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Korda Carp Fishing | Danny Fairbrass CANCER scare & Charity support

Korda Carp Fishing | Danny Fairbrass CANCER scare & Charity support

These are two new products
in the Korda clothing range. They’re under the Kool banner, because
that’s what they’re designed to do, is keep you cool
and protect you from the sun. Basically,
the reason I came up with this, last year, in January,
I got diagnosed with skin cancer, and anyone will tell you, when you
get diagnosed with any form of cancer, you think that’s the end,
you’re going to die, and it was a very worrying time
for a couple of months. Fortunately,
I got the all-clear in March, and they took a melanoma
off my arm, and took some more skin
after that, as well, and there’s no evidence of any more
melanoma in that skin, which is brilliant news for me. And normally,
when you have an illness like that, you like to keep it private, you know? It’s something very personal. But I thought, “How can I
turn a negative into a positive?” Basically, the reason you get melanoma
is for overexposure to the sun, so basically, I burned,
in my late teens and my twenties, probably repeatedly,
because back then, going red was the precursor
to going brown, and I can remember
burning really badly on holiday. Now we know that there’s
so much danger from the sun, basically, we need to keep
more covered up, and that’s what this clothing does. As you can see,
very long sleeves on it, I’ve got a buff as well round my neck, and that’s basically
to protect my neck, so I haven’t got to put suntan lotion
all over my neck as well, because we all know
when we’re out fishing for the day, if they’re feeding on top
like they are today, you know, you forget
about the sun completely, and you end up getting burned
on the back of your neck, because you’re so intent
on looking at the water. So I know it doesn’t look very cool, but it certainly does keep you cool,
and keeps you covered up, as well, and that’s the important thing. I still put lotion on all the time,
and what I recommend you use is a factor 50, a sport-type lotion
that’s waterproof, and now I even use
the kids’ roll-on lotions, because you know where you’ve put
them, you can feel that roller on you, then you rub it in afterwards,
and get nice protection. Now, there’s nothing wrong with
the sun. We shouldn’t be scared of it. We need the sun for healthy life,
we need the vitamin D that it gives us, but overexposure, basically burning, that’s the thing
that lies dormant in you, and just like happened to me,
20, 30 years later, it comes out as a melanoma, and thank God my wife told me to go
to the doctor and get it checked out. It had only gone a couple of mm
down into my skin, and after more operations, I found out
it wasn’t in my bloodstream, and the whole point of this is to stop
people getting the same news as I got in 20, 30 years’ time. So, this clothing in the Kool range
doesn’t have an SPF rating. It’s not like suntan lotion,
but it definitely blocks out the sun. I wore it all last summer to test it. You know, when it’s red hot, the last thing you want to do
is have a long-sleeved top on, and a buff around your neck, but even in 28, 30 degrees,
it was still comfortable for me, and I definitely didn’t burn
underneath it. I didn’t tan underneath it at all,
so we definitely know that it works. There’s also going to be a bucket hat,
or a boonie hat, as we call them. It is not to look carpy,
I promise you. I do not look carpy in that hat
whatsoever, but again, having a wider rim on it, and keeping the sun off you
that little bit more is just added protection. In order to do as much good
as possible with these clothes, we’re going to give all the profit
that we make from them to the Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund, and basically, what they do
is they give positive support to families who’ve got children
who’ve been diagnosed with cancer, and that can be practical support,
emotional support, even financial support. They’re based in Romford, so they’re
really close to where I grew up. They’re a fantastic charity that work closely
with Great Ormond Street Hospital. They refer children and their families
to them, and they make a massive difference
to the children and their families at times when it really is tough. So hopefully, my bit of bad news
can be turned into a massive positive. Be aware of the sun,
but still enjoy your fishing.

  • Well said Danny. I visit Australia regularly and everyone out there is aware of the dangers of the sun and cover up accordingly. Shame we don’t take it as seriously as them, as skin cancer is on the increase here in the U.K. Can’t wait to see these in the shops and support a worthy cause.

  • Melanoma is one of the most deadly cancers there is. Fantastic news, Danny. Great to bring out a product that protects people from over exposure to UV rays.

  • Wicked! so many people dont wear lotion and don't really know how bad the sun is until they get the bad news! Who put a thumbs down on this vid are u stupid didn't u understand the vid how can u put a thumbs down telling people about skin cancer and helping raise funds for children with cancer!

  • My God, ive bin outh of Angling some time. Bouth 2 years. Buy i still love wachting u. Man u break me heart.hope u do well soon.

