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  • his plans are almost impossible: M4A plan is 50 Trillion or more for a decade (10 years), US gdp is 21 Trillion( but it will decline with Bernie's policies ) US national debt is 22 Trillion and rising. And all of this only for M4A not including free college (witch he also promised). If we tax the rich 100% we get only 7 Trillion and a low GDP. Now do the math …….

    You will say: But how in countries like Sweden and Denmark are doing this?

    The answer may surprise you : They are more Capitalistic then the US. yes their market is more free, it easier to open businesses there , even stronger property rights, they even have a billionaire per 250k people( very high rate ) All this free market economy is fueling their welfare system and social features and they also have no set minimum wage if that concerns you. But what our dems want is more control and gov intervention in the market. the opposite of Sweden and Denmark.This approach will eventually lead to disaster like Venezuela.

  • Bernie is a failed frail old fool, who promises the world yet has delivered NOTHING in all his years in office, those who follow him are hoping for free college, free healthcare, free everything, NONE of which he can honestly deliver.
    Typical socialist dem promise the world for votes, then do nothing.
    When your a blind braindead fool I guess it's easy to fall for the BS lies.
    Bernie CANNOT deliver the FREE for you without taking YOUR MONEY in higher taxes, how is that free …

  • Bernie is a mentally deranged freak, just look at him with his bulging eyeballs.He never smiles and just constantly lectures people.

  • Capitalist socialism doesn’t work?…Works for Europe already for 75 years …thanks President Roosevelt.
    But if you don’t want workers to have more right then you mention the fake socialist countries like Venezuela.

  • This is America. You spend millions to buy ejections and you die because you don’t have enough to buy health insurance.


  • Joseph pinion.. wow a Republican.. wrong side of the fence.. join the Democrats… the winning side..the republicans are the lemmings running off the cliff following Trump. But thanks Fox for reporting Bernie. he will win… our Revolution will win.. and btw. franklin Delano Roosevelt is one of our most beloved Presidents. And btw it isn’t socialism it is Democracy.. look it up. I guess everyone that watches Fox News doesn’t care about the working class.. how wages have not increased in over 40 years.. how we are the richest country on Earth and we can’t provide healthcare.. how a vial of insulin cost 350 dollars..really? how we have more enslaved prisoners per quota than the World.? Let’s report facts.. and truth will be the people’s Power. We don’t need Fox News or CNN ABC.. Soon the news will be on every YouTube channel and they can speak the Truth.. and for all the Russian bots patrolling this site..don’t bother commenting. happy New Years..

  • I’m a small business owner, tariffs have affected my company greatly. I didn’t get a tax cut I got an increase. Meanwhile Trump did what he said he wouldn’t do and gave billionaires another tax cut. I can’t afford to vote for Trump. I’m voting for Bernie Sanders because he’s honest and he actually cares about us working people.

  • "Policies that have never worked in the History of the entire world." I started bursting out laughing at that. Basically every successful OECD country is using Bernie Sander policies right now you idiot.

  • Far left?????? LMFAOOO Bernie is hardly left of UK Conservatives. Even in the UK, the Brexit Cons wouldn't dismantle their universal healthcare/ NHS system.

  • That "Democratic Strategist" is why I'm not a Democrat but a Democratic Socialist. Pete and Amy's "Medicare for All Who Want It"?? Yeah, how tf are poor people going to even get that? I may be well off, but I care about the poor and working class.

  • If Biden gets the nomination he will probably beat Trump. If Bernie gets the nomination he will DEFINITELY beat Trump. It won't even be close. Bernie 2020!

  • I’m a conservative trump voter but man Bernie is CONSISTENT! I’d think about voting blue (yeah it’d be a first) if the dems nominate him. My kids gotta go to college, sure be nice if it was cheaper as with healthcare! Bernie 2020? Perhaps

  • Bernie is a complete waste of time for Black voters.He can’t be trusted to come through on anything.
    that he has claimed to be able to deliver.

  • Excuse me? Bernie's policies have never worked in the history of the world? Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Greenland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada… etc… would like a word. Why is this black man lying to the viewers?

  • When a political party nominates a symbolic candidate who obviously can't win, it means that they have accepted defeat before the election. This is rather like the Republicans nominating obvious losers like Romney, McCain and Dole.

  • LOL @ "policies that have never worked in the history of the world". Apparently, that idiot has never heard of Canada, Norway, Sweden, ALL of Western Europe, or even his own country the USA!!! lol. America is already democratically socialist – Medicare, Medicaid, the VA, public roads, libraries, and public police and firefighters… ALL are democratically socialist policies and programs. As always, Americans LOVE LOVE LOVE to revel in their own ignorance. I'll just stay up here in Canada and enjoy our awesome health care for free, thanks. 😉 I make good money, and pay higher taxes than Americans, but I don't mind at all because it is more efficient and we have a country that cares about human life.

  • Pinion is full of it. I went to college in the 70’s and I only paid a 50 dollar Administration fee. I got a pharmacy degree and left debt free from school. Medicare was always intended to include everyone incrementally. Don’t lie to your audience.

  • Bernie said he felt like he was having a colonoscopy when Hillary showed up at one of his rallies. Yea what love the Democrats have for each other!!

