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Link Your Altru Account to Your Blackbaud ID

Link Your Altru Account to Your Blackbaud ID

Hi. In Altru version 4.98,
we’ve introduced a
single sign-on process that allows application users to use one set of credentials
to access all Blackbaud resources. Using the Blackbaud Omnibar, you can log in to Altru,, and other Blackbaud programs using the same
username and password. To use single sign-on, you’ll need to link your existing Altru user account to your Blackbaud user account. You can do this in 2 ways—you can receive an email invitation from your system administrator or you can link your accounts yourself the first time you log in after the upgrade. In both cases, this is a one-time process and only applies to Altru users whose
account was created before the 4.98 upgrade. This video will show you how to link the accounts yourself. Your Blackbaud ID account is the login you may already use to access resources on, such as Case Central or the
Community. If don’t have a Blackbaud ID, you should ask your site administrator to invite you to create one. If you need to link your Altru account before you are invited to create a Blackbaud account, you can create your own Blackbaud account from the sign-in screen. This video will walk you through this process. From your start page, click Start Altru. The Blackbaud account sign-in screen appears. If you already have a Blackbaud account, enter your Blackbaud username and password. If you don’t have a Blackbaud account, click Don’t already have Blackbaud ID? On the Create Blackbaud ID screen, enter the email address you want to associate with your account. We recommend that each application user has their own individual account. For example, do not create one account that all ticket sellers share. If you must create a shared user account, make sure to use a shared email address that all intended users have rights to access. In the password fields, enter the password to use for the account. Follow the password requirements provided. Enter your first and last name and then click Sign up. You’ll get a confirmation screen that tells you to check the email account
you entered on the sign-up screen. Open the email and click Confirm email. The Confirm Blackbaud ID screen appears letting you know that you successfully confirmed the email and you’re ready to log in.
Click Sign in. The Blackbaud ID sign-in screen appears. Enter the email address and password used to create your Blackbaud account. Click Sign in. The Altru linking screen appears. This is the one time step you must complete in order to use your Blackbaud ID to access Altru. In the User name and password fields, enter the credentials you currently use to log in to Altru. Click Link Accounts. Your Blackbaud ID credentials are linked to your Altru application user account. You won’t need to use your old Altru username and password anymore. It’s important to note that you won’t be able to use your Blackbaud ID username and password to access resources on until a site administrator adds you to the organization account. They can invite you after you’ve already linked your Blackbaud ID to your Altru user account. After you’ve logged in to Altru using your new Blackbaud ID, you’ll find the new Blackbaud Omnibar. From the Omnibar, you can manage your Blackbaud profile. You can view you organization account, change you name, and change your email address. You can also change your password and turn on 2 step authentication, which sends a unique verification code to your personal device to verify your login. If you use multiple Blackbaud programs, you can quickly switch between applications in the same window. You can also easily navigate from Altru to resources on (
Knowledgebase, Training) without having to log in for each. One of the most important changes to remember is that each user manages their own account. If you forget your password, you must click the Forgot password? link on the sign-in screen.
Administrators can no longer reset passwords for users. You should now be able to create a Blackbaud ID account, link it to your Altru account, and use the new sign-in screen and Omnibar. Thanks for watching!

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