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Kitchen Gadget Testing #40

Kitchen Gadget Testing #40

Ooh. (laughing)
– Oh no. What the? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Stop. Jeez! (whirring) (awe-inspiring music) Hello everybody, welcome
to kitchen gadget testing number 30 something, it could
even be 40, I don’t know. Welcome, hope you are well. Do you ever stop to think that I might’ve already started
this kitchen gadget video? No! Because you only think about yourself. (laughing) That worked better as a
tweet once, did really well. I have actually already
started this video. Let’s rewind to earlier this morning, I’ve
just been for my little run and walked the dogs and I opened up a packet of these ice
cube tray shot things. Filled ’em up with some water. Towards the end I realised
wait, I can use other things, so I put some orange cordial
in there with a bit of water and some black currant as well. They have been in the freezer
now for about three hours and I’ll reveal them at the end. – Hello! Bye bye!
(chuckling) – We’re gonna have some fun here today but first things first,
remember, as always, these gadgets can help people. In fact, there’s two or three today that could help people with disabilities so please consider that
before commenting below saying it’s rubbish and
all that stuff or useless. Don’t forget to have a Barry-thon, check out the rest of the gadget playlist. Don’t suggest any gadgets
that I’ve already done. I’ve done a lot before, I’ve got hundreds more
upstairs to get through. But other than that, on
the subject of comments, check out this comment
I had the other day. It’s in my mind, that
was last night actually. I like to have a bit of
banter in the comments. Side note, we’ve got Mr. Bean there today. I’ve come to the
conclusion that I like him but I don’t like him there on his own so Lizzie’s looking after him today. Homer’s up there having a rest. ♪ Garlic gadgets, I’ve had a few ♪ In the words of Frank Sinatra. ♪ But then again, few too to mention ♪ No, I said that the wrong way around, doesn’t matter ’cause I can’t sing. Joseph Joseph, this one
is the garlic press. I like that because it
sounds like a sort of a move that like vegetables and stuff
would do if they had a gym. Oh my god, I’m doing the garlic press. Puns. So we already know that
Joseph Joseph, in my opinion, my opinion, IMHO, are one of the best gadgets makers. They’re just good quality
and stuff like that. I like these, they’re strong, they’re firm and they generally work. But as I say, it’s not the
only garlic gadget I own. But this one I’m excited for. Oh no, okay, that’s why
there’s an orange dot, you line the orange dot up and then by doing that one motion… Wah! You’re gonna crush the garlic in, ’cause that’s pushing that right, you see the green’s
right flush against the the grate? “How to use, insert cloves.” Hey! “Align the dots and insert pusher head, “squeeze the arms.” And then it’s very easy to clean ’cause you just wash out the thing. All right. Now the thing with this one, it’s a similar sort of context but you tend to get like a
little bit of stuff stuck. I wonder if this will finally
crush the whole garlic? Garlic’s one of those weird things. I don’t want to touch
it with my hand at all, you know, you can be using
garlic and you’re like yeah, I’ve washed my hands it’s all good, and then all of the sudden
like you go out to tennis and you’re playing
tennis and you smell like you’re like afraid of
vampires or something. And everyone says you stink of garlic. I’m like, no I don’t. And you do. Push the garlic in, maybe
a little chop just to help. In there like so. Very nice. Now obviously the disadvantage of this one is you can only generally put
one garlic clove in at a time. But with this one, you know, you’ve got quite a sizeable drum there. Right, so here we go then. Line the orange dot up with that orange dot. That feels uncomfortable,
but it’s in there now and I can feel a little bit of tension. Ready? Ah! Ooh wow.
(laughing) It really is a garlic press.
(groaning) My mom used to have
some of them in the 80s, like those things on like springs. (groaning) Oh, look at that! We’ve made garlic hair.
(laughing) It’s like Play-Doh. Like that. That is insane, there’s
