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#JeffreyEpstein #GhislaneMaxwell #PrinceAndrew must be #arrested #DutyRon

#JeffreyEpstein #GhislaneMaxwell #PrinceAndrew must be #arrested #DutyRon

good evening YouTube DutyRon a Retired NYPD Detective back again
with another video we are here in my home office kitchen setup back in effect
duty Ron if you’re interested in all things crime related from a retired New
York City police detective you’re in the right place we’re gonna talk about
Jeffrey Epstein just Lane Maxwell and Prince Andrew Prince Andrew Royal Prince
involved with this pedophile for a long time 20-plus years we’re gonna talk
about it right now we’re gonna get right into it guys duty round here back again
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I greatly appreciate that so a lot has happened since the last
video we’re going to talk about Prince Andrew we’re gonna talk about just Lane
Maxwell and we’re going to talk about Jeffrey Epstein guys I got to tell you
as a seasoned law enforcement officer I am shocked the more that I dive into
this case the more I research what has happened here over the past say decade
and a half with Jeffrey Epstein it’s shocking in itself for me somebody
who was all about accountability with the New York City Police Department
everything is accountability there is a lot of people who oversee now I’m
talking about civilian complaint Review Board I’m talking about internal affairs
I’m talking about so many different moving parts to the NYPD the largest
Police Department in the world a scandal like this would be impossible to keep on
the raps now the scandal I speak about is
the my aunt the Palm Beach the Palm Beach Police Department and prosecutor
down there what the deal that they cut for this guy in 2007 or 2008 is
disgraceful it is disgraceful on so many levels and I’m embarrassed to say that
these guys were representing law and order I feel personally guys and this is
my personal opinion that the police chief down in Palm Beach County should
be fired and those are strong words coming from a law enforcement guy an ex
law enforcement guy I am horrified the more I dive into it the more I research
and do my detective work it is discouraging to say the least the
federal prosecutor Acosta he stepped down from his position in the in
president Trump’s as the labor secretary and he knew he had to do that he had to
do it because he was directly involved in authorizing this plea bargain his 13
month slap on the wrist where Epstein was able to get 12 hours a day out in
his own offices in his own home and it’s now come to light that during that 13
months he was having sex confirmed by plaintiffs that have come forward
complainants that have come forward that he had sex with with girls while he was
out on his work release or whatever you want to call it this plea deal this 13
month deal that I’m telling you if if I had it my way the police commissioner
police chief in Palm County would be fired this guy shouldn’t be working in
law enforcement Acosta stepped down he is disgraced
feds have disgraced themselves with this case allowing a sick twisted pedophile
to coexist in our society because of his political connections or whatever you
have in this situation it is a travesty of justice and I’m seeing more and more
as I do my research every day on this there’s just so much that has gone on
and whether it’s because he was friends with you know many political you know
bigwigs I think that has something to do with it but we again we can’t lump
we always hear this the term dirty politician you know crooked cops you we
hear these terms all the time but they’re used really loosely because it’s
not all politicians that are dirty but the ones that Epstein was Palin out with
they knew damn well what was going on and anybody that was around him has got
to be shaking in their boots right now because now the beans are spilled
let’s get let me get refocused here okay princess Andrew printing princess Prince
Andrew was 20 years friends with Epstein 20 years friends what I have a big
problem with with Prince Andrew is that after Epstein was given this sweet plea
deal it was well known that this guy was a pedophile was having relations and
having sex with underage girls he was still videoed in Epstein’s mansion in
Manhattan after this conviction he’s a registered sex offender and the print
and Prince Andrew is at his location in Manhattan I have a huge problem with
that I don’t know about you guys but if one of my friends was arrested and
convicted of a heinous crime like this I don’t know about you guys but I’m sure
that the majority here will rule I would disown that person there would be no way
I’d be seen with that person I would cut all ties and here’s somebody
in the spotlight who chose to go and hang out with him and there’s a video of
him waving off albeit it was a woman who was of age but he’s inside this guy’s
property staying overnight or you know hanging out with them and it’s just
guilt you judge by the company you keep you’re
guilty by association and this this Prince Andrew is in my eyes guilty as
charged guilty as charged he is definitely one
of them let’s talk about Jeffrey Epstein creating his will
two days before his alleged suicide okay it turned out he made a will here in New
York and then he created a trust fund he named the trust fund the 1953 fund after
his date of birth a lot of people will say well now that he’s done that he
effectively cut off all all of the plaintiffs ability to go after his money
that’s not the case he has made it a little more difficult but with legal
channels that could be it’s not going to eliminate it’s not going to save his
money his money is not going to go to his brother mark there’s two executives
on his 1953 trust one and that the executor is if they execute and process
or transfer those funds they can be held liable
these complainants these victims can come after the trustees the executor
–zz who are executing the 1953 trust and his will so rest assured these two
executives are not going to execute this will and have their personal property
and their personal assets on the line they’ll open themself up to
lawsuits so it’s not going to be cut and dry where they they’re just going to be
able to get rid of the money and and and and dispose of it so um I I did a little
bit of research I saw a few legal experts speak about it and it’s not what
we think you know you they’re not gonna be able
to just swindle away five hundred and thirty three million dollars and again
