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ITRC – MacArthur Foundation – Draft 3

ITRC – MacArthur Foundation – Draft 3

my name is Charles Burt I’m the
chairman of Cal Poly’s irrigation training and Research Center we provide
technical assistance for irrigation projects throughout the world and
primarily in the western United States and it’s an important issue of the
diverted water in the world about 75% is dedicated to irrigation which impacts
the environment it impacts cities agriculture just about everything and
we’re running out of water our rivers are becoming dry groundwater levels are
going down we believe that our solutions we believe that and we’ve seen this that
we can improve project efficiencies big time we can have more crop per drop what
we’re lacking worldwide is sufficient technical expertise by people who work
in this area so we are proposing a first-class blended irrigation program
and we will combine our efforts with those of universities around the world
plus us organizations such as the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the u.s. Committee
on irrigation drainage plus FAO with an agriculture organization of the
united nations in the world bank what we will do is develop a suite of about 25
first class classes for the bachelor’s master’s in the PhD level and have them
as resources internationally to train people up who want to really solve the
problems with of irrigation and water in the world

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