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Left-wing comedian Nish Kumar booed off charity event stage after ranting about Brexit and Boris Joh

Left-wing comedian Nish Kumar booed off charity event stage after ranting about Brexit and Boris Joh

LEFT-WING comedian Nish Kumar was booed off stage and pelted with a bread roll during a charity Christmas lunch after using his set to promote “extreme views” against Brexit  The BBC Mash Report star used his spot at the Lord’s Taverners Christmas lunch to air his liberal views on Boris Johnson, the EU and Imperial rule last night  The annual charity event at the Grosvenor Hotel in Park Lane, which raises money for vulnerable children, had dubbed Kumar “undoubtedly the UK’s hottest comedian”  But it seems his target audience was not present at the show, with the audience booing him off stage just minutes after he was brought on  Mr Kumar was widely heckled as members took offence to his jibes – with anger in the room rising steadily  Video footage from the event showed Mr Kumar imply the audience were “thick” for not sharing his views  The left-wing comedian also compared himself to music icon Bob Dylan, sharing newspaper articles that said the folk musician found it funny that people had walked out of his shows after booing him  One guest described Kumar’s set as an “extreme political speech”.  But the comedian reacted defiantly to calls for him to leave and refused to budge – before he was hit with a bread roll lobbed from a disgruntled diner  It was only when a brave event compere stepped in to cut the set short that Kumar agreed to leave the stage  Following the embarrassing appearance, Kumar tweeted: “In my defence, it was only one bread roll and it missed me”  Mike Fitchett, 68, told The Mail Online: “Harry Redknapp was tremendous and we were having a really good day, as we always do  “Then this man, who is supposed to be a comedian, gets up and delivers what could only be described as a political speech He should have just left the stage but he refused to do so  “This was not at all what our organisation is about. These were extreme, far-left political views and we are a charity It was all very offensive and I shall be writing to our chief executive to make my feelings clear ”  Another audience member said: “He went full on political and it just isn’t that kind of event It was very uncomfortable for everyone.  “People had gone there for a good time and to raise money for disadvantaged kids to be able to play sport It wasn’t even comedy material – just a series of political statements.”  The Lord’s Taverners charity was set up in 1950 at the world-famous, invite-only London cricket club the MCC – considered to be the holy grail of the sport  Sir Trevor McDonald currently sits as chairman, while Sir Michael Parkinson, Prince Edward and Chris Tarrant have all held the post in previous years

  • Hey Nish, you should be thankful the Brits let you live in their country. So STFU mate, you don't have a say.
    Go work in a convenience store 2AM – thru 8AM

  • Nish Kumar entitled twat also he said we can't boast about winning the world wars because we never lived through that, but he can use our passed ancestors colonising India and using that against us? i'm seeing double standards here.

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