thank you to all who have arrived here in on the the live chat thank you so
much for coming in on these this premiere thank you for anyone who’s
given super chat and thank you to all who leave comments and thank you for
thanking me for bringing this platform to you guys I really really appreciate
you guys so just Lane Maxwell I need to I need to just get this out real quick
and I’m sure that some of you ladies and gents had heard this I I was reading and
watching several different reports on just Lane Maxwell and it looks like
apparently this woman was so wrapped into this filthy pedophile sex
recruiting sex under sex drive under she was involved in this thing so much that
she was going as far as giving and this is a little graphic but giving
directions to these underage girls on how to perform oral sex on Jeffrey
Epstein and when I read that and I heard that it just brought it to a new level
of frustration and anger like this woman we have confirmed that she’s coaching
these girls on how to perform sex acts and what Jeffrey Epstein likes and what
he doesn’t like what to do and what not to do it just puts this at a whole
nother level and it baffles me that she’s not in custody and you know every
who has these conspiracy theories and everyone who thinks that our government
is corrupt on a on a on a large scale I respect your your thoughts on that but
I definitely won’t agree with it you know I am disappointed in how the palm
County prosecutors the feds handled this but our southern district who’s handling
this case now is the premier law enforcement authority in in the country
and I’m confident that and it’s and it’s a shame that this has happened for so
long this has gone on for so long and it’s a shame that finally the long arm
of the law is gonna catch the people who were involved in this and bring them to
justice it it really is disconcerning to me that over all of these years he was
able to skate and all of these people had knowledge full well knowledge what
he was up to it there was hundreds and hundreds of girls I looked at a list and
I won’t wit I won’t show it here but it was a list like hundreds of pages of
girls names descriptions young redhead blonde all different kinds of
descriptions that they have as logs it was like he had fresh a fresh supply of
girls every day and you can’t tell me that nobody knew that this was going on
you know everybody that was in his inner circle and all of his friends or people
who he was friendly with had to have some knowledge of this and I won’t
believe anyone that says well nobody knew about it so I hope that these
people are carted in and and and shamed and brought to justice and have to talk
and speak up for themselves because this is a travesty of justice for the victims
you know many many young girls who are now adults some of them are young adults
some of them are older have to live with this for the rest of their lives
so very disheartening Maxwell I still feel I still believe
should be carted in immediately she should be arrest number two you know we
have Epstein and whether he took his own life or he was murdered I feel now that
he may have had he may have had some knowledge that he was either going to
take his own life or that he I mean this might sound cockamamie from coming from
me but I’ve had I’ve thought about this is a guy who controls everything right
he controls all his moves he could have through his attorneys paid I’m paid to
have himself taken out if that’s the case I I think that you know as as crazy
as it sounds he could have just said to himself I don’t I don’t I don’t have the
nerves to kill myself let me pay through my attorneys and through all these
people that are around me to have someone you know look the other way and
let someone come in and stage this like I was you know I hung myself I don’t
know it sounds far-fetched to me honestly and some people you know what
you’d leave me leave me some comments on that I might not even be putting it
saying it the right way but you know I feel like you know maybe he just wanted
someone to do this job for him because he didn’t want to live anymore but he
wasn’t he wasn’t he wasn’t strong enough to do it on his own but there’s also a
part of me that says that he just did it and just said you know I can’t live like
this anymore evidence shows through the autopsy and I
know a lot of people don’t believe the autopsy that you know he died – he died
from hanging so you know whether he jumped off the top bunk I I don’t really
don’t I want to focus on bringing people to justice I don’t really want to focus
on though that part of this he’s gone we have to
move on I’m not one to dwell on you know whether that comes out from the Attorney
General’s investigation I don’t think that anybody in the jail any of the jail
people were on board with that I you know I and that’s because I’ve been
around you know New York City for a long time and that would take a really a
bunch of people to be on board with it it wouldn’t couldn’t be it couldn’t be
accomplished by one or two people you’d have to have a whole group of people
involved in that anyways let me get back on track I want to show you one quick
video I’m going to show you a quick video I’m going to cue it up and then we
will we’ll continue on I just want you guys to listen to this quick video on
Epstein Steen signed a will two days before he
apparently hanged himself in a federal jail in New York City the will filed in
the US Virgin Islands Jose Epstein was worth more than five hundred and seventy
seven million dollars Epstein put all of his holdings in a trust no word on
beneficiaries Epstein was awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges
involving underage girls one of Epstein’s former friends britain’s
prince andrew is breaking his silence about his ties to the disgraced
financier Charlie d’Agata has a rare statement on the case from Buckingham
Palace it was this video allegedly showing Prince Andrew waving goodbye to
a young woman at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion in 2010 that prompted the palace
to issue the extraordinary statement his royal highness deplores the exploitation
of any human being and the suggestion you would condone participate in or
encourage any such behavior I had to pause that for a second I feel that this
is of course he his people the royal palace and all the people are he is
appalled by sex crimes if Prince Andrew was appalled by sex crimes why is it
