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Latest Fundraising Numbers Are A Vindication Of Her Fundraising Strategy | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Latest Fundraising Numbers Are A Vindication Of Her Fundraising Strategy | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  • Meanwhile, nobody is talking about how Bernie Sanders got 1 million donations, averaging $18 dollars a piece.

  • I'm old, poor, donated $20 and proud of it 🙂 What I love about Warren is that she's busy researching and studying the issues and talking with working people about what they need, then writing proposals —- instead of hobnobbing at dinners with rich people


  • WOW, that's a lot of Casino money for the Natives #1 Choice. Oh wait, she's 1/1,000th She'll be eaten alive by Trump if she's the nominee.

  • I give monthly to Warren and Bernie: the best hopes we have for a more equitable (egalitarian), just, and free US.

  • I pledge a allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the """REPUBLIC""" for which it stands, one nation under """"GOD"""" indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. America is a constitutional republic and not a DEMOCRACY, the word democracy was neve3r said in America until Jewish FDR a communist said it I his presidential address in 1947. Democracy is mob rule, it is a form of communism and pure evil. Get it right, we are a REPUBLIC, a constitutional republic that has a bill of rights. This nation is a Christian nation, ruled by the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, not by Jews or Muslims, but by JESUS CHRIST. To follow the DNC and Hollywood and LGBTQ is to be in open revolt against God almighty. Evil people know they can only rule over anti Christ wicked people, so that is the work of the baby killing left, to make America a moral wasteland.

  • LIVE… President Trump Delivers Remarks on America’s Environmental Leadership

  • Give me a donation and I will give you reparations, free college, and pay for your child to be indoctrinated to LGBTQUWIDS issues in day care.

    How is buying votes not illegal?

  • I'm on auto deduct 10$ per to Warren and Bernie, the only two candidates that have fought their who professional careers for the poor

  • You MSM idiots praise Warren but condemn Bernie? You are trying to pit them against each other to split the progressive vote for your corporate creep Biden, wont work you idiots!!! It will be Bernie 2020, endorsed by Warren! Are you MSM idiots for Bernie then?

  • since when do we care about fundraising numbers? i expect the front runners will have enough money to run a campaign…how about telling us how they'll make our lives better…i imagine the media are licking their lips at how much of this will show up in their coffers in the form of ad revenue.

  • All losers to squander the money those poor folks need for their vacations, new countertop and kids’ school supplies.
    You are donating to losers, folks.

  • Wow ! Paltry compared to the demonrats Daddy, their President Trump ! He's gonna apply the spanking to the rear ends of these far left socialist freaks and they're regressive cheerleaders in the msmm-main stream marxist media. We'll be singing once again, "Oh Happy Day's, Oh Happy Day's, When Jesus Washed, Oh When Jesus Washed, Oh When He Washed, He Washed the demonrats away, Oh Happy Day." Glory Amen and Hallelujah !!!

  • ANYONE who watched the 2nd debate and when asked, "who here will support giving healthcare to illegals?" and everyone raised their hands, should say, Hold On. IF you do that, that means what for me? It will RAISE your premiums and WHY should those breaking our Federal Law be rewarded? WE have poor Americans, Homeless Americans, Americans looking for better jobs, Americans who fear where they live, yet the DEMS priority is for Illegals?


  • That means she has the MOST supporters. Why does Biden lead every polls. That math doesn't make sense.

  • Old pokey doesn't have a chance when the people find out what her policies are going to cost them in their pocketbook she'll go right down the crapper

  • The transparent candidate whose donors are mainly Teachers, Wal-Mart workers, Baristas and nursing home staff is the one to watch: Sanders.

  • Bernie Sanders raises money from small grassroots $27 individual donations while the rest of the corrupt corporate neoliberal democrat party field of corporate Wall Street neoliberal democrats gets all their money from Wall Street, the banking industry, the drug companies, private health insurance companies, big business, etc

  • Bernie Sanders:
    750k more individual donors than Biden

    700k more individual donors than Buttigieg

    720k more individual donors than Kamala

    600k more individual donors than Warren

  • I don't know about other Dem voters, but for ordinary me, it's way too early to start sending money, knowing that it will be more critical later on. I'd love to give Bernie a million, maybe another million to Warren, but it's just too early.

