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Join the Journey Campaign

Join the Journey Campaign

Tonight, we launch our goal of $1.1 billion
dollars to be raised by December 2020. Joining the Journey is about investing in
our current students and the many who will follow. This journey is about lighting the way for
generations of Volunteers to come. What we call the drive to 55…the effort
to have 55% of our population have a degree or certificate by 2025. It’s obviously a state-wide deal but I don’t
want you to lose the appreciation for what the flagship campus of the state’s land grant
university means in the middle of that. The university of Tennessee is literally in
the business of changing the people’s futures. I think a lot about the people who have invested
in me and my education. It overwhelms me. But thinking also inspires me to give back. I will have opportunities to “pay it forward”
and to help future students pursue the kind of education I have been fortunate enough to receive. It’s been my honor to stay involved with
the university to invest in its future. To me, being a Vol means doing my part in
lighting the way for others….Whether it’s being a part of this Journey or dropping in
on a practice or sitting in on a classroom, I want to make a difference. We are going to that next level. With your help, with your support, with your
financial contributions, we will meet that $1.1 billion dollar goal and we are ready. We are going to exceed it.

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