that he was found still associating and hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein after
he was a registered sex offender and was sentenced to 13 months by the palm palm
County Prosecutor’s Office so this is just again them just saying well he
never participated or encouraged any behavior this is just not utter nonsense
I’ll let you guys listen to the rest his abhorrent yet he’s been accused of
exactly such behavior just wait to see the photo they show here photo this is
disgusting shows the Duke of York with his arm around Virginia Jew Frey just 17
at the time she claims Epstein paid her to have sex
with Prince Andrew on three occasions before you know it I’m
being went out to politicians and listen so that was a picture of the girl he was
had his arm creepily around so that was her when she was younger this is just
horrifying tragic but IIIi feel he’s guilty let me know in the comments what
you guys think academics and people that you boil team royal correspondent Roy
and Nika said the palace had to break its silence the palace have to be pretty
confident that no further evidence is going to come forward further
implicating the Duke of York his connection with Jeffrey Epstein there
they are together now while the palace says the prince is appalled by these
allegations they don’t explain what he was doing at Epstein’s house two years
after he was convicted of those sex crimes Nora Charlie d’Agata thank you
there are Western Addition the president okay just one more quick clip I just
want you guys to see I want to see I want you guys to see them talking about about the lawsuit and I think they speak
about right here yeah this is this is about his will let’s let’s watch this oh that face well the breaking news on
Jeffrey Epstein two days before Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself in his jail cell
he signed his will and he filed it this has just come in from the New York Post
the New York Post parent company in the Fox News parent company share common
ownership and according to this brand new reporting documents show the
convicted pedophile was worth more than five hundred seventy seven million
dollars which is about eighteen million more than Epstein stated in court papers
when he was trying to land bail on federal sex trafficking charges
Epstein’s will filed with court officials in st. Thomas in the US Virgin
Islands where Epstein owns two islands worth of total of more than eighty six
million dollars here’s what he lists as assets in cash some fifty seven million
dollars in fixed income fourteen million in equities 112 million in hedge funds
in private equity a hundred ninety four million dollars in
property including an Upper East Side Manhattan apartment worth fifty five
million dollars a ranch in in New Mexico worth seventeen million dollars the home
in the Palm Beaches worth twelve million dollars a poem in France worth eight
million dollars in the Virgin Islands another worth twenty two million dollars
sixty three million dollars for st. James Island and the new papers include
a line for aviation assets automobiles and boats a collection worth more than
eighteen and a half million dollars now there’s no detail on where all the
assets are going but the court papers note that Epstein’s only potential heir
was his brother mark Epstein all of this is being held in a trust called the 1953
trust in court papers 1953 is the year Jeffrey Epstein was born
it’s a 21 page filing according to the New York Post that includes a copy of
Epstein’s death certificate from August the 15th
five days after his suicide and it lists immediate cause pending further study
of course the city’s medical exam that’s the Manhattan Correctional Center the
Metropolitan Corrections Center that’s the that’s the federal that’s a federal
jail where he died at so that’s the front of it right there I’ve been there
many many times ammeter has since ruled that Jeffrey Epstein killed himself
the brand-new reporting from the New York Post Jeffrey Epstein signed his
will stating he was worth more than five hundred seventy eight million dollars
and there is no doubt those who claim to be his victims will be going after all
that they can get well the breaking all right guys so that’s it there I can say
this with certainty I really do feel like the the complainants all over the
victims here in this case are gonna have are gonna have a go at all of that money
his brother was not the executor he was the probably the only one named in the
regular will and then the trust fund there is executor z– that were
designated to execute these the trust the trust one of the 1953 fund and the
family trust and the and the will but like I said I saw two separate legal
analysts talk about this and basically the people who were if they were to
delve out the the funds with pending with pending litigation against it they
would be held liable for whatever looking whatever damages were
were awarded to the the victims so those people are not going to do anything with
the funds so ladies gents don’t get all worked up over it
so again ease again jizz Lane Maxwell should be the next one dragged in and
arrested I feel Prince Andrew should definitely
be arrested if Bill Clinton’s involved in it arrested if our presidents
involved in it and it’s and they have evidence bring them all in you know I
feel strongly that this is a crime that was I mean the system failed these
victims the the system failed us the federal this is the biggest flub by the
federal government by the you know the prosecutors pump like that palm County
Palm Beach County Sheriff or police commissioner I have his name I just
don’t know it off the top of my head but I have it written down somewhere he
should be fired he should be fired he should not be in law enforcement and I
feel strongly about that very very strongly so guys let me quickly switch
gears I want to say thank you to all people who have been supporting me
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she’s from the community they are still hurting from that incident and their
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official Maria be my heart and my respect goes out to you and your family
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outlook to you guys from a law enforcement standpoint so again much
love and respect to each and every one of you if you leave comments down below
I am a creator that will answer you and guys again I’ve been out in the Sun all
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talk to you guys soon peace