hardly any left in there. Let me unwind. Let me de-helix, is that the word? Ooh, ooh, there’s still a teeny teeny bit but can we take that off? No we can’t, no we can’t. Okay. So to clean it I guess we’ll
just blast water through there. Should we see if it cleans all right? Why not? They’re gonna pop out, get that way as well. Oh there we go. See? That big old piece there, it fell out. The only thing I don’t like about it is it’s very big and chunky. It’s a lot more solid than this. So I don’t know, I think I
might still stick with that but also my absolute
favourite is the rocker, it’s just awesome. (vocalising) But to conclude, you are, unlike me, probably gonna have about
five different gadgets for garlic crushing in your house. That is really good. Good stop. Should we have something novelty? Shall we? Yes we shall, this is
the Magic Wine Holder. Look, I can read it
backwards, I didn’t even read it beforehand.
(laughing) Oh my god, it feels like a
really weird pencil case. It’s gonna shatter if it fails. Okay, Mrs. Barry loves rose, she’s trusting me massively here. In fact, she does trust
me with a lot of things. But she’s not here so it
doesn’t matter right now. There are no instructions, that is it. So we’re basically being
relied on the image here which shows this going like that. Shall I try this? Shall I try the Corona bottle? (laughing) No, look. Ooh, my gosh, no. That doesn’t work. (clattering)
Jeez! Look, am I doing this wrong? Oh, no, I am doing it wrong. I am doing it wrong. You’ve gotta go through the same angle. So let’s try the Corona again. Oh, ’cause what I think it does is it pulls, the weight pulls it back so that it’s all on there. Because obviously the neck
is not as heavy as that. But because this is smaller. Yeah. So all of the sudden now I
think this is gonna work. I’m nervous, I’m literally shaking. Look at that. Why is that so cool? It’s just physics, isn’t it? But that’s pretty cool. I got a little bit confused
by this next gadget. When I ordered it, I actually
ordered it fairly recently, it’s called a One Touch Deckeloffner. But I thought it was a
one-touch can opener. This is actually a one-touch jar opener, which I get a lot of
messages from people saying, generally, opening a jar is so hard. But this apparently, you just press the button and it’ll get your lid off. That’s your one button,
that’s literally it, you press that and it’s gonna hopefully, I don’t know, I’m really excited about, maybe you look at that
right now and you think, ’cause I am not that smart,
you guys are smarter than me. Like, how is that, I
mean, maybe this zooms in but which bit’s gonna rotate? It needs two alkaline batteries. Oh Jesus, I just started it! (whirring)
Ugh. (whirring) Stop! We’ll go for the, I think, is
the common size, it’s the… (whirring)
Oh, jeez! Ugh! Why does that turn it on? That shouldn’t. Oh, does it find its way? Shall we just press the
button and see what happens? (whirring) (gasping)
That’s going in! Watch these inner ones. (whirring) And then that’s coming in. (popping) Hello?
(laughing) It’s the first thing of Skynet isn’t it? There’s like Terminator
stuff going on with that. It’s come straight off. That is insane! This is awesome! Oh my gosh, it resets itself. So you literally do… (whirring) What the? (laughing)
This is amazing! I’m actually blown, this possibly, in terms of like helping people, which, when I first started these videos I have a few messages, the
very first video about, you know, finding things
that will help people. But legitimately I get so
many messages about this. I’m kind of shocked… Because I always want the
gadgets to work, you know? But this is just completely… (whirring) That is completely ingenious. I’m genuinely blown away and I love that this can help people. Like just something as simple as that can actually get people cooking again, it is so, so cool. I just think that if you know someone that needs to open a jar, like show them that little clip there, they are awesome. And I probably will give this away, I just need to take a
step back and work out how I can give it to one
person and not the other nine or 10 that have messaged me already, let alone the people that
are gonna want to see it if that makes sense. Awesome. Just to show you on the
