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  • lap dog lou can not believe someone whose worked with trump for a year has something to say and didnt write a book. Kelly is honaorable. has been. didnt want the job but took it so an adult could be in the room. AND know the electoral college voted for trump. the first time since your last republican president bought the presidency by hijacking the electoral college. Before that the popular vote has always matched the electoral college. But lap dog lou and this crazy lady will tell you not to question government! yeah lets see how that works out for you.

  • If Kelly didn't agree with Trump's [policy then he should have left long ago or better yet never taken the job. The fact that he stayed tells me all I need to know — he has no integrity and his statements now are just the words of a disgruntled employee.

  • Generals have no fucken balls, they lost their balls in the Obuma administration. I swear they’re all fucken pussies. I served and was a Lieutenant Colonels driver & he was one bad mother fucker. These days they’re scumbags no balls, give in quickly, cry when things don’t go their way.

  • To the individuals who have been given the great honor to serve, at the President's pleasure, in the Whitehouse in any capacity & then criticize the President's decisions on anything, you are a disgrace & should be ashamed of yourselves. This type of behavior shows how small you are. If you take issue with something the President chooses to do & you have so little impulse control that you can't keep your big mouth shut, the honorable thing to do is to communicate with the President about it, not criticize him in public, especially when you do not have all of the facts.

  • Well I see that some laws have to be enacted. These traitors need GITMO. Everybody .. Voters ..are talking about that and demanding it. The People are Waiting. And they need to be fire-able. It should NOT be that difficult. We the People are going to need to get a complete explaination of why they can't be fired. And that's going to have to change.

  • How Great is America u have a Corrupt Trump , Pompeo and Barr are running the country , then u have a Rock spider like Jordan in the senate , Wow Trump really did make America Great again

  • KELLY is not the PRESIDENT.
    The American People ELECTED/ VOTED President TRUMP , he works for the People and by the People..Who cares about J.Kelly.

    P.S. TRUMP 2020!! MAKE & KAG.
    Drain the SWAMP.😍😍😍💜💜💜.

  • Pay a man or woman enough money, and he or she will say anything. I'm told hookers are like that; why should disgruntled old generals be any different? Simple as that.😎

  • John B. and John K. have dishonored themselves and their positions in government. You don’t take a job and then tell your boss what to do, or refuse to follow orders and whine like babies when you lose your jobs. If you want to be in charge, run for office!

  • Gen. Kelly shows that Traitor44 purged all the good, honest, quality top professionals out of the military……so we ended up with crap generals like Kelly….glad he's gone …NOW FADE AWAY

  • Trump has to many traitors around him,and he some time states what is on his mind with tweets,why not in deed ,Ge is president comander in chief but he has to many people from Obama in jobs he should have clean his house,top to bottom from scums planted by Obama and they should have been arrested long ago for treason

  • They do not work the president. They are supposed to be working for We The People of the United States of America. … And the same goes for any president. We put that fool end office to lead us. NOT to stab us in the back.

  • WHAT about what the DEMS have done to M FLYNN-nobody is talking about that – VINDMAN cannot HOLD a candle to FLYNN- but the DEMS are going to jail him/two faced hacks!!!

  • Bill Barr will do nothing to clean up DOJand FBI. He was involved with cover up of CIA illegal gun running and drug smuggling

  • Trump is the one and only government official that was elected nationwide by the American people. As the Commander in Chief, Trump has the right to voice his opinion on any national or local issues. Trump's voice is the American people's voice, and that's why they voted for him to speak on their behalf. Dems and fake news outlets clearly have no right to criticize Trump for his opinions. Stop telling Trump what to do or what not to do, idiots!

  • It is more than apperant that the deep state is entrench in the millatary also just listen to a four star military man John Kelley . Total disrespect for President Trump , Now it's evident why he was discharged and no longer respected , a man appointed to council and assist the president but failed. OPINION!

