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Kamala Harris Thinks Donald Trump is a Coward

Kamala Harris Thinks Donald Trump is a Coward

You know, of the
top four candidates for the Democratic
nomination for president, our first guest is the
only one young enough to have listened to Offset
and Cardi B on purpose. She is from right
here in California and she means business. Please welcome
senator Kamala Harris. [MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome home.
You’re home in California. – Oh, I’m so happy to be home.
– You’ve been in Iowa, right? I was just there yesterday. How long were you there? That was about a 24 hour
trip, but then the week before I was there for several days. Isn’t it odd that
you have to concentrate so much effort in a state that–
had you been to Iowa before? – Not before I was a candidate.
– Yeah. Yeah. But now– I’ve been
there a lot now. – You’ve been there a lot now?
– Yeah. Yeah. Well, you did very
well in the debate and now the polls are surging. You had a big bump
in the national poll. And in California, your
number one, which is good, because it’s is your state. Yeah. And I think in New
Hampshire– you’re number two in New Hampshire,
which is good, right? I’m not paying
attention to the polls. Do you not pay
attention to the polls? No. The only poll that matters
for me is on election day. Does anybody come to you and
say, here’s how it’s going? Yeah.
JIMMY KIMMEL: They do. They’ve told me.
My team has told me. And, certainly, it’s positive
reinforcement, but honestly– Is the reason you don’t
pay attention to the polls what happened last election? I don’t– I have a complicated
relationship with polls, which is this, when I started– when I first ran for DA, when I
first ran for attorney general, people said to me, nobody
like you has done this, they’re not ready for you. And the first
polls that came out suggested to everyone
that we couldn’t win. And so from then on, I’ve
just kind of felt like, you know what, I’m
going to pay attention to the voters and
the people and then I’ll leave it to the consultants
to pay attention to the polls. JIMMY KIMMEL: Ultimately, the
polls don’t really matter. Well, yeah. Although, they matter
when it comes to fundraising and that sort of thing. Yeah, I mean it is an
indication of where you are. But it’s not the only one. You got a big boost at
the debate when, I think, you broke two of Joe
Biden’s ribs at that debate. Are you aware of that? Do you feel– do you
have any regret of going in so– so hard on him? You know, I felt
strongly that we needed to have a full discussion
about that era in our country. And it was a discussion
that had been occurring for probably about
two weeks before the debate. And I felt the need to be
sure that we are reflecting true history as it relates to
integration of the schools, and the need to force
integration because there were so many states that were
adamant against allowing the children of all races
to be educated together. And I’ll tell you, Jimmy, I
have had so many people come up to me and almost
whisper like it’s a secret among us,
black and white, I was blessed since that debate. It’s something that–
it has not been the subject of much discussion
in the last, you know, few decades. But it is something that
impacted millions of people in our country. And I think it’s an important–
it’s an important reminder that we have to always
remember our history and the last chapter
if we’re going to accurately and correctly
write the next chapter. Is there a danger,
do you feel– because this is–
I feel like this is unlike any other election. Yeah. Is there a danger that the
Democrats will cannibalize and really hurt each other going
in to, you know, the big prize? I hope not. And I think that most
of us are of like mind, that this should be, on
that debate stage, a debate about issues, but
not personal attacks. It should be about,
you know, pointing out the differences,
obviously, between us, so that Democrats
can make a decision. But it should not be about
cannibalizing anybody. If you get to the point
where you are debating Trump, will you engage in
personal attacks? I Hope the answer is yes. No, but I will prosecute
the case against four more years of Donald Trump. And there’s a rap
sheet to be prosecuted. You know, he barely mentioned
you at his rally tonight, which I think means
he’s most scared of you. I really do. Because he’s been focusing on–
why do you think he’s focusing on these congresswomen so much? I think that he has defiled
the office of the President of the United States. You called him a coward,
which isn’t necessarily fair. I mean, this man
almost went to Vietnam, were it not for his bone spurs. Bone spurs. No, here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. The President of the United
States has so much power, and in particular, in that
microphone that she holds. He’s a woman? And– well, that she who
should be president holds. JIMMY KIMMEL: I see. And what we have seen
is that this individual, this president, he, I guess,
believes that his power is to beat people down,
instead of what real power and
