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Join our August 8 webinar: Forging Partnerships with Corporate Leaders to Drive Social Impact

Join our August 8 webinar: Forging Partnerships with Corporate Leaders to Drive Social Impact

Hi everyone I’m Elizabeth Zevada, Program Associate with Candid and I’m joined today by I’m Andre Solorzano, senior
manager of Chief Executives for Corporate Purposes’ Data Insights team
thank you for joining me today Andre! Thank you so much it’s a pleasure to be
here. We’re really excited to have you joining us for our upcoming digital
classroom titled: Forging Partnerships with Corporate Leaders to Drive Social
Impact and we’re excited to invite everyone to join us on August 8 for that
training so I wanted to get the conversation started by asking you a
little bit about the CECP’s Giving in Numbers survey. I know you’ll be sharing
some of the corporate giving trends that have come out of it but I wanted to know
how will these trends inform how nonprofits approach corporate donors.
Absolutely so we will be releasing the Giving in Numbers 2019 edition in the Fall of this year more specifically in October so this webinar will help other
companies and also potential grant applicants to understand what are the
latest trends that are influencing the decision making of the world’s largest
companies and when we say world companies with annual revenues of at
least two billion dollars some of these companies actually are part of the
fortune 500 ranking so this will help all the listeners of the webinar to
understand what are the most influential program areas or key trend topics in the
CSR world of these companies I think that’s going to be really helpful to
understand what’s happening at those very top levels because of course their
influence with they’re influencing what’s happening within other
corporations as well so another question that I wanted to ask you Andre, is: what’s
been the biggest shift that you’ve seen within corporate social responsibility
in recent years and how will this webinar help prepare nonprofits to
respond or prepare for this change? So we wouldn’t like nonprofits to leave this
webinar without knowing what has happened to corporate giving? Has it
increased or decreased? So firstly what I think one of the most important trends is to realize that corporate giving has been
increasing particularly total giving from the world’s largest firms has increased
by 17 percent in the course of the last five years so that’s a really important
trend and when we say total giving we are referring to cash and non-cash
contributions from these really large corporations. Another important trend is
that particularly in 2018 aggregate contributions from this companies added
up to 26 billion dollars which is technically equivalent to the gross
domestic product of any middle-income country in the world Well thank you so much Andre. So what’s
that one thing that participants will be able to do right after the webinar to
get started? So the main thing I would say it’s this webinar will help to
understand important corporate social responsibility trends and strategies
that will help all the participants in the webinar to cultivate
lasting partnerships with the corporate social responsibility executives among
this world’s largest firms that’s great I know that’s always the common ask is
how do I start building that relationship but I think understanding
how they’re giving is really important to know how you can start having that
conversation and unda we always love our purchase our participants to get to know
our instructors a little bit before the day of the webinar so I wanted to ask
you how have you been unwinding this summer? So this summer is all about
Giving in Numbers: writing the report and doing analysis, doing research on the
different CSR trends. So what helps me unwind during those really short weekends is to go to the beach. Anyplace with a beach
definitely helps so particularly in New York the places that I love going to is
Asbury Park I also go to the Rockaways and that really helps me unwind and just
disconnect for a bit that’s great especially in a city like New York just
getting close to nature wherever you can always kind of brings everyone kind of
back to center wherever you can oh well thank you so much for sharing some of
your expertise with us today on the day I’m excited to continue learning more on
August 8 and we invite everyone who’s been watching online to join us as well
we want to make sure that everyone knows to go to
by July 31st to take advantage of our early bird pricing for this webinar and
remember if you can’t join us live we encourage you to register that way you
can get the recording of the webinar sent to you directly. Thank you so much
everyone. Thank you, Andre. Thank you.

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