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Jim Messina: April Fundraising & Paths to 270 Update

Jim Messina: April Fundraising & Paths to 270 Update

Hey everybody. I’m Jim Messina, the President’92s campaign manager. I wanted to give you a quick
update on what we’ve been up to this month, and what that’s going to mean between now
and November. We had 169,500 first-time donors in April putting us within reach of 2 million donors this election
cycle. And here’s my favorite part: our average donation was $50.23, with 98 percent of those
donations $250 or less. That makes our campaign different, and it’s how we’re going to build
a winning organization across the country.
One of the most important things we can do is get our arms around that fact that this
election is going to be close given the historic challenges the nation faced when the President
first came into office. Oil company executives and other special interests are dumping millions
of dollars in Super Pac attack ads. In fact as this chart shows, we got almost $60 million in spending against the President
and his policies so far in this campaign by the other side. The last two weeks have shown
this clearly. The Koch-brothers funded Super Pac spent $6 million dollars on TV ads attacking
the President. Mitt Romney’92s Super Pac put another $4 million on the air. Thats
$10 million in ads from two outside groups who can raise and spend unlimited amounts
of money. While Governor Romney has run an almost solely negative campaign tearing down the President,
we started this campaign with a series of positive ads. These ads talked about where
we started and what the President is doing to move this country forward. This is the
kind of campaign we are running, and its the reason your contributions are so important. A few months ago, I walked folks through the
different pathways we could take to get to 270 electoral votes. Now that we’re in the
general election, let’s take a look at how we’re doing on a few of those pathways. As you can see, the “West Path” includes states
like Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada. Some of these are states that Democrats hadn’t
won in years until 2008. This month, we put 12 new staff members in Colorado and signed
up 51 new Neighborhood Team Leaders. We opened brand new offices in New Mexico and Nevada.
We can win there in 2012, but only if we can keep building great teams and opening up offices. We can’t count on Florida alone to take us to 270’97but it is the easiest way to get
there. That’s why we’re building a massive operation on the ground’97opening up five
new field offices in April alone and signing up 56 new Neighborhood Team Leaders. Now let’s take a look at our “South Path”,
which counts on some places we won big in local races in 2011. We hired 22 new staff
members in North Carolina this April because we believe so strongly that we can win the
south this time around. Just this month in North Carolina we registered over 15,000 voters.
Thats a big deal because we won the state by less than that last time. And we opened
four new field offices in Virginia, which has become a major trendsetter in national
politics. The “Midwest Path” leans on Ohio’97one of the places where we’re doing the most work
on the ground –and Iowa. And thanks to six new field offices in Ohio and 61 new team
leaders and a batch of new team members in Iowa, we’re well on our way to victory. And
while Governor Romneys declaration that he would let Detroit go bankrupt has led to
much criticism across the state of Michigan, we need to organize our way to victory through
hard work every day in the Upper Midwest. And finally, if 2008 taught us anything, it’s that we can’t count on anyone’s old map even
ours. We need new ways to put every state into play. That’s why we hired new staff in
Arizona this April it wasn’t a swing state last time around, but if we can help register
the hundreds of thousands of eligible voters who missed out in 2008, we can put it on the
table this November. So thanks to everyone who stepped up to support the campaign. Together, we raised more than
$43 million from 437,323 grassroots supporters in April alone –helping us to open up 42
new field offices around the country. Those offices, plus the 120 new team members we
were able to hire, means that we can be out there every day training volunteers, knocking
on doors, making phone calls, and registering new voters. I am sure you are as proud of the President
as I am. Just in the last weeks he has laid out a plan to end the war in Afghanistan,
made a historic statement on gay marriage, and kept the pressure up on Congress to take
steps to improve this economy. Theres no question he is the President we need. It’s going to be an exciting six months let’s
go win this.

  • I fighting for the President here in Arizona! Obama/Biden 2012! Let's help remove Scott Walker too, don't forget about that!

  • don't worry pessimist ads will not take over people's mind, people know the truth i know the truth, too. Infact i was Romney to see that till what level of pessimism he can go to make Obama down..anyways all these are Romney's dreams he won't be able to win for sure..he should study Bush voting board bcoz same board he will get in this election.

  • What can the people out here in safe states like California do for you guys (other than donating)? Go out to Nevada to knock on doors? To Arizona?

  • yeas aa a proud Californian I want a repeat of 4 years ago when at 8pm Pacific, California put Obama over the top!!! Come on Arizona, Ohio, Iowa,Flordia and Virgina!

  • It's going to come down to grassroots campaigning if this is going to be a grassroots election. With the Super Pacs unlimited spending, its going to come down to going to door to door and signing up people to vote and getting those people to vote. This is going to be a close election and the grass roots campaigning will be very very important.

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