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Importance of Shoe Drive Fundraising Coaches

Importance of Shoe Drive Fundraising Coaches

Hey fundraising family I’m Julia. And
I’m Eric hello. And today we’re gonna tell you guys why it’s important to connect
with your fundraising coach once a week to maximize your shoe drive fundraiser.
Maximize your potential. So everybody runs in to a little bit of struggle. You
might be having a little bit of a plateau in your fundraiser and you need
a way to get over it. So how do you do it? Well, that’s what the coaches are for. Chances
are your fundraising coach has coached an organization or school just like
yours and has a bunch of tips that can help you get more shoes. Remember they’ve
been doing this for ever basically, sort of. So, they can probably help you with
any of the problems you have. But what are the number one problems that you
might face that they could help you with? So some of the problems that we see is
organizations getting too many shoes that are not good quality. Again we’re
looking for gently worn, used and new shoes and your fundraising coach can
help you convey that message and help you understand which shoes to look for
in your collection. Yeah and they can also offer fundraising tips on ways you
can get creative ways to get new fundraising shoes or get people involved
in your fundraiser. Remember there’s a lot of advice they could have to give you
so make sure you connect with them. Yeah there’s definitely tips that the
fundraising coach’s know that work that you haven’t thought of so make sure you
give them a call every week and they’ll help you out like fundraising Friday
tips they have a bunch of those. Yep and remember #ConnectWithYourCoach. That’s not real. #CallYourCoach #LoveYourCoach. We just made it real. #CallYourCoach. Whatever, it’s just #TalkToYourCoach. Make sure you connect with them and
make sure you use them to your advantage because that’s what they’re for.
And remember, it’s not just about getting fundraising tips from your coaches. We
need to know how many bags your shoe drive fundraiser has so that we can tell
our logistics department so that they know when to go pick up your shoes. And
remember, if you run out of storage space you never know sometimes we can get you
in for an intern pickup so it’s really important to give your coach a call
every week and update them with a bag count. And no matter what you’re reaching
out of them for make sure you call them because that’s what they’re there for.
Whether it’s for your shoe counts, or for help, or for advice or just to say hey
what’s up. Call your coaches. And if you don’t know the phone number we’ll link
it down below. Right down there. That’s her job. That is
my job. It is her job. And until next time. I’m Julia. And I’m Eric. Bye guys. Bye.
and always remember don’t always always always yeah

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