickey which was kind
of the Mickey I was going for was very 90s VHS cover Mickey- his eyes are a lot
smaller and beadier than you think they are so I throughout this even while I’m
inking you’ll see me readjust the eyes several times and get the pupils even
smaller and closer together and whatever it’s hard to get that just right I feel
like but I think in the end it looks alright and because like I said I was
inspired by Disney VHS cover art I wanted these nice crisp lines with
colored outlines and I also wanted this nice soft airbrush color style because
there’s not a lot of hard edges in the color when you look at that kind of
artwork it’s all very like soft airbrush with very like blended colors and it
gives this very soft squishy kind of look to it it’s almost like you know
when you airbrush art on the sides of like you ever been into like a County
Fair with those little rides they set up with the airbrush stuff on them almost
like that but a little bit more put together than that with the nice hard
edges. And when I did the very quick speed paint version of this the
15-second version I cut out all those iterations of where I was trying to
align they give kids the world writing and try different styles I cut all that
out because I wanted to give the impression that I knew what I was doing
so making a really fast speed paint where you cut out all your mistakes is a
great way to accomplish that. And with this nice soft snow and the little
snowflakes and the little touch of highlight on the ears and hat I think
I’m done with this piece and here is the final result I think this one turned out
pretty well and I’m happy with a little Give Kids the world logo on the bag as
well. Next up I did a speedpaint I thought it would be fun to do some of
the mascots from Give Kids the World village and this is Mayor Clayton and Miss
Merry who are two rabbits that are the I guess they reside in give kids the world
village as their story I’m not sure what their their lore is beyond the fact that
they’re very cute little rabbits that I wanted to draw. So I come up with this
little scene at first I was just gonna have them like waving hello looking at
the camera waving hello and I thought it would be fun to do some kind of
interaction together like I thought well maybe he’s got cookies and I was like no
I’ll make him Santa and he’s giving her a gift so I thought that would be a cute
little interaction between the two rabbits to do and they were pretty fun
to draw there’s some official art of these characters that looks very like
Disney fied and cute so I went with that kind of style but also injected
little bit of my own personal I don’t know how I draw things into this as well
they’re like how I did the feed is very reminiscent of how I’m doing all my
animal crossing characters all the rabbits and stuff like that so it’s like
a blend of like Disney meets Alyssa style I suppose and again with this I wanted
to do the very like soft airbrushed look with the you know softer brushes and
nice color and outlines and feel very warm and fuzzy and cute and nostalgic
and that all those good things that you want to feel at Christmastime you know I
messed with her pose a few times to get it just right and the and the flow of
her ears I wanted her to have a nice I don’t know line of action or flowy
line that goes through her so yeah Here I am doing the line work the same way I
did for the first piece and this is a look that I want to keep consistent
between all the art I did which I just did these first two pieces and then I
reached out to Disney Dan who I’ve been in contact because we may or may not be
working on something else in the future hint hint I’m not gonna plug it too much
because I need to write a script for it and I have no idea what its coming out
but anyway so I reached out to him showing him hey here’s what I did for
Charityland because he’s one of the hosts of it and he was like you know
because I said maybe could I do some other artwork for the stream do you guys
need anything else he’s like now that you said something… so he gave me an
assignment which is the next thing I’ll show on the speedpaint but it was
because I sent him these and said oh I did speedpaints of these and he really
liked them so yeah I did the a nice soft coloring again on these guys and nice
faded soft background with little snowflakes and I was pretty happy with
how it came out especially I don’t really do a lot of like airbrush shading
like this so I want to revisit it and try to do more authentic looking VHS
cover style artwork I think there’ll be a fun challenge to make like a fake
Disney VHS cover of something or like a portrait of somebody I know in that
style I think that’d be really fun to do. And here I’m messing with the font
again that was the bane of my existence was doing the hand lettering I could
have just done it in Photoshop but you know what I wanted to do it by hand so
here’s the final result so my hardest and final assignment was
because human drawing humans isn’t my strength but I wanted to really nail
this one cuz Disney Dan was like well we could use an image of us three together
you know Rob Plays, Defunctland and me and Defunctland Kevin his whole bit is
that he doesn’t show his face so he tells people he’s a wax likeness of Brad
Pitt is kind of the running joke so hence the Brad Pitt reference on the
left but the other references that look like they’re cartoons drawn by me? They
are – that was the original intent was to do these are riggable poseable Adobe
character animator puppets that Dan can then manipulate into different poses but
A) that would be too much work on Dan’s end considering all the other stuff he
has to get set up for this stream I don’t want to put that on him, B) it was
suggested to me like hey just do it the same style as the other two drawings
that you’ve done already with Mickey and the bunny I was like that’s a good idea
cuz then I could do like Disney prince style you know with the soft airbrushing
and this kind of like big eyed Disney Prince look to the guys I think it’d be
kind of fun to do so and I also wanted to point out that Kevin defunctland is
also heavily inspired here by John Smith because I was like what Disney Prince
kind of has that Brad Pitt look and the closest I could think of was John Smith
so the style the eyebrows and everything is very heavily pulled from John Smith
if you wanted to know. the redline reference here or the redline redraw
right here is my boyfriend’s doing thank you very much cuz I struggle with
foreshortening it’s something I got to work on but I wanted to get it I wanted
to make this just right for Charityland so it’s always good to ask for help when
you don’t know how to do something and I definitely didn’t know how to do that so
thank you boyfriend for the help he also helps with Rob’s hand on the left at
some point as well it was actually Rob Plays’ requests that he be dressed in the
