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Join the Fight | Heart of Florida United Way

Join the Fight | Heart of Florida United Way

(light dramatic music) – [Narrator] Problems, the ones most people don’t
have the stomach for, the ones nobody talks
about at cocktail parties, the ones that can’t be solved, we go looking for them. And we find every dollar
we can to address them, no matter the obstacles,
no matter the odds. We surround a community’s
most critical problems, and we fight. But we’re more than the fundraisers, we are the hand raisers,
the game changers, the stop talking, start
doing, band together and take on the impossible task masters. At United Way, we fight
for the health, education, and financial stability of
every person in Central Florida. United, we combat homelessness
in Osceola County. United, we stand up for the
children left behind in Orlando. United, we fight for
those who fought for us. United, we end poverty in our community. United, we battle for
more than just survival, but for dreams of what
the future could be. We fight for James, we fight for Lisa, we fight for Jorge, and Mateo, and Sarah, we fight for those who need a voice and those whose names we do not know. Because change doesn’t happen alone, hope isn’t a one man band, and every person deserves
a fighting chance. We have one life, to live better, we mush live United.

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