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K-12 Release 14.06

K-12 Release 14.06

Hi! My name is Bryna and I’m part of the K12 Strategic Content Development team at Blackbaud.
Here’s what’s new in the May 29, 2019 release. Core & general features We’re excited about this first update because it’s yet another step in our vision of “One Blackbaud” via SKY UX and it’s vital for what’s coming next. Platform managers who are also site administrators for their organization will see a new tile on their Core dashboard when they login with Blackbaud ID. This new Admin Console tile enables you to quickly access Authentication settings –which you can use to enable a single sign on experience for your school’s users. You’ll also use it to replace the LDAP integration. Remember, LDAP integration will be discontinued at the end of August. The new Admin Console tile also enables you to quickly access Connected Apps — which you’ll eventually use to manage integrations from third party partners via SKY API. If you want to get started with School API today, follow the instructions for developers and join the API user community. Academics Create sections in bulk has been replaced with Create classes in bulk. Schedule managers can select to create classes using the target number for classes set for each course or using a calculated number of classes. Classes can be created for all departments or for specific departments. We’ve made some updates to the Classes tab under Requests & schedules. We added additional columns (such as class status and teacher status) and added new filters for these fields as well as for departments. As always, check out the release letter for details about features mentioned in this video and more. Thanks for watching!

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