design though, look, maybe it was the batteries
or something but, look, it should clip in nicely like that. So that’s the only downside
I can find with it. All right, to put this to the
test, this is my mate, Gary. – Hi mate. – You might’ve noticed the
Jenga video the other day, the guy playing Jenga, this was him. In the presence of a legend. All right, I want you to
do proper grandad pickle onion jar on that baby.
(groaning) Yeah.
– I’ll try. – Let’s go for the medium one. So let’s loosen that. – You want me to just do it up? – This guy’s kinda strong,
he once pushed over a house. Yeah. (laughing) – No, hang on. – Don’t shatter it, mate. – There we go. – Right. – There ain’t nothing
gettin’ through this. – Right. I don’t know, if this doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter all right? – [Gary] Just push the green one there? – [Barry] Yeah. Let go. Yeah, see?
(laughing) – That is crazy. It’s like a Transformer. (laughing)
That’s brilliant, that is so good. (upbeat music) – [Barry] Yeah, I mean,
it’s already popped but it does work. It’s just resetting itself
now, look, it’s getting wider. – Oh, that’s crazy. – [Barry] I can’t believe,
you got it really tight right? – Yeah, I did that as hard as I could. – Maybe we should get me to do it. (laughing) Get the guns out. – The swans.
– Yeah. The jars are that way.
(laughing) Omelette let you finish. Here is, by KitchenCraft, microwave poacher and omelette maker. So this thing. Eyes, see my eyes. It makes an omelette and
it also poaches eggs. Let’s do both, let’s make
a quick omelette mix. The gadget says two eggs,
that’s what we’ll go with. Little bit of milk, little
bit of melted butter, bit of pepper. Whisky wisk. (upbeat music) Boom. Ah, yes. Ah, okay, so in there omelette, in there, eggs. I’m gonna go with some peppers, parsley, some ham, oh yeah. This is my lunch. And some cheese. And this just goes on top. Oh! This is beautiful. Let me close this up. Okay, it doesn’t actually
clip, it just rests. That’s fine. Microwave. 90 seconds, in fact, let’s
do two minutes just in case. But we’ll pull it out at 90. Ooh, it smells cheesy. Looks pretty compact. Mmm, I’m gonna go more, I’m gonna go for the next 20 seconds. Just in case. Let’s get this out. (hissing)
Ooh. Doesn’t look runny, oh wow. Still moving. Ooh, it’s not too hot, okay. We’re good. Ooh, that’s gonna be steamy. There it is, all right. Plate. Oh, look, it just slides off. Oh. It’s still not cooked. Look children, runny egg. Ugh. I’m putting it back in. All right, I put it back
in for another 30 seconds. That caught me out there. This is actually an 800 watt microwave so it will vary depending on
the power of your microwave. It doesn’t look as runny now. Come on. Oh, that’s better. That’s all firmed up. Oh, and I was thinking,
oh, is that uncooked? That is cheese. Cool. Mmm. That’s worked a charm. Check on your cooking
time and that’ll work. Anyhow, should we poach some more ideas? All right, so to poach the eggs, you’ve got these holes here,
you just use the other side. This is a very cool gadget, I like this. Spray oil. Crack the egg into it. Now I was thinking we might
need to put some water in to help steam it but no. There’s literally just that. Apparently what we do do is get something with a sharp end. Now this is actually a sweet corn holder which got a bit bent, got a
bit aggressive at a barbecue. But pierce the yolk. Like that, just pierce it, there we go. Wah! This takes up to two minutes but it says to check it every 30 seconds. No water, that’s it. But meanwhile I’m gonna
have it on toast so, oops. Go on. Yeah, toast. (popping)
Oh my gosh! Ooh! They look done. Yep, that, you can see, is done. There’s no runny bits in
there, it is all good. Ah, okay, nice, nice, bit of toast. (laughing) All right, that’s cool, I only needed one. Remember this from the gadget video? There we go, drizzle drizzle drizzle. Hey should we do some balsamic? Why the heck not? Why not? Oops, quite a bit. Some pepper. And then just a few herbs, look at that. A gourmet breakfast in like two minutes. Now I don’t know if it’s gourmet but half of you guys are crying out for like a student playlist. Oh look. That’s almost well done. You’ve sort of like
