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Imperial Solar Post Cap Light by Classy Caps

Imperial Solar Post Cap Light by Classy Caps

The imperial solar post cap light from classy
caps. This solar light is made from powder coated
aluminum and is available in black, white and bronze. The 4 1/16th inch imperial post cap fits perfectly
over 4 inch post sleeves. This size is available in 3 colors. The 5 1/16th inch post cap light fits a 5
inch post and is available in white only. This solar post cap is easy to open if you
need to access the on/off switch or the rechargeable batteries. After removing the cap from the post, firmly
hold the top section of the post cap and twist the bottom half of the post cap counterclockwise
until the connection is released giving you a top and bottom section. The bottom portion of the cap houses the metallic
reflector for the LED bulb which helps illuminate the cap through the plastic bezel. The top portion holds the cool white LED bulb,
the on and off switch, and the rechargeable battery. The solar collector is located on top
of the cap and with all solar lights requires sun light in order to charge the batteries. Installation is easy, simply turn the on/off
switch to auto. Reconnect the top and bottom portions, place
the post cap onto the post, and secure it with the provided mounting screws.

  • Now that helps…thanks for the info on twisting it off. I was afraid I was going to break mine doing that.

  • Just purchased 8 bronze imperial models and they look great on my cumaru deck posts! A couple questions regarding installation:
    1. The mounting brackets are very loose on the posts. Is it okay to shim them for a tight fit?
    2. The instructions mention a bead of caulk on the "bottom inside edge." Does this refer to the bracket or to the actual light?

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