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Life of a Scrip Coordinator | ShopWithScrip

Life of a Scrip Coordinator | ShopWithScrip

I just earned 3 dollars on my grocery haul
thanks to scrip these fundraising gift cards I use instead
of cash or credit cards. Each gift card has a rebate on them, which goes directly to my organization when
I buy the cards at face value. I’m what you call a scrip coordinator, so I run my organization’s program The life of a scrip coordinator isn’t a glamorous
job It’s something extra I add to my day, but I got into a routine pretty easily, and now I can fundraise on my schedule. Sometimes I feel like I’m forgetting something, but social media makes it so easy to communicate with the families in my organization. All I need to place orders is a computer and an internet connection so I can take my job wherever. I always start by placing my personal order I browse through the over 750 retailers ShopWithScrip
offers and I simply add the scrip I need to my cart. It’s nice that I can order physical gift cards,
ScripNow eCards, and reloads all at the same time. Then I place my family orders for families
that turn in a paper order form. I type in their name, fill in the brand, denomination,
and quantity they want and add it to my order. I also let families order on ShopWithScrip. Next I double check the shipping information, and I get so excited about the rebates we’re
earning right then and there. Once everything looks good, I check the box,
enter my ACH PIN, and submit my order. It’s always awesome to know I just raised
money easily. With priority shipping, I receive my order
two days later. Then I distribute the cards to my families and pat myself on the back because the only thing I have left to do is
shop with scrip.

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