strength is about, which is lifting people up. [APPLAUSE] That does seem to be the case. Yeah. And that’s why I also
call him a coward. You know– you know my
background, I was a prosecutor. I took on predators, be
they transnational criminal organizations that preyed
on women or children or the big banks that
preyed on homeowners, pharmaceutical companies,
for profit colleges. And I’m going to tell you
something about predators. The thing about them
is, by their very nature and character and instinct,
they prey on the vulnerable. They prey on those they
believed to be weak. They prey on those who
are in need of help, and often desperate
in need of help. And this is the kind
of characteristic that we see in this president. And then he embraces– he embraces the dictators. He embraces Kim Jong-un. He embraces Vladimir Putin. He embraces MBS. And let’s be clear about
those three fellows, right? Which is that, on the issue
of Russia’s interference in the election of the
President of the United States, this president prefers
to take the word of the Russian
president over the word of the American
intelligence community. On the subject of an
American student who was tortured and later
died, this president prefers to take the
word of the North Korean dictator over the word of
the American intelligence community. On the subject of a journalist
who was assassinated, a journalist who has
American credentials, he prefers to take the
word of a Saudi prince over the word of the American
intelligence community. Who is this guy? I think– I really– I mean, you’ve
crystallized it very well. I think he was the host of
“The Celebrity Apprentice.” – Exactly.
– Yeah. And, you know, he obviously
achieved success there. He has obviously achieved
very little success here. So he should go back to that. Senator Kamala
Harris of California is here back home in California.
– Yes. What are you going to do?
You’re here a short time. I’m. here. I’ve got a number of
meetings and events. And I’m having my in-laws
and the kids over for dinner tomorrow night, so I’m cooking.
And– And you still
have to be senator while you’re doing this stuff. Yes, of course. Today there was a vote. And it was almost
a unanimous vote. This was for the September
11th Victim’s Fund. Yes, Yes. All they wanted to do– Jon Stewart spoke
beautifully about this. Beautifully. And the idea was they
would extend those benefits for victims of September 11. And one Senator, Rand
Paul, voted to block it. When Congress can’t pass
something like that, it makes you wonder if we can
ever come together on anything. I mean, I– listen,
the way that I approach– first of all, it’s tragic
that that did not pass. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah. Because, as we know, and have
known for now over a decade, there are so many heroes
associated with 9/11 who deserve to receive all
the benefit of our respect and all the benefit of the
dignity we can give them. You know, on the broader issue
about whether we can find any common ground in the
United States Congress, I do believe we can,
because I believe that the American people know
that the vast majority of us have so much more in common
than what separates us. And the way that I think
about my priorities is through the lens of
what I call the 3 o’clock in the morning thought, right? Which is when people
wake up in the middle of the night with that thought
that’s been weighing on them. When they’re thinking
that thought, it is never through the
lens of the party with which they’re registered to vote. When they’re thinking
that thought, it is never through the lens
of some simplistic demographics some pollster put them in. And for the vast
majority of us, when we’re thinking that
thought– and you know this, I know this well– it has to do with our
personal health, the health of our children or our parents. Can I get a job, keep
a job, pay the bills by the end of the month,
retire with dignity? For our students, can I pay
off those student loans? For so many families
in America, can I help my family member get
off their opioid addiction or their drug addiction? The vast majority of us
have so much more in common than what separates us. And if we approach
priorities through that lens, I do believe we
can see progress. But the first thing
that we’ve got to do is agree, also,
that we are going to reject those people
who are trying to sow hate and division among us. And this is the
contrast right now, which is where I believe
the American people truly are and then what you’re
hearing from supposed leaders. And that’s why, you know, Jimmy,
in talking about what’s been happening over
the last 48 hours, listen, people may not
agree with all my policies, people may not vote for me. But I’m going to tell you this. We have got to get
a place– to a place where we as Americans agree. We have got to
unify as a country around our commonalities, around
our collective priorities. We have got to unify. [APPLAUSE] We have got to. You support Medicare for All? I do. Do you– and you– would people be able to still go
and get supplemental insurance if they wanted to?