  • I think they just blast Trump to stay out of prison. Seriously. Look at Flynn, Stone, Manafort. If you're loyal to Trump, you get thrown in jail.

  • John Kelly, didn’t he tried to get Haley to go against Trump foreign policy? As a Marine vet who served in Vietnam: John what happened to our motto “Always Faithful”.

  • Watching Fox news. I'm so sick of the entire Democratic party!! Their Agenda is to take down TRUMP!! Think about that. They are doing absolutely nothing for the American people! I hope that all the American people realize this. Trump has done more for the American people than any other President!! He's Fighting hard for the American people! America FIRST ALWAYS AND FOREVER ❤️🙏🇺🇸💯. I urge you to remember this when you go to the polls to VOTE!! TRUMP 🙏 2020💯🇺🇸

  • John Kelly for a General is such a disgrace. Strip his rank for being such a traitor. Omarosa got around Kelly and recorded all those tapes under his watch. Who COULD TRUST KELLY IN ANYTHING?


  • This is what happens when an outsider becomes president. This was not supposed to happen. The establishment selects their puppets.

  • All of these "faithful government servants" should be hiding under rocks since they're the ones who are to blame for the state of corruption and debt this government is in

  • Like the Trump supporters that turned on Veterans? I remember when Conservatives had respect for those that served…That ship has sailed… You cultist have put all your faith in Trump in the name of racism. Well I got news for you pea-brains…America will NEVER be white again. Trump sold you gullibles a dream and you fell for it.

  • Notice how a vast majority of these leaks stopped coming out of the White House when this piece of trash Kelly was fired. Now Bolton is endorsing him as a great guy. That tells me right then and there they're both RINO scum

  • SOMETHING MUST be done to change the status quo in Washington so that people AREN'T in a "permanent position" or job! I don't know if it's because of unionization or what, but this CRAP has to go!

  • Those of us in the Q movement are well versed on the deep state status of John Kelly, Mattis and McMaster…they are pissed because they were given the job so their network of spies could be tracked and identified…they got played

  • John Kelly is a disgrace to the Marines and America. He is not an honorable man just a noisy one. He has finally exposed himself for what he is… a useless distraction to America.

  • President Trumps first order of business after his landslide reelection should be an EO lowering all salaries of the SES (permanent bureaucrats) to $10.00 per month! They "can't" be fired; so this EO might work to thin the ranks of the DS 10,000!

  • The Corrupt / Mocking / Marxist Media has given the Weak Knee-ed / Smarmy / WannaBe LifeTime Burucrats and LifeTime Military "Individuals" their Time in the LimeLight to Feel Important.

  • John Kelly fired because he didn't roll with the man elected to shake this deep state to its core. Bolton and Kelly are deep state puppets! Fired! Sadly, it has been hard to find people who love their country and not their positions!

  • It would not be an honor to work for a corrupt man!!! good for kelly! Trump is a proven liar, above not mentioning the rest.He is a nut!!!!

  • The people that come forth and speak out against trump are patriots. Risking their careers and actually their lives, to bring the truth to the American people. Fox News will keep giving misinformation as long as viewers want to believe their lies

  • All the agents in the FBI and CIA need to be impressed that the crimes committed by the rogue bureaucrats embedded by the Obama administration through out the executive branch…I suggest that future administrations re-adopt the spoils system (translation;replace everybody with your own people)…the dem's act like requireing loyalty is a crime…I mean even the congress members have their choice of staff …

  • His first question says it all. Trump is NOT AN EXPERT! He appoints experts (well should be anyway) to advise him on his decisions. John Was such a person. It boggles my mind that folks assume the president knows best about everything because of an election.

  • Shame on you John Kelly you are a four-star general You above all people should have known better four-star general. Wow. What a let-down you've turned out to be and you were Pushing your own agenda. And not having President Trumps back, You were a wolf in sheep's clothing. that's a scumbag move, mate. And I can see that all away from here Australia 12000 miles away. You may have been a legend Once Upon a Time on the Battlefield but these days mate. You've got into bed with the Enemy thats a punk move I think that's how you Americans would put it. Punk sounds about right, You got no friends over here mate, And yes, I am a absolute President Trump flag waving fan.