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  • Secretary Alexander Acosta stated he could not bring more charges and had to do the plea deal because he was told to leave Epstein alone because he was 'intelligence,' an agent! Law enforcement was blocked on account that he was working in intelligence and I guess agents are above the law ???

  • Prince Charles and Jimmy Saville Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstien
    Queen Elizabeth giving knighthood to multiple pedos and Lord Mount battens largest collection of child abuse images in the world anyone see a pattern here

  • Well where there's smoke there's fire and Prince Andrew will not be able to hide behind his mother forever he will need to account for his misbehaviour if such a thing has happened!No one is above the law and he needs to face the music along with the others! If he is indicted and convicted he should be punished for having brought all this mess upon the Royal Family!

  • I know there had to be cameras aimed at/in guards station. Look to see if Both guards were sleeping or even in sector. This is not right. What are they going to say…no video action there even?

  • I agree with you 100%. I'm not surprised with anything nowadays! What people do for a living has nothing to do with who they are.. sometimes people get into law enforcement to cover their criminal tracks. Majority of law enforcement are good, but there's a few who are criminals themselves. I believe there's something even more sinister to this Jeffrey Epstein scandal, involving politicians. Ive heard over the years there's worldwide child trafficking ring run by politicians..that it includes more sinister things than Jeffrey Epstein, I'm talking people smuggling very small children and babies, killing them, abusing them, selling them, the worst possible thing, way worse than what Epstein did.? I certainly hope not. That turns my stomach. I've heard it involves the Clintons. I always had a bad feeling about them. Just that nagging feeling something wasn't right. What if in this particular case, the Medical examiner's office was threatened to rule Epstein's death a suicide? I think it's possible.

  • Lady Sophie kyerematen UK ??) Jeffrey Epstein Evil man ??????God will Punish you Epstein Evil fake man ????????? ??))) (FBI well Dan great job ??

  • Lady Sophie kyerematen UK ??)) Dusty Ron ? well talking good work great job well Dan ? God bless you all and family and USA and the world ?️ Peace and Love ✌️???️ ?️?️??✌️ from SK London ?

  • Lady Sophie kyerematen UK ??) Royal Family ?? are Very good great job ? well Dan ? God bless you all and family and UKM and the world ?️ Peace and Love ✌️???️ ?️?️?️? from SK London ??✨??️

  • Hi, i’m British and after the Jimmy Saville case here i agree theres no way Prince Andrew did not know all those years. Wether he participated we can’t be sure. I think this house of cards will reach far and wide even in different countries i bet we findthe scale of this we only have the tip of the iceberge.

