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Impact on Fundraising with Cynthia Merkle ’77

Impact on Fundraising with Cynthia Merkle ’77

[Cynthia Merkle] We’re thrilled to have chosen
Dr. Steven DiSalvo as our seventh president of Endicott College. It was a very competitive process but he really rose to the top based upon his interpersonal skills, his dedication to students, and what he demonstrated from a development perspective. In order to give you have to trust the leadership with their vision for the future. Their philanthropic dollars come in and you have to be a good steward. I look forward to getting to know
our current donors, but also I look forward to expanding what I call the “Circle of Friends”: more people that we can bring
into the Endicott family so that they can learn about us and they can get excited about what we are doing and want to make philanthropic investments. [Merkle] Fundraising is so important to the colleges in today’s environment
with the affordability of tuition and room and board is
important for us to be able to provide scholarships to
worthy students and there has to be a value proposition
to that and by increasing our endowment
we are going to be able to support more students coming
onto campus and in our Boston office and in our international programs, as well. I, like of the board members from
the Board of Trustees, are really looking forward to working
with Dr. DiSalvo in the future. We look at this as a team effort and we can’t wait for him to arrive.

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