  • Volunteer for Bernie! Call, text, knock on doors, donate!
    Bernie isn’t gaining momentum, this movement and the people involved who are reaching out and changing people’s minds is SURGING! Join the movement!

    Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!

  • Answer: NO.
    Bernie's a far left political door stop and Fabian socialist tyrant's political shoehorn.
    He'll never be rid of the foul stench of "The Squad's" scent marks all over himself and his whimpering campaign begging for a "free for all" of absolutely nothing but assured National insecurity and economic misery under Socialist Democrat tyranny surely designed to completely disempower "We, The Lawfully Present People" and spur a civilian unrest of seriously rebellious proportions in earnest.
    He'll never be President, period.

  • Bernie Sanders just passed 5 Million donoations. The most of any Presidential candidate in the history of our country. He has out raised all the other candidates by a long shot because his message resonates with voters.

  • I truly hope it is Bernie running against Trump, the debates will be like a comedy show with the final episode being Bernie drops dead on stage of a heart attack. I cant wait to watch the trailer of this new comedy hour.
    And hopefully Bernie will have a new medical plan for the psychologically ill so his supporters can get the needed help they deserve.

  • lol, "policies that have never worked in the history of the world" apart from almost every modern western country in the world today, what a pleb.

  • Media blackout on Bernie Sanders and somehow he's getting through to the people. Both Democrats and Republicans should be worried cuz we're about to get the next Progressive president the first since FDR

  • If you want your country to be ruined and stop democracy, jobs loosing, no borders and be under dictators power, yes vote crazy Bernie!!!!😂🤣😂😫

  • Fox news is feeling the Bern.. they must know that it's going to come down to Trump vs. Bernie. It's gonna be huge ratings nonstop till election night

  • Bernie is what Americans were looking for in 2016 but didn’t realise it until 2020! They thought trump would drain the swamp… instead he just bathed in it. Bernie is the only candidate that won’t accept PAC bribes (big donor money) so we know he’s looking out for us! Bernie’s gonna clean house!
    Dump that corrupt sob trump.

  • Yesterday – Bernie Sanders – Reports – 5 Million Single Contributions supporting campaign – the highest single contributions received supporting any candidate in history.

    Americans are ready to tackle corruption –

    Address Climate – and what science – produced as fact

    Finally end privatized medical care price gouging by expanding our successful U.S. taxpayer funded Medicare system

    Revamp public preschool through College
    Ending student debt and erosion of public schools.

    Scrutinize our military industrial complex –

    Americans are ready to end partisan charade of corporate influence

    End the corruption of our Free Press – meant to report unbiased oversight of corporate culture of greed, corrupting individual Lawmakers

  • Bernie Sanders is more popular among general election voters, independents, and moderates than Joe Biden is. It’s amazing how the media and these insider crony “strategists” on tv lie about Bernie. He is more popular than Biden in the general election polls.

  • Fox coverage of Bernie is much better than CNN and MSNBC. But the guy who says Bernie's policies failed is either stupid or misinformed. Global health care is happening in almost all countries of the world even in third world countries. Free education in third world countries is happening. The only thing that is failing is spending hundreds of billions of dollars on the military and think you can still be number one.

  • You shall not steal. You shall not covet. Sanders campaign violates 2 of the 10 commandments. In God we trust.

  • sure bring Democrats don't really mean it when you know they don't like white guys they don't like millionaires they don't like old people that it was specially don't like old rich white guys.
    they don't know what they like dinner what they don't like except Trump Trump trump Trump trump Trump trump they don't like Trump

  • No. We don't want Bernie Sanders socialism. He is non constitutional. How could he even be an American citizen?

  • Democratic-Socialism is the answer. Pure socialism fails. Pure Capitalism fails. a hybrid of the 2 is what can make a good checks and balance system. Please understand this is not a radical ideology. many 1st world countries attribute their success to a merger of the two systems. Democratic Socialism advocates redistribution of wealth and power to meet public needs, NOT to profit a few. Also, Democratic-Socialism aims to weaken the power of corporations and increase the power of the working people. Democratic Socialists Do Not think the government should take control of All aspects of the economy..rather the focal point is to propagate basic human needs to ALL people, such as healthcare and education. Democratic Socialism would achieve this through DEMOCRATIC means NOT authoritian rule like Pure Socialism. Countries that have implemented successful Democratic Socialism systems include: Denmark, Finland, France, Brazil, Netherlands, Peru, Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden, UK.

  • "Policies that have never worked in the history of the world" that black dude really needs to question his statement. Ever heard about the Nordic system? The model of economic success? Bernie literally aspires that system….

    Right wingers are really funny… when people point out that the Nordic countries are "socialist" and they function greatly, right wingers say no they're not socialist, they're capitalist with a strong social system…. So why u are arguing against it then? If its proven to be better, and you acknowledge it's not "socialism"….

  • if trump loses in the elections, it’s better for conservatives to have a president sanders vs a president biden or warren. his policies will benefit conservatives more than the other candidates.

  • Dems need to give the nomination to who ever has the most voters!! If they favors an establishment candidate, a lot of people will abstain from voting

  • Feel the Bern 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Nobody wants joe biden. Nobody i know. Americans have grown tired of centrist corporate democrats. Bernie Sanders 2020 vision.

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