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Insect Parts, Rat Hair, Salmonella in Cooking Spices

Insect Parts, Rat Hair, Salmonella in Cooking Spices

federal inspectors have done some
analyses above the spices we often put in our
foods and it turns out that rack here insects and dangerous bacteria are just some of the things that showed
up this is a report that was summarized by W and after years a research the FDA found
that 12 percent I’ll all spices imported to the US are contaminated with insect parts road
in hair and other nasty stuff here’s a quote
from Caroline Smith the wall at the Center for Science in
the Public Interest in sex part insect parts and other gross things in there are really part and parcel the way the
spices are stored it’s certainly a sign that people along
the chain who are storing and shipping these spices need to do a better job federal
inspectors found that the highest contaminations occurred in SPICE imports from Mexico and India and that seven-percent above the spices
they tested also contain salmonella are some of the more common ones art
ginger poppy seed black pepper and allspice Wow it does seem convenient in a way because
up until now I’ve had to buy my insect parts separately from spices and
this is gonna save me so much money Louis for when I make my chili yeah I i love that cockroach a
grasshopper Chile it does sound horrible but you have to
remember that the average person eats many spiders while sleeping during
their lifetime and when you look at any food for
example if you look at Chocolate if if you consider the amount of
chocolate that manufactured by one particular a back to your plant there’s a certain
number of rodents that can get in get ground up into your chocolate that is acceptable because it’s
considered to be I i mean certainly it its organic matter and and natural incense on but it’s considered completely
insignificant in terms of the nutritional value or what it is so these numbers are disturbing but at
the same time I don’t think it’s that different with
many food there’s kinda like a minimum acceptable contamination level that that you would
never notice and wouldn’t harm you right it happens I mean it all depends
on on how much bases in whatever you’re
eating I’m but I don’t know it does still kinda
bomb you’re probably the wrong way I mean I’d with the vast majority of my spices they
are included on cooking that’s being heated which would
kill anything nasty although the salmonella is
actually the bigger thing which is that over the last thirty years love the more than one million confirmed
Salmonella cases I there were some that were linked the
spices but it is under 2000 so you’re right lou is that it seems that the whatever negative effects would be
you know it it’s still an insect part but at least it’s been heeded to an
extent that its not gonna not to harm you I don’t know I really
don’t know what I think about this I don’t like reading it but at the same
time I don’t know how much harm intellectual

  • The human body can deal with quite a bit of crap in your food.. especially if you are cooking it… I don't really care about insects in my food, but rat and samonella does sound pretty gross.

  • The herbs that I use be it for cooking or smoking come from my garden and have for years, and I don't eat out.
    I've minimized my exposure eating at friends and family only.  Not for this reason, but glad to know this…."rat hair" and/or "salmonella"….eww.
    I'm thinking people who eat "Taco Bell" are getting more than "ground rat".

  • And hamburgers has cow shit in it and chicken nuggets as pink slim pretty disgusting thank God i don't eat those things.

  • I love your videos but this is one of those you should have thought about before you posted.  If you have ever grown anything in your own garden, or been on a real farm you know that animals, birds and bugs are all over what is growing.  If they don't want to touch it, you shouldn't eat it because something is wrong with it.

    Do you have any idea how much time it would take to inspect and clean every single piece of say spinach before it was sent to the market? Do you really want to pay $100 for a pound of spinach? How about $1000 for a jar of peanut butter so that every single peanut can be inspected and cleaned by hand before processing?

    This is why you are supposed to wash anything you are going to eat raw, or clean and cook the food to FDA recommended temperatures.

  • It's a good thing, insects have a lot of protein for their size – we could feed them to vegitarians without telling them.

  • maybe in limited amounts this food contamination helps to build the American immune system response overall? gotta look on the bright side of things I suppose. 

  • Fuck you David. I put a square of chocolate (the crispy kind that has like very finely shaved nuts in it) right when you started talking about spiders and immediately after started talking about chocolate with ground up rodents. You did that on purpose.
    Lol no need to invoke hatriot mail I'm really not a hatriot just found it funny lol.

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