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Impeachment Has Officially Backfired – Trump Beats All Opponents At Fundraising, Has $100M Cash

Impeachment Has Officially Backfired – Trump Beats All Opponents At Fundraising, Has $100M Cash

Pelosi’s impeachment has officially backfired. It was supposed to be their ace in the hole.
Democrats crafted a seemingly perfect scheme to undermine the Trump administration and
secure a 2020 win. They had the backing of the mainstream media.
They stacked their hearings with biased Democrats. They even made sure the so-called whistleblower’s
name stayed a secret so nobody could question him. But their attempt to clinch the 2020 Election
hasn’t worked. It hasn’t worked in the slightest. In fact, Trump’s in a better
position than ever. Don’t bother looking at the polls, look
at the money. According to fundraising, the Trump train
is unstoppable. From Fox News: President Trump’s campaign raked in a whopping
$46 million in the fourth quarter of 2019, fueled in part by a backlash from his base
against House Democrats’ impeachment efforts and blowing past any of his would-be Democratic
rivals. The incumbent now starts the election year
sitting on a nearly $103 million war chest… The campaign raised a total of $143 million
in 2019. Boom. Donald Trump’s re-election campaign
brought in a massive $46 million in the fourth quarter of 2019. That, by the way, is the same period of time
House Democrats pushed their bogus impeachment scheme. Overall, Trump raised $143 million last year.
Right now, his campaign has $103 million. This money didn’t come out of thin air.
And it certainly didn’t come from big-named donors or elitists. It came from regular Americans like you and
me. Regular folks are opening their wallets, giving as much as they can, to ensure Donald
Trump stays in the White House. You’d think, if what the Democrats are saying
is true, nobody would be giving. Trump wouldn’t have two pennies to rub together. But Americans haven’t bought the left’s
impeachment narrative. In fact, they are outraged over it. They can’t believe the Democrats would try
to impeach Trump over non-crimes. At the same time, we see Trump winning again
and again for the American people. Can you find another president who did more for America? Go on, I dare ya. Democrats must be scared out of their minds
right now. Perhaps that’s why not one of their candidates is a solid frontrunner. Maybe
nobody wants it!

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