obliterated the powdery egg. It might need less time
than that, but hey, that works. Yeah, that’s good. There’s a time and a
place to scale a fish. This is the electric fish scaler. I normally get my fish scaled
when I go to the fish mongers, actually I had a 10 minute
chat with him this morning about this actual thing. He usually uses like a ladle thing with like little blades on
it and runs it up and down. Very cool. And he also said using a grater, you know, like one for Parmesan and stuff like that would work really, really well. “But for efficient,
nice, comfortable work, “we designed a new fish scaler.” We, these guys, they’ve done other ones. It’s basically a gun
that’s gonna de-scale fish. I don’t know if I need to charge it or if I need batteries again. This is gonna be off the scale. Wow, this is packaged really nicely. There’s our scaler thing. Ooh, it’s got the blades on it. But they’re not that sharp,
they’re just kinda like, they’re just like bumps, they’re like scales on
a dinosaur or something. And is this a cap to keep it clean? Oh look at that, like a lens cap for you. It fits! I think this goes into the
butt of that or something. This is your battery. I should’ve charged this
(laughing) ages ago, all right. Oh, there we go! We’ll come back to that. Right, in here is
another electronic thing. This is an electronic salad spinner but more importantly,
it can peel potatoes. I dunno.
(laughing) Basically it’s a grater on wheels. It’s a wheely great grating
peeler thing, get it? We don’t need this for the first
thing that I wanna try out, spinning salad. Because yes, this is also a salad spinner so I’ve just bought a pack
of Caesar salad mix in a bag. I wanna spin it, I wanna wash it. Let’s do that. I’m just gonna put it in this bit for now. That goes on there like that, I’m gonna add in about a cup of water. So this goes on like this. We then clamp it in. Turn it on at the wall. Can you see? Right. (whirring) (laughing) I think I just washed me salad. There’s a few leaves trying to escape but, yeah. Oh, that feels nice and washed actually. That’s really worked. I’m well impressed. I’m gonna tidy that up and I’m gonna try two different potatoes, baby potatoes ’cause they’re soft and smooth and small should be easiest for it to peel. Second of all, I went to the supermarket and picked up three or
four really horrible, bumpy, nasty potatoes. You know the ones that
you would never pick up? I don’t know why we’re like that. We should, like, a carrot
is a carrot, right? Even if it’s like a bit… New potatoes or salad potatoes, very nice, I like keeping the skin on these anyway. Smooth, it should just shear
off, I’m hoping it will. (whirring) Oh my gosh. Look at this. That’s all the starch by the way. That is one bald potato. And I had the classic peeler here just in case to see, you know, it might not get it all off. But they’re all really, really good. My only fear, look at that one. Eh? (laughing)
It’s like a little man. Snowman. I just believe in this thing
now, I think it’s gonna do it. But I wonder, you could
probably put other things in it like apples and stuff. You know, in the Army back in
the days, peeling potatoes? (plodding music) It’s alive. It’s alive. (plodding music) That thing is angry, but remember, potatoes are heavy,
particularly these ones. It’s slinging around a
good lot of weight there. Oh my gosh! It’s smoothed it out. If I just, look, it’s got nearly all of it off. Obviously these indentations, of course, it’s not gonna get those. But that’s where you
just quickly go like that and you, I really like this. This is awesome. That is absolutely ingenious. We’ve had some really smart ones today. Well, I say smart, apart from
me and my mate, Gary today. Oh, hey! I know he’ll be watching this. Gary, I’m only joking, mate. (grunting)
Video? Okay, some of you might not like this but I’m about to show you a fish. Here it is, this is a trout. The fish man gave me this, in fact, he sold me two of them,
got talking and he said, “Hang on, mate, you want a
fish with bigger scales.” So we didn’t go for trout, I’ll
be cooking all this up later ooh, grill it, mmm! All right, mate, how have you bream? So this is a slightly larger
