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‘Ill-Conceived Strategy’ By 2020 Candidates To Attack Obama’s Legacy | MTP Daily | MSNBC

‘Ill-Conceived Strategy’ By 2020 Candidates To Attack Obama’s Legacy | MTP Daily | MSNBC

  • Old hypocrite Bernie didnt want to pay his own campaign workers $15 per hour. He final caved-in to do it but then cut their hours.

  • Obama would be considered a conservative in the 12 years since he ran, drone strikes on "brown" people on foreign soil, deporting thousands of illegals, etc

  • Bernie & Warrennhad no part of even touching Obama’s record, yet this moderator is intent on tagging them with the 2nd night’s attack on Obama. This hack insists that, even though Bernie wasn’t on the 2nd night debate stage, Bernie “will have to attack Obama” in future debates to take on Biden. This hack’s assumptions just demonstrate loud and clear the bias against Progressives, especially Bernie. After the 1st night debate, there wasn’t one word of media criticism about anyone in that debate trashing Ibama, but this media hack want to lump Bernie & Warren in with what happened in the 2nd night debate. Also, this media hack can’t possibly believe that Bernie & Warren can keep from attacking each other in future debates and states that personal attacks between the two are a given. Th fact that Bernie & Warren have been ablevto run their campaigns without attacking each other (or anybody else) demonstrates why they are at the top of this group of candidates. The media is so biased against Progressives that they go out of their way to lump them into the 2nd night debate group drama when they had nothing thing to do with anything that was said in the 2nd night debate. After the 1st night debate, Sanders received $1.1 million from 70,000+ contributors, so he must have said something during thfv1st night debate that many people liked. But these media hacks would never mention that.

  • Obama had four quarters that were higher than 4.1 percent GDP and one quarter that was over 5.0 GDP. The stock market was doing well under Obama. The problem with Obama and Trump is that they are both Wall Street sellout.

  • Get off your high horse! Both Obama and Trump have blood on their hands when they armed Saudi Arabia as it attacks Yemen. Obama failed to pass universal healthcare and couldn't even pass climate change legislation. He even held wall street speeches after his second term, making lots of money off speaking fees. Screw Obama and media like you who protect corporate interests. No one is above criticism.

  • She couldn’t wait to jump in and blame Bernie – he didn’t even say anything disparaging about Obama. #Bernie 2020

  • Attacking Obama legacy will not do those candidates any good. This will only hand Donald the 2nd presidency smh

  • Now that 'wild ideas' like universal health care are mainstream it is ridiculous to look back and judge Obama who lived and struggled in a totally different political environment. Oh, and by the way, just in case you forgot, there is an effing would-be MUSSOLINI in the WH!

  • Be silent and never scene Mr. Trump you are also Nothing! Let's never forget your border wall promotion tactic…I want ever forget it hoe🌚

  • Obama empties our bomb stock with his drone campaign.

    He wasn’t perfect ffs. MSNBC rides his nuts as bad as fox rides trump.

  • Obama is not perfect. MSNBC get real. Faiz saved you all. Neera Tanden is a corporate hack. Invoking Reagan who we know is a racist.

  • In the Obama era, the Dems lost over a thousand seats, and got screwed over by the Republicans on every single piece of legislation. That's just an easily demostrable fact. What's to talk about?

  • Not a fan of Obummer, who campaigned as a progressive but then became a corporate Democrat (sold out to the insurance companies and banks, and cared more about cultural issues than working class issues).

  • Obama's failure to use the bully pulpit for the working class got trump elected and it is never bad strategy to tell the truth

  • Barack Obama was not perfect like Donald Trump or any other President.I don’t what’s wrong with criticizing him

  • Criticising the Obama administration is necessary. What Obama, and many other more liberal leaders in Europe by the way, didn´t realise is that capitalism as it is came to an end, that there should have been new and fresh ideas to solve the problem of increasing social inequality. The system needs to be reformed and modernised drastically. He didn´t catcht that moment in history and that deserves to be criticised. Take it away from the person. I like Obama but he´s just a human being and he made mistakes. I´d love to see him admitting some of these mistakes in public. That would be the right thing to do right now. Regarding the argument that this form of internal criticism will only fuel Trumps campaign…that´s just nonsense. Don´t get distracted. He will spin everything no matter what Democrats will do. Democrats should focus on doing what´s right and shouldn´t waste their time thinking about Donald too much.

  • One can be confused about Obama the candidate of 2008 vs 2012. He campaigned as a liberal progressive etc then when he entered office to his credit he tried to appease make amends with Republicans and negotiate with them. But Republicans obviously blocked him mercilessly on anything. His crowning achievement was the ACA and keeping the timeline for troop with draw in Iraq. Besides that nothing worthwhile. He should of fought harder. But in the end his role in Syria, Libya, expanding Bush tax cuts etc tainted his legacy. Makes me wonder if he was actually a progressive. Question is would Obama survive the 2020 election? With non traditional media now a days if it was around back then would he survived the 2008 election or been called out as corporatist elitist because if you follow the money Obama 2008 is lighter version of Cory Booker 2020.

  • I love and voted for Obama. I can criticize the people I love. He also continued a horrible drone strike campaign, killing Americans (albeit terrorists) without trial and 80% of those killed in drone strikes were innocent people- thereby creating more terrorists, etc. He also saved Wall Street over Main Street in the recession recovery. He pushed the needle for people of color in many ways, recovered our economy from W's destruction, but was too corporatist for my liking.

  • These Obama allies need to stop being such snowflakes and own up to their bad policies. Also, stop evoking Trump to criticize the primaries as if they’re a general election! They aren’t, and it sure didn’t keep Trump from winning in 2016.

  • Swing Voter Here! I'm not voting for ANY DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE who DISSES OBAMA. His presidency was the happiest time in my life. Bad Strategy!!!

  • The Dems attacking Obama just to get a dig in at Biden is rediculous!!!! Stop being stupid or you will have 4 more years of Trump… Dem supporters still love Obama… So do a lot of other people. You gave Trump a good night of TV watching.. He's feeling pretty secure after the debate..

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