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Language Expert: Donald Trump’s Way Of Speaking Is ‘Oddly Adolescent’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Language Expert: Donald Trump’s Way Of Speaking Is ‘Oddly Adolescent’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  • Yet he has outmaneuvered every politician, foreign leader and media figure, individually and allied against him. Keep underestimating him and overestimating youselves. We will have at least another five years of eliminating corruption, foreign entanglements, societal madness and moral decay.

  • I wish trump would feel the true humiliation of how he comes across to the world, but sadly, that's never going to happen because he is a true narcissist and has no comprehension or ability to comprehend that, by the very nature of his narcissistic personality disorder. He absolutely and unswervingly believes he is superior in every way to all other people. He truly believes he is more intelligent than others, that he is above the law, that he has the right to grope women, that the Kurds deserve what's coming to them, that Jong-un is his bestie etc and the list goes on. And he freely states these things without a granule of embarrassment! It's so embarrassing to witness. He is the most unattractive specimen of a human in every single way.

  • The linguistic analyze of Reagan’s speaches showed signs of dementia the last years he was in office. Repetetive ”cruches” is one of these signs.

  • And he thinks he's a stable genius,,,,,,ha ha ha ha ha Look at his tweets,he can't even spell,I don't think he is even smarter than a 6th grader.Please God help us.

  • A linguistics professor. This should be good.

  • What's how much money do you guys have? I don't care for you spoke gibberish but at least his supporters understands him

  • I am so disappointed with Judaism (John Macw is just talking Old Testament only arguments). I was expecting more. How stupid. [Disclaimer: I’m conscious of my rights and I estimate this text is worth 1.60$ for YouTube Media broadcasting].

  • Language expert also took gender studies, went to a very liberal college, and is a great fan of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

  • I’m sure he “paid” to go to the best schools. That says a lot about our education system.? But that’s another topic.

  • People sometimes initiate nonsense topic, what big deal you can do with some one’s talking style?, you have ever had great orators in the past but yet they could not be sufficient tool to the national interest and transformation process and sometimes our minds are inculcated in useless formalities that when you are a leader you must behave in a certain way!, it’s absolutely ridiculous a fake grooming of people, leaders are to be natural provided that are of great integrity with massive ability to deliver!, nothing more, and the problem with the western media talk too much promoting even some television programs of stupid content just to acquire high profile across the limelight through demonising the political leaders. We need logical tv program but not that kind of obscene stuff!.

  • I m not American. I don’t know how president of America talks. I listen to the president of America talk but I feel that a person in social public speech doesn’t speak like Mr. Trump. Least to say in formal speech. Why does he speak like that? Very different from a sense of clever speech by other formal presidents of America.

  • Oddly Adolescent??? He is a toddler with a potty mouth. Serious short term memory issues, Poor 5th grade reading comprehension, Weak syntax and very poor spelling. How did this man become President??? I know coal miners who use better and more understandable speech patterns.

  • Wonder what that expert would say about Pelosi speaking.Expert would probably say,it sounds like a drunk babbling baffon.????????

  • Trump: I object your Honour, this man is a linguistic expert not a psychologist!
    Ivanka: Wake up Donald, youre having a bad dream.

  • I love the left trying to undermine him. Yep he may speak like a fool, but he has done far more than your darling OBAMA ever did. Look at the results, between the two. That is what will matter in the end.

  • LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO. is this really news or are you are simply nasty and bias GIVE IT A REST. YOUR TACTICS ARE FUTILE

  • Imagine what that poor "man" is going through . . . Steadily Progressive Senile Dementia, Illiteracy, and an Addiction To "Uppers and Downers", (and quite possibly other Drugs)!
    All that and being a Buffoon as well . . .

    Too Bad, So Sad.

  • This adolescent runs the country better and with more vision than Mr. Charming Obama, the great speech tactician.

  • It's not his fault he is president It's the US socites fault – When even an ant can be president with the right money and for me is like racsim… You have to born in us to be president -this is like king and prince thingy -oh wait the rule was made when US was a king and prince thingy.. Arnold would be US best president for ages but no…

  • Not a fan but Trump isn’t stupid. This is so obviously laughable. The media needs a biased PhD to validate their hatred. Go listen to the videos of younger Trump. He doesn’t sound like this.

    He’s been in the media all of his life and knows the game. Check this video out mister PhD. You don’t know everything and underestimating him is even more stupid.

