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Introducing The Broad Center at Yale SOM

Introducing The Broad Center at Yale SOM

– SOM’s distinctive mission has always been to train leaders for impactful careers
in a broader society. Produce persons, that is, who can make a real impact and difference. The Broad Center’s work
in public education sits squarely with our
mission and our values. Our perspective on management training, or training of leaders
for business in society, is that we expose our students
not only to great pedagogy and good practical training, but to the very best
ideas of which we know. Those best ideas are, of
course, the product of research. And so an important
component of what we do, not only in the Broad Center DL, but all of our activities, much of my research has been focused on factors that limit
individuals life prospects and make them unable to achieve the full flowering of their potential. No mechanism, no sphere, is more important at eradicating those handicaps than the sphere of public education. This, as you say, is a topic I’ve studied for quite some time, and so to be able to do work on it, bringing the Broad Center here to Yale, is incredibly exciting personally.

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