fish, so bigger scales. And you can get the backside of a knife and just really scrub
to get the scales off. You get a few like that but it takes a long old time. (whirring)
Ooh! It’s already on. Yeah, we just heard it. (playful music) Ugh! Oh, there’s a few on there. Ooh! I don’t know where they’re
going but that’s really smooth. Oh, they’re still there. (playful music) Just for a moment there I just
took a reflection of my life and realised that I’m
ironing a fish for a living, effectively. But it is working, there’s
loads of scales coming off, it’s all on the board. I think you kind of
want to do it over a tap so we’ll try that. (playful music) Oh my gosh, it’s so smooth, it’s like we just moisturised it. I’ve got nothing else to
say about this other than it’s grate. I know, that’s a cheese pun. I’ve fin-ished. Is that a fin? I don’t know, I don’t really
do fish other than sharks. It was actually a lot,
I thought it was gonna spin around really, really fast. But here’s the other fish,
this is the one I de-scaled and it’s smooth, it’s kind
of like wax on wax off from the Karate Kid with Mr. Miyagi. You’ve got Daniel-san right here and wax on, wax off. But you’ve got the rough
Cobra Kai right here. (groaning)
Scale your fish. You know what, with the fish
de-scaled and the potatoes done we’re gonna have a nice
fish pie this weekend. Anyhow, let’s finish up
with those shot glasses that we put in the freezer at the start. That is if they are actually done. All right, I’m gonna pull
up a chair for this last one ’cause it could get Lionel Messi. These ice shot glasses on the front, the blue and the red drink reminded me of something called
Aftershock here in the UK. And my supermarket, I was so surprised, they don’t have it there. I was like wow, it must still exist. There are other things that
give you that similar colour. So I went for something called Sourz, this is a cherry one, they do an apple one and stuff like that as well. So we’ll do one of those in there. You can tell why I saved this
’til the end because also, I thought we’d go for some tequila. The box had a lemon slice on it, I thought, wow, tequila,
bit of pub salt, lemon. That’s a lemon.
(laughing) And what? And this is the lid, the lid is a hat. I always thought that was a security tag, I’ve never bought this one before. But anyhow, we should get this out and see if it’s firmed up in time. I’m not sure. (plodding music) Yeah, they’re in there, they’re in there. (clattering) (laughing) Big anticlimax. Oh. One’s just completely shattered off. (groaning) (plodding music) (groaning) (tapping) Oh no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no. Oh, we’re not down to many more now, Oh, is this gonna come out? Please come out. Please come out, easy, easy. Look, look, look, look, look. I think I broke them. All right. (thudding) Oh. Oh, look at this beast. We got one. Right. It’s a bit wet.
(laughing) But the tequila’s going in. The lemon, the salt. Where’s it gone? Ugh! A little bit.
(spitting) It’s gone through. I know, I’ll do a new batch,
set ’em overnight fully and see if they pop out easier. I don’t think they’re going to but tomorrow I might
suddenly be like, yeah. But it’s been four or five hours. All right, morning everyone,
I’ve just brushed my teeth, I’ve woke up with a little
bit of a man flu thing but we’re gonna get, we’re
gonna finish this off. All right Chloe?
– All right, mate! – All right mate?
– All right! – Yeah, Daddy’s about to
go drink some alcohol. Is that all right with you?
– Okay. – As you can see, look,
they’ve raised up a little bit. ♪ You raise me up ♪ ♪ So I can try and hopefully
fall out of the mould this time ♪ (thudding) Oh! Oh, we’re going same territory, look. It’s smashed off. (Chloe laughing) All right, we saw enough
of this yesterday, I’m gonna try and get them out. But here we go. Warm water. You see this? I’m gonna just submerge it. (bubbling)
(crackling) Ooh, I can hear crackling. So I’m hoping that that
might just ease off the sides a little bit. It might do it. I said to Mrs. Barry, “Wanna help?” And she like, “I don’t wanna
even get involved in this.” (playful music) (sighing)
No, another one. Oh, look, look, look, look! Oh.
(laughing) (playful music) It’s just not working. (tapping) Ah! (groaning) (playful music) Oh! Oh. Oh, yes! Right, you are going right