  • The Democrats are spouting Socialism, and they are concerned about Trump's speech? There was a reason Trump won, and he WILL win again, because the Democratic party has lost touch with the American public. We Love Trump, and mostly because of your scary rhetoric…not his!

  • If you elect a Dem, your electing globalization. With open borders and free healthcare for all, it will attract the ENTIRE WORLD !… no one cares about our poor cities, their swept under the rug. This county will be a third world in two years, and no one will have anything at all….Think about THAT, or you can continue chanting recast as you lame excuse.

  • We love the way Donald talks thank God we don't want two screwballs like you guys he has more brains thanks to two more dem who know nothing what do you expect from msnbc give it up!!!!!USA USA USA USA USA USA USA

  • Did it really take an expert to point out how juvenile he is?…. I don't think his thought patterns grew past is 5th birthday.

  • Nothing wrong with meat & potatoes!!! No need to slander that fact but you folks will grab at any straw humanely possible

  • I can imagine this interview on Boondocks ? Boondocks would roasts these two and Trump ?

    Also what’s funny is liberals said it’s racist to speak proper ?

  • IMO people feel the have been fooled by well spoken politicians who promise all and achieve little. They lost the peoples trust long ago.
    Trump uses language to let the people know that he is not a politician. He states his position openly, which appears to be his true personal position and not some party line, and tries to act on his beliefs.
    I find him refreshingly interesting and thank him for saving the world from HRC.

  • I can’t imagine what it must be like to be around this guy all day longggg…I’d ask him to borrow his 30 Ft long tie and climb out of. The building

  • Admiral BONESPURS never had a plain glass of water. His glass of water is the biggest most deliscious rare unique glass of water. Uhhh, as Spicer says "PERIOD".

  • If you don't like it planes leave America everyday please choose one . North Korea I've heard is nice this time of year

  • OH come on ! She had it coming ! Be honest ! MSNBC should be nice to their superstar ! All TRUMP ALL THE TIME ! Their Obsession is PITIFUL ! Nothing But TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP ! They cant live without him so they hate him ! They spew hatred because thats how they get paid ! What a bunch of sanctimonious DWEEBS !

  • You dummies are very jealous of Trump. I care what he does for the country—great things-not about speech. Obummer and Hiliary did nothing!

  • MSNBC is oddly adolescent for a news source. They are rather dilatory minded and childish in my opinion (but of course everyone has a right to their opinion).

  • He is deeply mentally ill and it's been obvious since the 80's. All of this media circus about his mental health is ridiculous! THERE IS NO QUESTION as to his mental illness so stop playing with lives worldwide and remove him in a straight jacket as is necessary.

  • The mushroom riders see their leader as an intelligent and great man and yet, they only relate to him because they're as ignorant as he is. Aside from this, he talks in third person. Truth is Donnie is old, uneducated, immature, mentally ill and ignorant.

  • Oh, Good! Finally, a professionally educated comment and from an EXPERT, John McWhorter-Thank God for Columbia University's ability to ACTUALLY SPEAK in English well, and grammatically correct! The first point made by MY bosses in the area of answering phones for law firms, at Kelley Girl's Temporary Secretarial Services, was THERE IS NO "S" in the word REGARD! Unless one is signing a greeting , on a written LETTER. or actually REFERRING to "several regarded items", "regard!" So MY " BEST TO Mr. McWhorter, and, my most respectable "RegardS" to his GREAT interview that held my interest throughout the total subject-matter he speaks in REGARD TO! (I do think the word "Linguistically" is the word he should have used, though; would appreciate his most expertly grammatically-correct ADVICE on that one! Also, in regard to the statement, " We "say things WHERE" maybe if we check up on it (etc., )." Wouldn't that more-correctly be stated as, "We say things (that) or (in which ?). Hey, I'm just a 'sayin', Sir?! This is YOUR Sunday best, too, isn't it ?

  • So F what – a lot you ppl hang on to some crap argument about expression and speech. You omit the fact that Trump has turned the country around and all you can talk about is the way he articulates himself. Get your priorities right would you rather the country be in financial depression?!!!!

  • the world wastes so much energy dissecting Donald Trump and his ways. He should be laughed out office and nothing less.

  • No wounder why people with education from so called good schools lacks civility in their language because they get education from "So called Experts" like this gentleman. In reality, Donald Trump used negative media to get free coverage by his typical usage of non politically words and gained desired results. Media still failed to understand this simple truth. When negativity goes too far, it start to generate positive results.

  • When I hear this and think about the man he's a joke, thinking about it, it makes me laugh his stupidity, what a loser !

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