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Join our June 27 Webinar: Accessing Donor Advised Funds at Community Foundations

Join our June 27 Webinar: Accessing Donor Advised Funds at Community Foundations

Hello everyone, I’m Elizabeth Zevada, Program Associate with Candid and I’m joined today by Todd Hanson, Vice
President for the Orange County Community Foundation. Thank you so much
for joining me today, Todd! You’re welcome. -Todd, will be our instructor for our
upcoming digital classroom titled “Accessing Donor Advised Funds and Other
Community Foundation Resources” and it’ll be taking place on June 27. Todd, I wanted
to get the conversation started by asking you why our donor advised funds
top of mind for so many folks these days? There’s a couple reasons… one is the
growth of donor advised funds has grown exponentially over the years, so
Community Foundation’s have taken off. And then commercial gift funds you know
some of the biggest grantor now in the nation, so it’s a term everyone is familiar with. And just look at our foundation we’ve gone, when I started here, your granting
six million a year, to now granting over 80 million a year. Those numbers are
getting everyone’s attention Orange County. If you’re given that much, how do
I get access to it? – Definitely! We’ll be discussing how building relationships
with your local community foundation can help nonprofits access these donors
advised funds. Could you provide a sneak preview for what you’ll be sharing? -Yes.
So I’ll be sharing a few things about relationships…
one thing I’ll share is who do you talk to at the foundation who is going to be
the best you know contact for you — and some time to be more than one person.
Then also how do you maintain that relationship, but what information should
you share with the contact at the community foundation. And when you’re proactive
and have a plan for how you work with the foundation you can have much more
success from seeking support over the years. – M’hmm, definitely. And our participants
are always anxious to get started with the work, so what’s one thing that
they’ll be able to do to start connecting with either donor advised
funds or their community foundation right after our webinar? So one thing
they’re going to do is they’re going to understand how they can better steward
these existing donors they have. And they’re going to learn that because I
facilitate take over a thousand grants a year for donors and I see how
the nonprofits steward them… and I hear what the donor says about what they could
do better and I’m going to share that donors tell me every day “that if the
nonprofit only did this, I would give them more or I would keep giving to them.”
That’s great! I love it, very practical advice. And as our audience gets to know
you before our webinar on June 27th, I wanted to ask you, Todd, what’s your
favorite book that you’ve been reading lately? So one of my favorites that I
just finished is called “You Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins. He’s a Navy SEAL
and he had a very tough background and you overcame a lot of challenges and shared some really great lessons along
the way. One in particular that I remember when I’m competing as I love to
compete also is called “embrace the suck”. And basically what that means you know things
are going to be tough sometimes and you can shy away from it, or be anxious, or
you can say bring it on — I know this is rough, but I’m going to get through it
because one of the famous quotes is “you can get through any workout because
they all end at some point.” So in a nonprofit community, there’s some tough
days and you can get through them also. Yeah, yeah. Definitely — “embrace the suck” I
like it! Well thank you Todd for sharing your experience with our online audience
today. I’ve excited to continue the conversation on June 27th. I also invite
all of you out on the Internet to join us as well. Be sure to register on by June 19th to take advantage of our early bird pricing. And
do know that if you can’t join us live, if you register, you’ll automatically get
a recording to watch on your own time. Thank you so much everyone! Thank You
Todd. -Thank you. Bye-bye.

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