  • I believe he’s alive and hidden…forever. It took a group of corrupt people in positions of power to take down the towers also As a NY police officer I know you are already aware of that of course. So, yes…it’s more than likely there was a group involved in this entire situation . IF he’s dead. Look specifically at the Royal Freaks. Diana Knew about this mess. She’s no longer with us …is she now? He’s alive. I’m convinced ….the victims deserve everything. And that creepy woman Ghislaine…life without parole. But that won’t happen. Great channel. Good job sir! ☺️?????????

  • I read that Epstein‘s brother claimed his body. One day after Epstein‘s death his plane was flown to Antarctica? I have read this in two different places. I do not understand this? Does anyone have information regarding this airplane flight? Did this really happen? If it did… Why?

  • Diana knew too much and had the strength to stand up to the reptiles ,that’s why she was murdered ,she was forced at an early age to marry that old fart with the witch Camilla in the background snaking around .People should stop promoting their girl children to be Princesses there’s nothing glorifying about being a princess in any culture

  • Finally A fresh ,honest approach to this disgusting case. What a corrupt world we live in. I’d love to see Clinton’s hung for this It will never happen. Watch your back

  • Les Wexner the one that gave Epstein the mansion in NYC on 117th was owned by St James the church on the same street as that mansion. It’s said there’s a tunnel that runs from the mansion to the church. Again, Catholic priests involved. On top of that it is what Epstein named his Islands Little St James and Big St James. After the church that owned his mansion. Coincidence? I doubt it. I don’t ever hear anyone ever talking about this. There is a connection. You know people in N.Y. Maybe you can look into it?

  • That video, the child left behind with Prince Andrew was a child, who looked to be 13 years old.
    She came out with Epstein, but she went back inside with Andrew, waving in the shadows of the door, while the other older girl left.
    Maybe because we as Black people isn't new, to being treated less than a human being.
    Now we see that children, being treated less than human beings.
    Your confident, let's see if your Faith, in this system of class, division proves reliable.

  • The choice of wording in the statement Prince Andrew released when accused of being a friend and client Epstein is interesting. That the Prince deplored the exploitation of any human being. Does that mean that he considers these children, which is what most of them are, to be less than human? Prince Phillip caused a car accident recently that injured, and could have killed a woman and child. He could not have cared any less, and the Palace only acknowledged it after a public outcry. The royals are as good as untouchable, and I don't seriously believe that anything will eventuate from Feds speaking with the perverted paedophile.

  • Sure Andrew is appalled…but he likes to mingle with sex offenders! That doesn't make sense! ???
    He must have thought "I'm a prince and I can do whatever I want"

  • Police posting from a kitchen..???? come on this just shows how stupid you are… Prince Andrew is guilty no doubt about that, but the family will always be in denial as all sex offenders are, the royal family is no better than Andrew the sex offender.

  • i have seen prison guards bought off….seen more drugs in prison than on the streets. seen guards taking them into prison…

  • "Epstein had sex with underage girls while he was 'in prison'"? Let me translate this: That villain kept on committing crimes while being what I call "inn-carcerated"! He was like a burglar who from within prison is allowed to break into peoples' homes! Ever heard of a case like that?

  • Of course Prince Andrew. Knew and more than likely participated in this disgusting mans activities. They never called Andrew (Randy Andy) for nothing, they should look into Sarah Duchess of York too she took offers of money from Epstein. Probably M16 was involved in his death because it got too close to the Royals…..and we know what they could be capable off!! They are clever and can get rid of people not to mention Princesses. We will never know. But we can have our opinions.

  • He knew what he was up to or he is totally incompetent like a little child. I believe that he was involved. When your X has to speak up for him, he is guilty. If he does not come forward to defend himself he is guilty.

  • Thank you for a well delivered presentation. I believe that the laws should apply to everyone equally. There should be no exceptions including but not limited to the shield of Diplomatic Immunity. The immunity enjoyed by many does not include, immunity from criminal conduct.

