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Live PD: Trust Me, I’m Not Drunk (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Trust Me, I’m Not Drunk (Season 3) | A&E

– [inaudible] run it. We’re going to stop this
guy for his lane usage. That white line right there,
he was just straddling, almost hit that
truck right there. He’s already rolled up
past the stop sign there. He’s out in the middle
of the intersection now. – Is it just me or
did he speed up? [sirens] [police radio chatter] Sorry, it’s important. A little ding in the car. Hello? What are you driving
like this for? Can you turn the truck keys off
for me, sir, and those to me? Will you hand me
those keys, please? The reason I’m stopping
is you’re swerving all over the lane lines back here. At the red light back there, you
went all– stop for a second. You went all the way into the
middle of the intersection. And then following you back
here, when I turn my lights on, you’re speeding
up, slowing down. You got a baby just running
around in the back seat back here. He’s not even buckled in. Are you his father? What’s going on, man? Step out for me. Let me get you to step back
here to the back of the vehicle for me, please, sir. On a scale of 1 to
10, 1 being you’re completely stone-cold
sober, waking up, ready to go to church, OK. 10 is you are passed
out drunk in a ditch. Where would you put
yourself on that scale? 1 being you’re sober, 10
being you’re extremely drunk, where would you put
yourself on that scale? So where would you put yourself? OK, so where would
you put yourself? Are you sober? You’re sober? You really believe that? With the whole-heartedly? Well, no you can’t. I can tell you this. Hey, I can tell you this. No, you can’t and no, you won’t. See the pen? Follow the pen with your eyes. Stare at the pen with your eyes. You’re looking
right into my eyes. You’ve got to follow
the pen with your eyes. Follow back the other way. Follow it. Look at it. You’re not looking at it. No, I don’t trust you. Listen, hey. Hey. We’re past that. You smell like beer. You’re swaying. Hush. You got a baby in
the car, enough said. We’re done right there, OK. Spin around for me, sir. Relax. Sit down, I got you. Sit down, I got you. – I’m good. – Bend your knees and sit down. I’m going to sit you
down or you can sit down. – I just want to stand up. – Well, I want you to sit down. – I don’t want to sit down. – Sit down, come on. – I don’t want to sit down. – Well, you’re going to. – And I’m standing up. I’m standing up
because I am not– I am not.
– Sit down. – I’m not drunk. I’m not drunk. – Stay down. – I am not.
Man, I’m not. – You’re going to stay down. – You’re trying
to make me drunk. – How would I make you drunk? – No, I am not drunk, man. – Get this guy out of here. What’s going to go on
right now is the child is going to be transported
to the grandma’s house. The driver is going to be
taken to Tulsa County Jail and he’s going to be charged
with child endangerment, DUI, his lane changes, and any
other traffic violations that we happen to see or come
across during this process.

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