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#IoFFC – How to apply your learning from Fundraising Convention

My name’s Shonali Rodriguez and I’m a
member of the Convention board. The board have been working really hard all year to ensure that you have a Convention where every session and
interaction is as diverse and engaging as possible and that you have the
opportunity to learn and expand your knowledge. I’ve been walking around and
asking delegates what they’ve learned and how they’re going to use it… I’ve just attended Rob Woods’ session on donor focused leadership. So many
takeaways it’s a great session but for me the main one was about trusting your
team and not being a command-and-control leader anymore because the world is
changing so quickly. So I attended ‘Six building blocks to
create a legacy strategy’. One of the ways in which we want to use that is to
create an internal conversation with staff to get them excited about legacy
fundraising particularly around Remember a Charity week when it’s really pertinent that everybody’s got Gift in Wills on the agenda. The session that I
just attended was about how to make more meaningful relationships between
corporate and charities. I think I’ve been more brave to sort of say “…actually
I think we should do this” and trust myself to know that I have
that knowledge and you know that experience behind me. So the session covered how storytelling is very important for fundraising. So when I speak to people about my organisation I can draw on those stories, telling them about the kids that I worked with and how it was really
intense. Just creating that emotional story and having real authentic stories
to tell – it makes you even more passionate about your cause. In collaboration with the IoF, we made this amazing book. Please take it with you. So the book’s not really there to dictate interaction, it’s there to create interaction. Diversity, in many ways, is something that happens as the result of the interactions. We hope you’ve made the most of your time at Convention and that you’re now committed to taking back what you’ve learned to your organisation.

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