in the freezer right away. Hang on. We’ve got one. We have got one but it is
gonna be a little thawed out. (gasping) There’s no base on it! It’s gone, look, it’s like a monocle. There’s gotta be silicone
ones available, surely. I think I’ve got one. (laughing) Hang on. This is my silicone moulds box. Everyone’s got one of those, right? (laughing)
I think this is it. Hang on. Yes, yes, it is. Oh my gosh. I’ve already got a decent one. I don’t remember ever doing it though. (gasping)
No! This was to make cookie
shots that I did years ago. I had two of them ’cause I
found that this one online was the same, but this
one I put in the oven to bake the cookie
doughs and it warped it. Oh. We’re gonna do this, forget this. Silicone is the way forward. I ain’t using this one, it’s
just like a jellyfish thing but the other one is in the freezer there. It’s been four hours. Cha-ching. Mrs. Barry wants to join
in, in the festivities. The only problem is, Mrs. Barry is not a fan. – [Chloe] I won! (laughing) – Chloe’s playing Mario Kart. – [Chloe] I got three stars! – Well done.
– Well done, mate. – I won. – Mrs. Barry does not like cherry. – I don’t know why, what
possessed you to buy cherry and not apple?
– I just wanted it to look red and cool. – Apple would’ve looked green and cool. – Yeah. So–
– And taste nice. – I’m gonna have the cherry Sourz. (groaning) – I think I’m gonna regret saying this. – Mrs. Barry has never had tequila ever. – No. (laughing) – [Barry] The good news
is the other glasses, when I emptied it earlier, I managed to get them a little bit out. Oh no, they’re stuck.
(laughing) They’re literally stuck
to whatever this is. Chicken pops.
(laughing) They might actually work.
– What are they? Is that?
– That’s the shot glasses from the mould I bought originally. – Why are they colours? – [Barry] That’s orange juice. – Oh, okay. – [Barry] And black currant. But I put some water in the bases so it froze and filled it out a bit more. – [Mrs. Barry] What, you
mean I put that in there? – [Barry] You put that in
there but they were rubbish. In fact, there’s another one back there. Oh, that one’s all right, that was the one that was half decent. – [Mrs. Barry] You’re getting these out? – [Barry] Yeah, and this
is the mould that I used. Now these, yeah, they’re
frozen aren’t they? – What is the point in
having frozen shot glasses? It’s just gonna make your–
– Look! – Hands cold.
– Oh, look at that, it’s amazing! What is the point, yeah, it
is gonna make my hands cold. – Look. What’s the point?
– I don’t know. – Okay. – All right, ready? So this is it, I’m gonna
go cherry on the rouge one. – Why cherry in the rouge? – ‘Cause then it’s red and red, isn’t it? Wow, that’s a lot.
– That’s a lot. I’m not having–
– Ready? Steady.
– That much tequila. (groaning)
Wow, that’s a lot! (sipping) Mmm! (crunching)
(yelling) – [Mrs. Barry] The noise! – So, a tequila. – I’m not, I’m only having
a little bit of tequila. – Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, just a little bit. So you do the salt, you do the tequila and then you suck the lemon. – Just a little bit of tequila. – Yeah.
– Stop! Stop!
– All right. – No!
– That’s it, that’s fine. – I’m not drinking all that.
– All right, salt! Come on, just do–
– I’m scared. – The whole thing, no, you’ll be fine. – Do I eat the salt? – Lick, just lick the salt.
– Like that? – No, just get the whole thing. Just lick the whole salt and
then quickly do the tequila. Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick! Now the lemon, now the
lemon, now the lemon! (slurping) (laughing) How was your first tequila? – That’s weird. – [Barry] Oh, has it thawed out already? – Yeah.
– Look at that! And we’re actually, it’s
like February, it’s cold. Quite a lot of footage for
this gadget video, I’m sorry. We’ll just see what we crop up with. Don’t forget to have a Barry-thon, check out the rest of the gadget videos. Thanks a lot for subscribing and enjoying and being a
part of this crazy journey. I love you. I love you, goodbye! Bye, Beck!
– Bye! – Cheers, guys. ♪ Check your level, player ♪ ♪ No matter what your style ♪ ♪ The kitchen’s for me ♪ ♪ Sideburns, moustache,
goatee, maybe all three ♪ (upbeat music)

