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Ideas to Maximize Your Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Ideas to Maximize Your Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Hello fundraising family. Hi. Oh we got a chipmunk. Hey you got to do stuff sometimes. What is that voice?
We hope you’re having a great week. This week we are bringing you
specific shoe drive fundraising ideas to help maximize your success. Specifically.
I talk with my hands leave me alone. Success. My name is Kristy and
I’m Eric. And let’s get started. She forgot what she was going to say. Let’s do this. Let’s do it. So everybody has something different
that’s important to them whether it’s school, or art, or animals but how do you
draw that into your fundraising? Well, we have some ideas for you. First up on our
list, this is meant for schools. We’re talking about classroom competitions.
Yeah you can do everything from classroom competitions, you can have
competitions between each class which is also classroom competition. You can have
stuff like fill the bus, or have each class get as many shoes they can. Make it
into something where they can either have dinner or lunch with the principal,
or with their teacher. They can do a pie a teacher in the face. Anything that
makes the kids want to donate shoes is a great idea and making it competitive is
even better. But some people into arts and crafts so how do you get them to
help out with donating shoes? Well. The way to do this is with a giveaway. So you
can utilize homemade baked goods, bracelets, artwork anything that’s
donated from the community and utilize that for giveaway. So have people bring
in shoes and the most people that donate shoes get entered in for a chance to win
your homemade good whether it’s a piece of art, a homemade baked good, or.
A bag, or hat, or a painting, or drawing. Yeah. Or drawing if your name is Simon. All of that. Next up for a
fundraising idea, we have a special idea that’s made just for churches or
religious organizations. Barefoot Sunday. I had barefoot every day. Basically
Barefoot Sunday is you encourage your congregation to donate their shoes
during service. It’s a show of solidarity for the world, and for your church, and
for giving, and for love, and for everything that they stand for. If you can
get people to donate shoes during service, during Barefoot Sunday, they go
home barefoot and you go home a winner. We actually have put together a very
nice guide for this, we’ll link it below. Oh below. Not up. Below. We could put it both places. I’ll put link down below up here. So it makes sense when I’m pointing. Okay. Down below, up top.
The guide is called Barefoot Sunday and it’s actually a full sermon series so
that your preacher pastor can you utilize it to talk about why they should
donate their shoes. Barefoot Sunday. So we’ve covered school, we’ve covered art
and we’ve covered churches, but what about college students because higher
learning is super important. But, how do you get them involved? Well, she’s gonna
tell you. The great thing about college students
and any student for that matter is that they come home for the holidays and for
the summer. These are all great times to hit them up and get them to donate their
shoes while they’re doing their back-to-school shopping or they’re
getting new presents and new shoes for the holidays. Yeah if something is out of
season you want them to donate they can donate it and make it into something
that’s great for somebody that’s in need. And lastly, we have a fundraising idea
that’s specifically meant for animal rescues. So if you’re actually an animal
adoption, or an animal rescue, or an animal shelter you can offer a discount
to people that donate shoes towards your charity. You can also do stuff where like
a raffle where people donate X amount of shoes they’re entered into the raffle
and they get to name one of the pets that’s being adopted. Anything that helps
out your animals and helps out the world would be great and it helps out the
animal lovers too. A shoe drive fundraiser is a great way to engage your community and
it has a very easy buy-in. You’re not asking anyone to open their wallets,
you’re just asking them to clean out their closets. Just like that song. What
song? cleaning out the closet. It’s Eminem. Nope. That’s what he’s talking about, a shoe drive fundraiser. Eminem’s donated so many shoes. He doesn’t sound like that. He knows. Eminem love you buddy. Oh my god. Now as a bonus one
this is kind of an oldie but a goodie if you remember the flamingo prank where
what you basically do is that people donate X amount of shoes towards your
charity you will put flamingos of whatever amount you want in whatever
yard they choose. You just basically sneak in there you put a bunch of flamingos
on the person’s yard and you say this is from blah. It’s a prank. And the people wake up
in the morning it’s a prank they wake up in the morning they see flamingos all
over the yard. It’s really funny, they’re really cheap you can get them online, on
Amazon. A lot of colleges do this for donations but it’s a great way to get
them to donate because it’s a prank on their friends and they don’t have to
open up their wallets to do the prank they just clean out their closets. Eminem. Cleanin out your closet. See that’s gonna be stuck in your head all day
now. I don’t remember the rest of the words to the song. That’s all you get. We hope that
these fundraising ideas help maximize your shoe drive fundraiser and help you
guys raise additional incremental dollars. And no matter what you do to get
people to donate towards your charity make sure you’re creative and make sure
you find ways to reach them on a personal level because if you do that
they will donate to you and it helps them as well. My name is Kristy. And my
name is Eric. And we’ll see you guys next time. bye. saying that fun whywhy do I
ensure yourself go yeah answer me apparently it’s a thing
now but what if you’re in the churches well I’ll tell you maybe truth colors
cuz you can’t fake it and lastly we have an idea that’s fists stupid so again
discount on people that the dead get yep yep yep yep that was really bad that was
actually good nailed it

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