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Join our August 22 webinar: Building a Strong Fundraising Team

Join our August 22 webinar: Building a Strong Fundraising Team

Hi everyone! I’m Elizabeth Zevada
Program Associate with Candid and I’m joined today by our returning presenter
Mandy Pearce of Funding for Good thank you so much for joining me again Mandy. Thanks for having me. Mandy will be your instructor for upcoming training: Building a Strong Fundraising Team on August 22nd. So Mandy I wanted to get our conversation started by kind of talking about what actually makes a healthy
fundraising team? I know that’s kind of going to be the theme of the webinar that
day so what do we mean by that? What we mean by that and what we’re going to talk about during the webinar is the things that organizations can do ahead
of time to ensure success and transparency and effective communication
within their development teams. So it’s everything from strategic planning and
development planning and creating all the appropriate to-do lists and
expectations and being able to express those appropriately, evaluate them
appropriately, as well as identifying the people that you need and the skill sets
they should have to fill those positions appropriately. A lot of times what you
find as people will advertise a position but really not know what they need in
place and they get the wrong person there without the skill sets they need
and then setting that person up to fail which isn’t fair so talking a little bit
about everything from the hiring interviewing process all the way through
to once they’re on board how do you help them be successful to achieve the things
your organization actually needs? Great, and you already started kind of alluding to it: we really will be looking at the best practices for planning. So
can you give us a sneak peek of what type of planning we’ll be helping
everyone prepare for? So a little bit of it goes again back to some strategic planning which if you have a strategic plan it should roll into the roadmap for
the development staff I’ve been in this position so as the development staff the strategic plan is one of the strongest tools in the toolkit and it tells you
where you’re going and how to get there which allows you to create
your development plan each year and so we’re going to look at that. I’m gonna give you a template for how to start a development plan if you’ve never had one.
If you do have one we’ll review it and kind of talk about the aspects of it and
what you might want to add to yours if you don’t already have it so that you
can have a better tool for tracking not only your metrics but your success
throughout the year with your fundraising I love it. It’s planning for
the plan and then keeping everyone on track with that plan. Very practical. So
what’s the one thing everyone will be able to do right after the webinar to
get started? So because I’m gonna give you this tool for the development plan
you will be able to either start your first development plan or b) take your
current development plan and deconstruct it a little bit to make it maybe a
little more user friendly and a little more of a tool for your whole team and
not just one person. So you can use it for reporting, you can use it for evaluating, you can use it for strategizing how you’re going to get to
your goals of development. Fantastic and Mandy I know we’ve been getting to get to know you fairly well so because it’s summertime I wanted to ask you what’s
your favorite place in the world? My favorite place in the world is my front
porch. So my husband and I live in North Carolina and I have a screened-in front
porch with swings and rocking chairs and I love to be there as often as possible.
We actually just had a back deck built recently so now I have two porches to
choose from but they’re my favorite places. I love it. Your home away from home, your kind of meditation within your own space plus you can just enjoy you know the outdoors
from the comfort of home. Exactly. With my dogs.
Perfect well thank you so much for sharing your insights with us today. I’m
excited to continue learning more about you know the development plan and
setting up your team for success on August 22nd. We invite everyone online to
join us as well and we always want to remind you to register on and in this case we want to make sure you do that by August 14th so you
can take advantage of our early bird pricing. And if you can’t join us live,
don’t worry you’ll always get a copy recording when you register. Thank you so much Mandy. Thank you everyone. Looking forward to it.

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