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Impact of Fundraising in Cancer Research

Impact of Fundraising in Cancer Research

The fundraising program of the Cancer Council
is our life blood. We’re an organisation which raises about half of the money we spend through
public subscription. The fundraising activities of the council enable us to conduct lifesaving
cancer research, to deliver world-class prevention programs that cover primary prevention of
cancer, and also support for cancer patients. There’s a number of ways in which people can
support the Cancer Council. One is to leave us money in a will – that’s a very important
source of money for us. They can subscribe regularly to our mail program and donate through
the mail, once or more a year. Or they can get involved in events. Important events for us, through the year
are Daffodil Day, Relay for Life events which occur in communities around the state, Australia’s
Biggest Morning Tea and Girls Night In. We’re not going to defeat cancer without a
massive community efffort, and we’re already seeing this because last year (2006) ordinary
Victorians contributed $20 million to the work of the Cancer Council. Ordinary Victorians should probably be called
extraordinary Victorians because we have so many wonderful people who support the Cancer
Council’s fundraising activities. We already have about 40,000 people who volunteer
their services for the Cancer Council each year. We’d like to increase that number and
we know there are a lot of people who’d like to work for the Cancer Council – there’s a
supporters hotline, which they can call (1300 65 65 85) and plug into the sort of activities
that might suit them in terms of volunteering. In some communities there are actually volunteer
groups that operate – particularly in the country. There’s a shop at our headquarters, corner
of Victoria St and Rathdowne St, Carlton, and it contains a lot of good product, particularly
sun protection products, which tie in well with our SunSmart program. If you can’t get
to the shop you can access products by ordering our catalogue or visiting our internet site
and ordering that way. You can register for these fundraising activities
by calling 1300 65 65 85.

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