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Introduction to the Target Analytics Community

0:00:08.033,0:00:14.000 Welcome to the Target Analytics Community! This video will show you how to easily navigate and contribute to the community. 0:00:14.000,0:00:26.033 Starting conversations or searching for topics
is really easy. Just enter your question, problem, or idea in the top bar and click search. 0:00:26.033,0:00:31.033 Search results will be pulled up to let you
know if a topic has already been started and its current status. 0:00:31.033,0:00:36.000 Additionally, you’ll see search results
from our user guides, listed on the right. 0:00:36.000,0:00:45.066 If you don’t find the topic you’re looking
for, you can click Continue Creating Conversation. 0:00:45.066,0:00:49.000 Here you set your conversation type and add more details in the description. 0:00:49.000,0:00:55.000 You can also add your sentiment, to let us
know if you’re frustrated about a process or
elated with a new feature. 0:00:55.000,0:01:03.000 You can also add the appropriate category
to let us know where you’re working. Then just click preview. 0:01:03.000,0:01:07.000 While you don’t have to have an account
to search the community, you do need one to post. 0:01:07.000,0:01:13.033 So you’ll need to sign in to the community
to post the topic. Click Sign In To Post. 0:01:13.033,0:01:18.033 You can log in with your Facebook or Google account, but we recommend you register with your email address associated with 0:01:18.033,0:01:23.033 We are working to implement a single sign on with the community and the product. 0:01:23.033,0:01:30.066 Just click Register. Enter your name, email, and create a password. Enter the captcha and click Sign up. 0:01:30.066,0:01:33.000 The first time you log in, you’ll need to
verify your account. 0:01:33.000,0:01:39.000 You’ll be emailed a verification code from GetSatisfaction, which is the platform we
use for the community. 0:01:39.000,0:01:47.000 You’ll be prompted to enter the code when
you return to the community. Enter it and you’ll be good to participate! 0:01:47.000,0:02:01.066 If you’re looking for a specific topic,
just type your key words or phrases in the same search area. 0:02:01.066,0:02:06.000 On any topic, be sure to click Me Too and
let us know that you have this same idea, question,
or problem. 0:02:06.000,0:02:11.066 When you “Me Too” or agree with a topic,
you will receive email notifications when the
topic is updated. 0:02:11.066,0:02:17.033 This makes it easy to continue the conversation and keep everyone updated if features or workflows change. 0:02:17.033,0:02:22.033 If you’re interested in the conversation
that occurs, just click Follow and you’ll be
updated as well. 0:02:22.033,0:02:28.000 You have 3 options when viewing replies – all replies, official replies, and popular replies. 0:02:28.000,0:02:32.066 If there is an official response to a topic,
that will be the default view. 0:02:32.066,0:02:37.066 An official response is chosen by our community manager and currently represents the response from our internal team. 0:02:37.066,0:02:43.000 If there is more than one reply, you can click
“All Replies” or “View all replies and continue
this conversation” 0:02:43.000,0:02:49.066 to see the full topic conversation and contribute. 0:02:49.066,0:02:53.033 You can promote someone’s response by liking their reply. 0:02:53.033,0:03:00.066 Once a response receives 3 likes, it is bumped to the top and displayed as a “promoted” response. It’ll be in that popular section. 0:03:00.066,0:03:04.000 Be sure to use the comment feature to respond to a specific reply. 0:03:04.000,0:03:10.066 If new questions arise related to the topic,
be sure to create a new topic. 0:03:10.066,0:03:16.000 If the topic you originally opened isn’t
quite what you’re looking for, be sure to check out
the Related Conversations in the right hand side. 0:03:16.000,0:03:22.066 Maybe those topics are more of what you were looking for. 0:03:22.066,0:03:26.000 A few other places to bring attention to are
the additional links, listed at the top of the
page. 0:03:26.000,0:03:35.033 These take you to our New Features page, How- to Documentation, Knowledgebase, the blog, and the Analytics section of the npEngage
blog. 0:03:35.033,0:03:46.033 There are even more helpful links, further
down the page. These related links are a great way to connect with our support team. 0:03:46.033,0:03:50.066 Another area to be aware of are the announcements. These are a key part of how we communicate with you. 0:03:50.066,0:03:56.066 We’ll use these to inform you about upcoming events, release announcements, new features and more. 0:03:56.066,0:04:00.066 You can actually follow specific areas of
the community, by checking out categories. 0:04:00.066,0:04:05.066 If you’d like to be notified of any new
topics posted in the Raiser’s Edge Integration
section 0:04:05.066,0:04:12.000 for example, just click Raiser’s Edge Integration and then follow. 0:04:12.000,0:04:20.000 This will notify you by email anytime a new
topic is posted in this section. 0:04:21.033,0:04:24.033 You may also want to check out the Contributors section. 0:04:24.033,0:04:26.033 These are the most recent people who have posted in the community. 0:04:26.033,0:04:35.066 To get more information on a member, just
click their picture. You can then view their profile. 0:04:35.066,0:04:44.000 And speaking of profiles, be sure to fill
out your own! Just click your name and select profile. Then edit your profile. 0:04:44.000,0:04:50.033 You can add your organization’s website
and other information for other community members to get to know you. Be sure to add a picture. 0:04:50.033,0:04:59.066 You can also set up how you want to receive email notifications, by clicking Email & Notifications. 0:04:59.066,0:05:02.066 Thank you so much for joining us on this quick tour of the community. 0:05:02.066,0:05:07.066 We’re looking forward to getting to know
you, so be sure to introduce yourself in our “introduce yourself” topic. 0:05:07.066 Let’s connect, collaborate and get some conversations started!

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