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K-12 Release 14.04

Hi! My name is Bob and I’m part of the K12 Content Design and Development team at Blackbaud. Let’s take a look at what’s new in this release. Academics The GPA equivalent 1 and GPA equivalent 2 fields can now be added to a legend on a report card or transcript. The Legend widget can be found under the Summary options on the Design step. To add these fields, after a grade translation is selected, simply mark the available boxes for GPA equivalent 1 or GPA equivalent 2 The new report card builder now supports report cards with only assessment comments on it. Previously, the report card required a grade column to be added to it in order for it to be saved in the system. Grading managers can add a Horizontal space separator to report cards and transcripts. This can be found on the Design step under Separators. Simply drag the Horizontal space widget onto your template and specify the section height and width. Grading managers can set access for multiple report card or transcript templates if the templates use the same grade plan. As a Grading manager, under either Report card setup or Transcript setup, select More then set access for multiple templates. From here, use the drop down to select the Grade plan and mark the boxes for the templates that should be affected by these settings. Schools will now have access to a Review status filter in the report card grades list. This allows users to filter the list to just show grades that are Not ready, Needing review, or Reviewed. Schedule managers can now bulk assign course requests for courses based on the course code rather than the course name. To do this, they need to go to Academics, Scheduling then Requests & Scheduling. From there, select More Actions on the Course Requests tile and select Enter Requests. In the course field, they can search by course code or name. Enrollment management Admissions managers now see admissions scheduling as an option from the RSS and iCal Feed modal provided they have access. We’ve added new columns to the Candidate list including: Parent Name, Siblings Name, Primary Language Spoken, Languages Spoken at Home, Reason for Declining,Candidate Interests, Chosen School School website We’ve added quality of life updates for managing photos under School Website. After uploading a photo to a category under Content, Media, and then Photos, users can now preview what the image will look like. Select the tiny thumbnail that appears after the image is uploaded to open a modal displaying the photo in the actual size and orientation. Users can also scroll through all photos uploaded to a category under Media. Use Next photo to advance through the images or Previous photo to go back. And that’s all we have for this month, but as always, remember to check out the release letter for details about features mentioned in this video and information about additional new features and enhancements. Thanks for watching!

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