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Live With Lee: Heart Of Ky United Way .5K

okay so have you ever wanted to do maybe a charity walk or run but you just don’t have the time to train this weekend no excuses you can take part in the heart of Kentucky United Way point 5k that is right point 5k and help raise money for a good cause Lee Cruz joins us from the center college campus in Danville to tell us all about it finally somebody has designed a race that I would participate in it’s the heart of Kentucky for the United Way here in Danville go to see you there John how are you buddy doing well thank you for being early okay so let me explain this what’s the concept well we’re having a point 5k marathon yeah just a little bit of a spoof on a 5k in a marathon anybody even yourself Lee could come down and do this and hopefully make one lap around the truck yeah that’s all I need to make but along the way we have stations I think we have stations we have sponsors McDowell Home Health with our hydration stations so make sure you say good and hydrated workman nutrition’s have been our track sponsor and you know you gotta get loaded up on your carbs so sweet spot Cyndi she’s got it’s taking well taken care of with the carbs you won’t regret that I can assure you hold his water for me will you hi are you sandy all right Thank You Cindy you’re sweet these great people our planet they they’re our main event sponsor they’re providing us with all of our t-shirts for the event and these two guys here with the suits on they there are attorneys or our official timers or make sure that we have there’s no interference with anybody cheap or anything okay 5k is right now it’s a fundraiser for you guys it’s gonna happen Friday starts what time Friday from 8 to 5 right here on Centre College campus and one of our board members Patrick nomar’s from Center and we appreciate their generosity of letting us holding the event here yeah it’s great and I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun and again it’s for anybody who whether you’re in shape or not you come out and that’s right and even if you’re not in shape one of our sponsors is jvm motorsports and for an additional $25 you can ride around the track in a golf cart lovely big wheel big wheel over there for another 5 Campbell University’s being our overachiever sponsor so you can do that or even have some people that will pinch walk for you really also I can have a proxy doing great now how do I sign up you can go out on to our website which is itíd way here in dan we’re gonna have a great time with center cost John thank you buddy appreciate it should be a lot of fun on Friday guys that will do it from here we’ll send it back to you that’s a fun way to get as many people involved as possible yes people that aren’t runners cuz it keeps a lot of people away from events like I just can’t do it but no excuses Angie said well just go for the cupcakes that’s one or whatever that’s true all right

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