  • Two days before he "died", he signed his will. And this was all done unbeknownst to anyone, and that signing put no one on guard or alert about the next actions he might have taken, or that might have been made on his behalf/ for his welfare, right? There were no additional worries or steps about his security. Why would there be? This "1953 Trust" has his brother as sole beneficiary; cameras during this same two day period (in which the universe and the space-time continuum at the MMC followed different courses, one in an alternate reality outside of time, the other continued on standard universal time) failed to do their job, guards failed to do theirs, his, alas, removed companion was a bit sketchy, and Epstein, as we know, was said to have been an "intelligence ass/et" (sorry) in the past. The unhangable location has a hanging, and this abandoned waif who sat all alone in a NY prison has ties to many among the rich, powerful, and celebrated, among them hereditary royalty.
    …So tell me another one.
    The story of this 1953 Brooklyn boy's past, prior to Dalton is…..? Or did he spontaneously generate and then remain in a state of incubation until, voilà…
    The kinda college and kinda teaching years (without so much as a degree or certification) and the development and grand discovery of his incredible financial acumen which had, in his days as a child prodigy gone unnoticed in his Brooklyn neighbourhood, all these just whizzed right by, eh?
    His clients and income statements for all the years in which he was "earning" his way in the world and led to the ammassing of such wealth are all… where? All his clients are acknowledging their shock and dismay (oh, wait, he'd been through this before, yeah, I almost forgot about that) of course, and are so much the less for the "termination" of his services, if you'll pardon the pun.
    This tale has more twists and winds than the tale of Pinocchio with such characters as the Fox and the Cat, and the Land of Idiot Boys; like it, it sounds a bit more than wooden. No, a lot more than wooden. Fake.


  • Prince Randy was thick friends with Jeffery Epstein, and Prince Big Ears was tight with Jimmy Saville… both Uber Pedophiles of the century…. do people see the big picture here…. and their late Uncle 'Dicky' Mountbatten… don't forget him, he led the pack, until the Irish got sick of him diddling their kids and planted a bomb under his arse.. just saying… David Icke has been onto this lot for years

  • ?? Who’s is Jeff Epstein ?? He might as well of been a priest. ?????

    He was a recruiter for Israel Mossad and Russia/pedophile and opportunist. His job was to corrupt or blackmail politicians, Hollywood actors,billionaires rich elites, professors,CEOs,worldwide royalty Prime Minister's governors congressmen and pretty much anybody in a position of power to blackmail them by any means necessary. (Child rape boy or girl-hard drugs-Child sacrifice mutilation or cannibalism) audio video surveillance text messages pictures email etc, this is all done to benefit Jewish corporations in the United States and influences on launching war in the Middle East. So when politicians come out and strongly support Israel do you know why it's because more than likely they've been compromised. This practice has been done all over the world this is nothing new it's just that all are top US politicians have been compromise Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton Alex Acosta Alan Dershowitz Ted Cruz Mark Rubio William Barr Leslie Wexner Prince Andrew lawyers professors from prestigious universities the List goes on and on and this also includes Hollywood or weird as well however I do not feel like going over the list. Over 63 women have disappeared or have been killed in connection with Jeffrey Epstein. Girls that Jeffrey Epstein has recruited are from Third World countries very poor backgrounds and are in desperate need of money. Those that are recruited are to do what they are told or they will end up in the scandalous box were there pictures will be expose of them with underage girls or underage boys compromising positions are probably a sacrifice.

    How do the billionaires stay out of the limelight Keep the media at bay a group like black cube

    Techniques like the ones used by the agencies on Jeff Epstein,Bill Clintons, Harvey Weinstein behalf are almost always kept secret, and, because such relationships are often run through law firms, the investigations are theoretically protected by attorney-client privilege, which could prevent them from being disclosed in court. The documents and sources reveal the tools and tactics available to powerful individuals to suppress negative stories and, in some cases, forestall criminal investigations.

    0. Was Jeffrey Epstein and his friends sleeping with these girls and boys for satanic purposes to take the young girl or boy innocence or was he just a pedophile?
    1. Where are the videotapes/cd and pictures.
    2. Who's has this information FBI CIA illuminati Russia United States Intelligence Community Mossad etc..
    3. Are they going to go out to the co-conspirators.
    4. Are they going to Name the other billionaires and elites that slept with the underage girls
    5. Are they going to show us the money trail of millions of dollars being transferred from account to account all over the world are they going to show us the off shore accounts.
    6. Email texts lab tops cell phone black berry pc?
    7. The missing girls and boys from Third World countries and international locations.
    8. Epstein temple stripe design decoded and temple itself.
    9. Are they going release all the court documents.
    10. Epstein temple stripe design.. What does the symbols mean?
    11. ???? It's up to you to come up with your owe questions to keep this alive..

    …When you are ready come find me… We stall only talk about peace once we have won all the wars!

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