  • Neither Bolton nor Kelly are conservatives, neo-cons came from the left. They are globalists. Real conservatives have always been about protecting home and family. Real conservatives have always been protectionists. Globalism is an extension of liberal imperialism.

  • Mr. Dobbs you are a true patriot and now my absolute favorite commentator and all around sage, God bless you, sir! President Trump has faced unprecedented corruption and prejudice long before he took office, but it became even worse once the Deep State Democrats had unfettered access to him via the Oval Office. This must come to an end, for the sake of President Trump and all future US Presidents. KAG 2020: God bless America and President Trump!

  • K.T.McFarland is spot-on correct. When you join Pres Trump's team, you should support his policies and agendas b/cos he is elected to represent the American people. He won the election. Unelected officials should not sabotage the American people. When unelected officials don't like the policies, they should be fired. Period. To attack and undermine Pres Trump's policies is to weaken the American people, marginalized the American people and to divide the nation. The deep state must not be allowed to continue this anymore. Past administrations were manipulated and controlled by the deep state and unelected officials for far too long. Those days are gone!!! I voted for Trump NOT to do his best but to WIN.

    This reminds me of one employer. At the management meeting, the Company President said if you cannot align with this company's interest, goals and policies, then you don't belong here. You should resign. Or you will get fired. Period.

  • Aww, another one turns on the roaches. The country( the real part that matters) is tired of these old, flaky and antiquated turds talking like they're relevant anymore. Blue wave incoming.

  • Another stupid interview by doddering Lou Dobbs. The issue here as McFarland clearly mentioned towards the end of the interview is the insidiousness of the NSC when She was Deputy.

    If Dobbs could have kept His mouth shut we might have learned more. But because He is a clueless moron more interested in talking than listening, we didn't hear what happened to McFarland at the NSC that She was in charge of and how the career employees undermined Her and the Trump Administration.

    Why does Fox News keep this talking heads constantly yapping and interrupting their guests? What is the matter with these idiots? How about asking intelligent questions ?

    The chickens are now coming home to roost. The constant attempts by the full time established government employees that believe that Presidents are transitory so THEY get to set both policy and implement it.

    The problem isn't Dems or Republicans, the problem is the entrenched government employees that think they are smarter and can run the country in a manner that THEY feel the country should be run as. Trump is right, He should have cleaned house at the beginning and thrown all these people out.

    Personnel is Trump's biggest mistake. It has been devastating to His presidency. That and the entrenched Judiciary that thinks they should be setting national policy and legislating from the Bench.

  • Let’s just say it: The Republicans are the problem- The republican party has become an insurgent outlier in American politics. It is ideologically extreme; scornful of compromise; unmoved by conventional understanding of truth, facts, evidence and science. Congress is not broken the Republican Party is broken.

  • John Kelly revealed himself as a deep stater.
    If he did not like the Presidents policies then you move on.
    John Kelly was not elected Pres Trump was.
    Interesting with all the corruption being revealed during Obamas 8 yrs not one spoke out agai st him and they wete acts against our country and Constitution.
    Where was John Kelly when Obama was depleating our Military arms and ammunition?
    We were not even able to protect our country if attacked.
    Why was Kelly quiet about that?
    Seems we have enemies in every area of government.

  • John Kelly is a coward and a moron… John Kelly is not an honorable man and is a total disgrace to the uniform… John Kelly should be lined up in front of a firing squad he is a traitor and always has been… It is hard to say who is the bigger traitor Vindman or Kelly

  • Bolton didn't like the fact that Trump didn't want to start a war with Iran and John Bolton did. That was the disagreement that got Bolton fired.

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  • It makes me wonder what these two are up to. Are they protecting someone or are they dirty? Makes a person wonder…

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