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Jabin will be the first college graduate in his family. Here’s how:

Jabin will be the first college graduate in his family. Here’s how:

[Jabin] I’ve always known that I wanted to go to college. I’ve always had a dream of being an entrepreneur. I just remember being in a
class and we had different coaches to come around and just talk about the
program and it was just like the name itself – like College Possible. It sparked
my interest just because like I knew I wanted to go to college and I haven’t
had anyone to really coach me and mentor me on how to do that. [Arvin]
We assist students to and through college, that’s the, the purpose of our program. We
have an intensive curriculum of coaching and supports that begins during a high
school student’s junior year. We continue to follow those same students through
their collegiate years because we are a to-and-through program leading to
college graduation. [Jabin] Denzel is just a great friend. He’s a great outlet to get
away from the daily stresses of college and, like if I just want to like feel
relaxed and get my mind off of, you know, college
stress I’ll just go into his office and sit and just like have candid conversations about random things and he doesn’t really like pressure me about like my
grades and things like that, but like he’s just there to be that support which
is very helpful because sometimes you just need someone who’s been there and
that like can relate to you. [Denzel] Jabin is a thriver, so when he comes into like my
office he wants to do so many great things and just want to join different
communities. So, he’s in Black Excellence. He’s also, his scholarships, it’s like TLC –
so in those communities he does a lot and so when he comes to the office he
just informs me as far as what’s the little side things he’s doing and what events he’s
joining. So, he’s a person who likes to take those opportunities and just
capitalize on that and so, he’s just a great student. [Arvin] We aren’t fixing Jabin. We’re just a part of the polishing of this young leader and so it’s been a joy
watching him grow, and at this stage of my career I am so delighted and, and
thankful to be a part of a young person’s life that I know is going to
continue to benefit our community. [Jabin] I want to like be a business consultant and
help grow these small businesses to help them – to grow beyond a certain level that they’re already at. And then also I want to be an entrepreneur myself and own a
restaurant one day. I think just being able to say that I’m in college and I’m
gonna graduate, like I think that’s huge just because I know there’s a lot of
people that don’t have that and so I think just having that degree just opens
up a whole new world of opportunity.

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