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Join our August 15 webinar: “From a Cog to an Intrapreneur: How to Lead from Within”

Join our August 15 webinar: “From a Cog to an Intrapreneur: How to Lead from Within”

Hi, everyone. I’m Elizabeth Zevada
Program Associate with Candid and I’m joined today by Roger Bain, Director of
Media and Thought Leadership at Pyxera Global. Thank you so much for joining me
today, Roger. Glad to be here. We’re really excited for Roger to be joining us today because he will be our instructor for our upcoming training: “From a Cog to an
Intrapreneur: How to Lead from Within” and that training will be taking place on
August 15th. Roger, I wanted to get our conversation started by asking you you know we really will be digging into what a successful intrapreneur looks like but
before we start digging into that I wanted to know if you could share with
our audience what a social intrapreneur is. Yeah I’d be glad to. So yeah I’m working here at Pyxera Global and a lot of our mission is to work with corporations to
solve global challenges and a lot of these corporations are working on
challenges that are related to their CSR related to transforming their business
around social issues and these issues always come up through social
intrapreneurs so these are entrepreneurial employees who are
creating a new service, they’re creating a new program, a new business model to create value for both business and society so these are the kinds of
individuals working within a established organization to figure out how their
organization can be more sustainable how their organization can make an impact on a social issue and create change so these are people with big hearts, big
dreams working within an organization saying we’ve got to influence our organization to do good I love it you don’t really hear
about you know the social intrapreneur very much but they definitely do exist
They are definitely the ones within those organizations leading these social
change and social impact projects so I wanted to ask you if you could provide
us a sneak peak of what you’ll be covering on the day of the webinar. Yeah what we will be going over is just the skills and traits of social intrapreneurs. The
things that make them successful. So one of the things that we’ll talk
about is we’ll talk about mapping your power and your influence within your
organization. Ecosystem mapping: so when you are identifying the the people in
your organization that can help you bring something to bear and identifying
the things that really matter to your organization and the ways that you can
influence and bring those things to the forefront. So a lot of people talk about
influence talk about leadership but you know there’s not really a definition, one
clear definition on how to lead, so we’ll talk about the different ways for
different personality types that you can bring your initiative to the table and
the ways you can be more successful based on experience from working with
individuals who are doing this within other organizations. Thank you I think
it’s going to be a really practical webinar at the end of the day because we really
will be talking about those characteristics that makes these folks
successful. So Roger, what’s the one thing that
everyone will be able to do after they spend their afternoon with us on the
webinar to get started? Yeah the one thing, the big hope, is that you have
the tools to create a strategy to execute something to create value for
business and society. Something for your organization and something that touches
your community. So we’ll be talking about the knowledge talking about the ways to
influence and talking about the ways you can build a strategy to move this
forward and to impact your company and impact the community that you work and
live in. Great well I really appreciate you sharing some of your initial insights on the topic with us I’d love our audience to get to know you
just a little bit more before our webinar gets started so I wanted to ask
you: do you have a particular podcast that you’ve been tuning into lately? Yeah, you know I really love the New York Times’ Modern Love podcast. Modern Love podcast is, it’s a podcast about people telling their love stories so how they fell in love the success or failure failure of their love the just the strange ways in which people meet and I just think it’s just this wonderful
demonstration of the human experience and how we relate with one
another and really my favorite podcast because it’s just so beautifully put
together and people are just extremely vulnerable and they’re just sort of
showing what it means to be in love and find love that’s just a beautiful
picture of the human experience I might have to take you up on that
recommendation I’ve been looking for something a little bit more lighthearted
myself so thank you for sharing Again, Roger I’m really excited to continue
this conversation, really dig in deeper on August 15th and of course we invite our online audience to do the same and we want everyone to take advantage of our early bird pricing so make sure that you visit by August 7th. and if you can’t join us live, don’t worry about it go ahead and register and we’ll
be sure to send you a recording so you can watch on your own time. Thank you so much everyone! Thank you, Roger. Thanks. Bye everyone!

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