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  • Solution to the problem:’my hands smell like garlic’ An aside if you have a family that all smells like garlic, this tip won’t help.
    Wash your hands as usual and if your hands still smell like garlic or fish, rub your fingers against any stainless steel item, pan/ladle, Wa la or wah lah, no smelly prob. Well at least the garlic smell is gone. TRY IT!

  • I am so excited for this jar opener ! My grandfather can not move very well and can barely eat since his diabetes are so bad and this would help him out SO well

  • How didn't you work out earlier that bashing the tray that hard would break the ice?! Really Barry hahahaha

  • I definitely need that lid thing in my home and need to get one for my parents. Especially for my mother who has arthritis and has trouble opening up jars nowadays.

  • You don't need to peel the garlic before you put it in the garlic press I have a salad spinner potato peeler thing but it's an old manual one

  • The jar opener and the omlette maker are wonderful. I need them thank you for the reviews. After my stroke I have issues. Sadly they don't deliver to USA

  • Rub your hands on the metal between your sinks while wet to get rid of the garlic smell. Works for onions too 🙂 you're welcome for the tip, from Australia. -Emma

  • Doing all wrong with the Tequila … first lick salt (from the hand) second dring Tequila third bite in the lemon …

  • Barry! Use the other edge of the knife to scrape food around! Don't use the sharp edge; it dulls it faster AND gives me anxiety.

  • Barry: am I doing it wrong?

  • Barry, holding broken ice: I think I broke them
    Me, watching him beat the heck out of the tray: RUN THE BACK OF IT UNDER WARM WATER FOR A SECOND CALM DOWN

  • When icecube trays are like yours, with cubes stuck (esp silicone trays), grip the sides firmly, then twist (opposite ways). That’ll loosen the cubes (or shot glasses ☺️) every time… 😊

  • I bought two gadgets for garlic. The first is a tube insert cloves, like you have, but I git a little sled like tool with wheels. By pushing back and forth to get the grind you want coarse of fine. Yeah, I need a gadget intervention.

  • If you have arthritis,this thing is a God send. Good work. This will help me out tremendously, thank you for the info.

  • The well in the bottom is so you can turn it upside down and run 💧 water on it so it will loosen. Don’t shake it have patience, when it thaws out a little, it will work.

  • Jell-O shot glasses or melted candy shot glasses are fun to in the silicon molds. Pop the shot eat the glass. Can make the glasses with liquor too. Double your fun.

  • Hi Barry, funny as ever.
    As I've told you before when I try to purchase this jar opener , they say I can't get it in the USA.
    What company sells them?
    Maybe I can get it thru wish?
    Jo Jo in VT

  • Well bombed out again!
    Amazon carried it but know it's unavailable dang.
    That could have saved my right hand.
    Remember me if you've come across another .
    Thanks Barry Jo Jo in VT USA

  • This was soooooo funny to watch!!!!! My husband and I laughed so hard!! We loved Mrs. Barry trying Tequila!!! LOL This is one of the best Gadget testings you ever made! 👏👏👏👏

  • I keep telling my girlfriend that KETCHUP goes on eggs. Thank you for proving a point! Cool vids btw gadgets look like they could be helpful especially the jar opener.

  • Barry so disappointed , i went to amazon and to the Oypla site to get electric potato peeler and they don,t ship to the USA, i am a disabled woman who have a large family to cook for and been looking for a item like this for years , if you could think of any way i might get one please let me know.

  • Hi Barry 🙂 I love the electric potato potato peeler. I was a person with a physical disability myself I think that is one of the best inventions ever. I see that you bought it through Amazon UK but Amazon Canada sells the same product for over $400. Keep up with all the gadgets I love seeing ones that can actually help people.

  • As a german, i would like to take this moment to congratulate you on your pronounciation of Deckelöffner (which actually means "lid opener"), which was actually rather decent!

  • Hey there love your videos keep the good job up with the ice cubes run them under cold water upside down of course from the bum let the water run and I'll fall off try it good luck from Australia

  • As soon as you said blue and red drink my immedite thought was Aftershock. I havnt drunk that since i was 20. And never again lol.

  • I have the Onetouch. My left arm is paralysed from an accident, so I only have the use of one arm; the Onetouch is really good, I use it a lot.

  • never knew there was a jar version of the one touch can opener – as someone who has suffered with chronic arthritis since 21, I'm getting one of these ! Thank you!

  • Salad spinner "tested" by someone that has clearly never ever used a salad spinner before or more to the point is so clueless that he thinks a salad spinner washes salad. SMH

  • "This is a fish the fisherman gave me" oh really did he just happen to be shopping in the same supermarket you bought the fish from? Or did you possibly mean fishmonger (even that is a stretch considering the oik at your local market isn't a fishmonger either)?

  • Stainless steel bar of soap will get rid of the garlic and onion smell on your hands. I've heard it gets rid of a lot of smells, but I have only used it for garlic and onion

  • Mrs, Barry, that's my reaction to people biting ice too.
    Also, I prefer the tequila slider with lime. It's better with lime.

  • Once and for all : Frezed thing will easy come out of they´re forms whend you let some water from the tap go over the form.

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