bunny suit of Ralphie from Christmas story because at first I was like my
first pitch was like maybe you guys are wearing like ugly Christmas sweaters and
Kevin Santa and like Rob’s get reindeer antlers which was kind of like generic
and lame so I’m glad that he suggested the Ralphie bunny costume because I
think that’s way more fun and then Dan the reference photo you saw was when he
was in a play see where he was the ghost of Christmas present so that that fit
him well he had already dressed up like that and I had good reference for it so
it was perfect yeah so I’m going into coloring it the same
way I did the other two drawings with a nice soft well these are the flat
colors but I go in with the soft airbrush and make it nice and Disney VHS
cover style like I did for the other two pieces and this was a lot of fun to do
because I don’t normally draw a lot of people it’s something I don’t take on a
lot of commissions for I don’t do a lot of portrait requests and stuff so it was
fun to tackle this kind of work and get out of my comfort zone a little bit
but I had most fun with the next assignment coming up in a few seconds
you’ll see a quick speed paint of that Dan messaged me and he was like this is
awesome it turned out so great blah blah blah you’ll see I add the text here at
the bottom too I’ll show the final piece in a few seconds with the Charityland
font at the bottom he was like it turned out so great we also need a technical
difficulties version so if you could just make a version where our faces look
like nervous just change the smiles so they look nervous and I had way too much
fun with this considering that if all goes well in the stream you’ll never see
these images so I wanted to devote a little chunk of the video to them as
well I was like I don’t want to just change the faces I want to change the
poses like I got Rob pulling his ears out from being stressed that his face
changes and I wanted like hands on faces and sweating and like really nervous
like oh god the stream is down what do we do what do we do
I wanted it to convey a sense of like nervousness and panic and also Dan’s
like half smiling like trying to keep it together for the stream I’m like it’s
okay guys well back in a few minutes I promise
I wanted it to tell a story and I had again way too much fun with this
considering that if it gets shown at all on stream it’ll literally be for like
two seconds but I wanted to make something really cool for Charityland
so I don’t regret any of it so yeah I went on I I basically did the sketch
over and then I did the polished lines on a new layer and did the painting on
a layer under that and then flattened the whole image that I could essentially
just paint over top of the old lines if that makes sense so that it would
seamlessly blend the new and the old together and then I went and erased all
the old stuff and polished it all up and I also did some variations where this is
the blank one with nothing and then I was like I’ll do the sepia tone one he
asked for with the technical difficulties and then I also was like oh
so here’s the sepia one then he had asked for I was like I’m gonna do a sepia one
and then I want to do a black and white version as well so in a few seconds
it’ll switch to the black-and-white version I like I like this black
and white version quite a bit more than the sepia tone version actually and then
I also did a variation of the technical difficulties that you would see on like
a more modern TV with the color bars and these colors are actually eyedroppered
from the Charityland logo and then I did the final glitch version where it
was just a standard TV glitch and this one’s actually my favorite of the whole
set I don’t know which one they’re gonna pick because I put five of them in the
drop box and was like have at it and all he responded with was OH. MY. GOD. which is
my favorite kind of reaction to get so thanks Disney Dan for the great
feedback and thanks for letting me be a part of Charityland it’s been really
awesome to work on these for all you guys and do something good for Give Kids
the World so those are my submissions this year
for Charityland I hope you guys like watching the speed paint progress of these
coming together I really had a lot of fun working on these and the kind of
airbrush soft Disney style that’s a little bit different from what I’ve been
doing with all the Animal Crossing villagers lately so it was nice to get a
little bit of a change of pace while still staying true to my very like
cutesy cartoon style. Not only was it a lot of fun to do this art for Charityland because I’m a big fan of theme park YouTube and Defunctland and Disney Dan (and Rob Plays too!)
and all these guys but it was actually it was a really great feeling to offer
my skill as an artist and to use it to promote a really great charity with a
really great cause that I really believe in this time of year and I’m also gonna
be making a donation which I urge you guys to do when you watch tomorrow’s
Charityland stream at 4 p.m. Eastern December 15th check that out again I’ll
put the link on the video and in the description below so you can check that
out if you liked the video give it a like if you like watching speed paints
and videos about art illustration and animation be sure to subscribe to my
channel I post new videos every single week and in this week I don’t know if
I’m posting animal crossing video tomorrow if I’m gonna space it out so
it’s next Sunday I’m not sure yet I don’t know what my Christmas plans are
yet thank you guys so much for watching have a great rest of your day and a very
happy Charityland if you’re gonna be tuned in tomorrow because I know I will
be. Peace!

  • Just wanted to clarify what Give Kids the World does to correct my statement where I mentioned children with special needs, as only children diagnosed with critical illnesses would qualify for Give Kids the World. From the website:
    β€œGive Kids The World Village is for children between the ages of 3 and 18, who have been diagnosed by a licensed doctor with a critical illness. Children are sponsored in their local communities by one of over 250 wish-granting organizations and children's hospitals that partner with Give Kids The World to grant these children their special wish vacation to Central Florida. If the child expresses the wish to visit Central Florida, then Give Kids The World Village is contacted and arranges a joyful, week-long vacation, at no cost to the family”

    Just wanted to make sure to correct myself to properly explain what this amazing charity does and the magic they make happen! I think I mistakenly believed the wish was also available to special needs children who are not fighting critical illness after hearing about the care the charity takes to make their theme park attractions and playground highly accessible to all children and their families who may be visiting πŸ™‚

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