– Yes, they would. Yes, absolutely.
– Is this something that you– Medicare for All would cost
the middle class, or lower middle class, the lower
class more with something that would increase taxes? No, it would not. And it would actually bring
health care to the place where your access
to health care is not a function of how much money
you have in your back pocket. And, you know, right now,
we are looking at the fact that we have Medicare for All,
and you know where that is? In the emergency
rooms of America. And it is too
expensive and it also means that people are getting
access to health care when they’re in crisis instead
of before then, when we can actually alleviate
their pain and extend the quality of their
life in a much smarter and more effective way. You know, and then people– there’s this whole
argument that people think, well, maybe is this
going to mean that I need to– that I have
to worry about not being able to see my doctor? 91% of the doctors in
America are in Medicare. And those that
are not are mostly pediatricians and the 9%. And you know why
they’re not in Medicare? Because Medicare
doesn’t cover children. JIMMY KIMMEL: Mm-hmm. But when we have
Medicare for all, that will not be
any longer the case, which means that the
vast majority of doctors will be in that system. And you can keep your
doctor under that system. And it will be that when you
walk into that hospital, when you walk into the
doctor’s office, you don’t have to fill
out all those forms and give your credit card. You just give your– your Medicare card
and you walk in and then you walk
out when you’re done. You’ve been working on
a prescription drug plan. Yes, yes. What’s– in a nutshell,
what is that plan? It’s about bringing the cost
of prescription drugs down. The pharmaceutical companies
have been jacking up prices hand over fist for years. And so what I’m
prepared to do is, one, to require that the
pharmaceutical companies pay a fair price for drugs. And what that means is looking
at what other countries are charging for the same drugs
and then bringing the price down so it will be– it’ll match the average of what
other countries are paying. Because why is it that the
United States government is the only one that is allowing
its people to pay more for the same drugs
that people can get in Canada for half the price? Many of which we are making. I know, this is my point. And why isn’t the American
government standing up? Well, because you have so
many people in Washington DC who are in the back pocket of
the pharmaceutical . companies. Who’s the worst one? Name them. I’ve got a list. But also what I’m
prepared to do is this. If we can’t get consensus
in the Congress about that and also getting rid
of the tax loophole for pharmaceutical
companies to advertise on television, right,
because they get tax breaks for advertising on TV. All those
advertisements you see. We’ll get rid of those. But how will we learn about
mesothelioma if we don’t– every four minutes. Exactly. But let me tell you, if we can’t
get Congress to act on that, then what I’m prepared
to do, as president, is take executive
action to, one, allow people to buy
their drugs from Canada, to also put in place an attorney
general of the United States who will prosecute
pharmaceutical companies for predatory
practices, and to take the licenses, basically, that– the patents that drug
companies who have been funded and their research has
been government funded, take their patents, if
they fail to bring prices down to meet the average of what
other countries are charging. [APPLAUSE] Thank you for being here. You’re welcome. Give my best to
everyone in Iowa. I will, I will. Senator Kamala
Harris, everyone. Thank you. She’s running for president. Hi, I’m Jimmy Kimmel. Click below to subscribe to our
YouTube channel, or if you want to be that way about it, don’t.

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    4) You fought to keep all convictions resulting from a lab technician who was using and selling the drugs instead of testing for authenticity so a judge had to ORDER you to overturn 600 convictions.

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