  • Am I the only voting geezer for whom Bernie, and then Elizabeth are the only ones worth taking really seriousy? The others are nice folks, but the country needs more than a pretty face.

  • Elizabeth Warren has a proven track record of representing the WORKING CLASS PEOPLE instead of big corporations.
    When are people going to realize that corporations do not believe in trickle-down economics. People have been deceived to think corporations create jobs and we should not be asking for higher wages. Oh yes, jobs have been created, but they are not intended to last very long, and those jobs do not pay livable wages. Corporations will do anything to separate people from their hard-earned money by creating most products made out of cheap material. The products have a warranty maybe lasting about 1-3 years, then you have to pay an even higher price to replace it after that. These products cannot be repaired, so more waste is added to Mount Trashmore.
    Corporations say they cannot find educated workers, but our education system is far outdated and continues to to decline due to the Betsy DeVos types. People from foreign countries receive higher education and are hired for the higher-paying technical and engineering jobs.

  • Warren told everybody she wouldn't take money from big gas and oil in order to gain their votes. then she turned right around and took money from them anyways. she's a liar , old ways politician . she will only lead to more of the same lobbyist ruled crap , which is what has to go .

  • interesting : I disliked this it turned blue , but the number didn't change. rigging your number's too I see.

  • I am a Massachusetts resident! Please do not donate any money to Elizabeth Warren! She has done nothing for Massachusetts residents, but raised taxes so high, it is really Sickening, and putting bans on AR15s and called them assault rifles, which an AR15 IS NOT AN ASSAULT WEAPON. IT'S A RIFLE DRESSED UP. If you women think Elizabeth Warren is for women rights? Just ask the women what she has done for them in Massachusetts… Guess what Nothing! She has done more harm with her taxes, and gun laws. The gun laws are so strict, gun carrying law abiding citizens has a hard time to defend themselves and the public from the criminals. Yes! The criminals has more rights than the law abiding citizen. If you hurt a criminal that breaks into your house, that criminal can sue you! SO PLEASE DO NOT VOTE ELIZABETH WARREN. Just imagine what she will do as president. Trump 2020

  • While Democrat pundits remain in denial, US border officials “have identified 2,400 ‘false families’ over the last year as smugglers pair adults with unrelated children,” (the Journal) —Are we also all ignoring the fact that the Obama administration was also separating children from their parents, while widespread abuse of detained migrants under previous administrations was reported by the ACLU and the University of Arizona? (Good that Trump quickly fixed this with a new law!).

    DACA Illegals, unratified, felonious, extrajudicial, unlawful, banned, criminal, misappropriated, outlawed, prohibited, embezzled, irregular, illicit, penal… Where is Law & Order?

  • Individual donations are far more important than the total amount of money that was raised. Individual donations mean individual votes in 2020. A single entity donating $5,000 still only gets one vote… but ten people donating $27 each get ten votes in total. Ten votes beats one vote.

  • we the people own a candidate? our very own? I love that sh will not touch corporate pac money, and is the peoples candidate.

  • Bernie only got 18 million Q2 but still had over 250,000 more individual donations than Trump who collected over 100 million Q2, and was more individual donors than both Biden and Warren's Q2 combined. Is that a reflection of his success too msm?

  • Q2 ended june 30. It does not reflect the balances of donations occurring during the debates and following.

  • What are Democrats going to run on? Higher taxes? Higher unemployment? Lower GDP? Killing the unborn? Weaker borders? Unnafordable healthcare? Getting rid of school choice?

  • As long as the hair less guy is gone and we all can be normal again……….ooooh peace ✌️

  • wow now warren becomes a dearing candidate for msnbc. lol. looks like people don't watch tyt interview with her.

  • BERNIE /Warren or vice versa.. MSNBC stop pushing "bernie is fading" narratives. They lowkey want a 2nd Trump presidency.

  • The analyst guy at the end is a loon and just about the worst analyst on TV. Mayor Pete like Biden is the darling of the corporations and the socially liberal and financially conservative DINO's in the party. The actually educated and policy-driven voters are more into Warren than Pete. People want change not more of the same.

  • You can discount the top two candidates because they take that dirty corporate money, so Warren & Bernie are the real top candidates…

  • We are so screwed by the Predatory Capitalism. This country is obsessed with $$$$. GREED, as displayed by the orange guy. There are no ethics, no morality left.

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