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Institute for Population Health

Institute for Population Health

We in Population Health at Cornell are about
people, communities, and wellness. Our mission is to support programs and activities
that reduce premature mortality, promote health, prevent disease, and improve quality of life
of all citizens and residents in the State of Qatar. Our research is focused mainly on non-communicable
diseases such as obesity and diabetes. My name is Ravinder Mamtani. I am a professor and Senior Associate Dean
for Population Health in Capacity Building. Community awareness is an important part of
what we do. We reach out to school children, we reach
out to adults, and basically have discussions with them on topics of public health importance,
and topics that are important to them in their day to day lives. One of the things that our division will pursue
is to build on education programs in what is becoming a new specialty called Lifestyle
Medicine. We will continue to endeavor in projects that
will have positive health outcomes on communities at large but also improve their quality of

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