  • Danny that’s amazing donating all profits too charity. If only all of us were as charitable as Korda keep up the good work it’s kool.

  • Who would dislike this??
    Well done danny and the korda team
    Glad to hear your all ok now
    Great company

  • Glad to hear you are ok Danny, we have had a similar problem my wife got skin cancer on her face, and we both look at sun care more than we used to. I'll definitely be buy some of the kool range from you, and totally understand everything behind what you have and doing.

  • Top job Korda for the charity donations, and also to you Danny for talking about it, even if it gets one person to get it checked it’s worth it, us men are typical “it will be ok”, well done ??????

  • Wicked Danny thanks for your input in looking after all of us many thanks to you and the team in your great range

  • Glad to hear you got the all clear. Nice to see that all business men don't always just think about money! Top man!

  • i am from great India.i want to buy this t shirt. how can buy. please tell me. my number is pin code 325001.please sir I want to this

  • Glad your healthy now Danny. I hope your thinking about some of us big old boys who carp fish ie 6'2" 22 stone 55"chest when your sizing. All the best. Big T

  • Ill buy this for all the right reasons but your charity gift is and should be enough for all us carpers. Was nice to meet you on big hayes todber manor 2 weeks back. Im the skinny nut job who almost stalled my car when i saw it was you walking about. So jumped out my car and you very happily stopped for a selfie 🙂 thank God your all clear now mate ! Big up to Rob too from team korda for all the top zig advice he gave my friend and me 🙂 he spent a good 45 mins with us. Top lad top team. Do i just buy this or go through a link? Thanks Danny. From the skinny bloke in the convertible banger haha

  • Top Job ,
    On our Travels there are actually High SPF Creams for all year round application for those that work outdoors,
    Great idea on the Clothing ?

  • would love to get one of these could have done with it this weekend but like 99% of korda clothing they dont have my size yep i am a fat git i like my food but i also like room to move in my clothing too so i always get a size bigger a 4xl would be great

  • Hands down to Danny. It takes some balls to tell people that hope your all okay mate
    So glad you got the all clear

  • Its fantastic Danny that you have made this cloth range and the profits will go towards cancer charities. It's important that someone that the youth of today look up to and respect, advises them on the need to cover up and use factor 50 suntan cream. There is only one small negative, the shirt would have been better if it had a collar and a UV rating. You can see in the video that when move your neck forward a gap appears between the buff and shirt. As an instructor with the ATC and Duke of Edinburgh award supervisor and assessor, it's hard to get the youngsters to understand the need for a long sleeve shirt and long trousers when they go on expeditions. I look forward to seeing you and all your team wearing these garments and advising people to use this type of clothing and factor 50 suntan cream in your videos as much as you do about about carp safety.

    Well Done
    Charles Pitt ML

  • Danny gets bad press all the time and I can't understand it, he gives more back than anyone else. Excellent stuff yet again and a great message

  • not just to make more company money but instead surf a purpose, protect and help a superb charity. Respect Mr Fairbrass. I'll be buying some of that.

  • Glad you've got the all clear Danny and great idea with the clothing. Amazing news the moneys going to a great charity. Need some more fishing videos with you in now please. Top lad

  • Perfect how your approching this!! I Hope you stay Healthy and specially Cancer free Mate! Great Idea to support the children cancer Found i will buy me some too Not just to support your good idea also to be a lil bit safer while flyfishing or out in the Sun Carp chasing. Good to meet you in Person on my vacation on Ibiza. Thanks alot

  • Couldnt help it, got to say something as the facts are but one type away now. Ever wonder how it is that we've evolved over millions of years with the sun and now in the modern world its a huge problem??? You know somethings not right but you listen to what companies selling a product tell you and yet still 1 in 5 will get cancer in their life time.

    What you eat and eating the right things is the only thing that will can and does prevent cancer. Sunscreen's prohibit absorption of vitamin D (Deficiency in vitamin D is associated with increased autoimmunity as well as an increased susceptibility to infection). The only way we have to fight cancer (and cancer research will never say this!) is by eating the right foods! The 4 skin cancer/cancer fighting vitamins Beta-carotene, Lutein, Lycopene and Selenium and they all come from fruits and vegetables. The things most people eat the less amount of! Mental that in the 21st century (information era) people still refuse to research the facts for themselves. But then most are sheeple and when they do get sick they'll blame anyone but themselves.

    Inform yourself, search for a video titled "The Sun Doesn't Cause Skin Cancer, But Sunscreen Does" or dont, idgaf

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