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K-12 Release 12.10

Hi! My name is Bryna and I’m part of the K-12 User Education team at Blackbaud. Let’s take a look at the new features and enhancements for this release. Core This first enhancement is actually the very beginning of a larger series of updates to improve how the ‘ON’ products handle demographic information. In the future, we hope to provide all schools with a better experience for handling gender and name information with greater nuance and sensitivity. With this release, schools can now indicate each user’s gender as: male (M), female (F), other (O), or unknown/blank. This information will appear in the user’s profile card in Core. Users will see their own gender listed when they view their own Contact Card. But, they’ll only see the gender of other users if those values are published to the Contact Card from a Directory or Roster. This information also appears in advanced lists and some SKY lists. However, gender in other areas of the ‘ON’ products won’t be affected until later updates. So remember to check out the release letter for details about this and other Core updates. Additionally, User Lists and Student Lists now include custom fields as available columns. Both publishable and admin view only custom fields are now available as columns. However, when you share a list with other users, only platform managers can view the admin only custom fields. onCampus Gradebook now automatically shows a label next to students who have an available Learning Profile. When new users login for the first time, they can now take a Guided Tour from Getting Started on their mobile devices. Additionally, Athletic rosters now render properly on mobile devices. When Group owners add Bulletin Board or Topic Downloads, they can now add files directly from Google Drive. onRecord Conduct Managers can now determine when infraction points accumulate and reset. To do this, in Edit Rules, select between preexisting reset periods in the current school year, or create multiple custom date ranges as needed. Scheduling Managers can now organize results on the fly using these new filter categories. For each category, you can drill in further for concise, exact results to help save time. Grading Managers can now consolidate Grade Translation tables by including alternate grades
(such as Withdrawn, Medical Excuse, and more) alongside traditional grades. Simply deselect Include in GPA for an alternate grade, to create the desired results. We’ve also made a number of enhancements to Conduct. For example Teachers can now view Consequences from the Faculty Conduct page. Plus, teachers can now mark Consequences as No Show to tack additional consequences onto existing ones. For more information about features and enhancements this month, see the release letter. Thanks for watching!

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