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Insight Central African Republic 2019 | Where Charity Workers Show Off White Privilege

Insight Central African Republic 2019 | Where Charity Workers Show Off White Privilege

Central African Republic when I visited
the Central African Republic I needed a visa and there are not many
Central African Republic embassies out there but surprisingly enough the French
Embassy in Singapore had a policy where I could apply for a visa to the Central
African Republic through them to do this I had to fill up all the same documents
I would have had to fill out for EU visa like health insurance flights hotel bank
statement and a bunch others the only problem is the country at the time
really had only two hotels and those hotels couldn’t be booked online the
best that I could do was just get an email confirmation which of course the
embassy laughed at me when I told them the difficulty of booking a hotel in the
Central African Republic Central African Republic is the type of
place where tourists don’t go as broken roads rough Street markets and
broken-down buildings on the first day I had my wallet pick pocketed and luckily
my passport wasn’t there and I had already split my credit cards and money
into two piles in case that would happen so I was fine for the rest of the
journey but I learned to always tie my wallet to my belt even though I won’t be
winning any fashion statements I would never be pick pocketed again the only
foreigners or white people in Central African Republic are working for
charities and/or the United Nations well I’m sure that these people doing
charity in Africa mean to do the right thing it worries me because the only
nice vehicles in the country are driven by white people the only nice housing in
the country are for the white charity workers it reminds me of how I learned
the world used to be when Martin Luther King was fighting for equal rights how
can we teach Africa to be like us Westerners when we show through our
actions that Africans are not the same it truly makes me worry
maybe our international charities are actually doing more harm than good
they are separating they are showing that whites and blacks are not equal
they’re planting the seeds for racism and doing the complete opposite of what
I’ve worked so hard to do in my travels showing that everybody is equal

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