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Logging Company Wants to Sue Greenpeace Out of Existence

Logging Company Wants to Sue Greenpeace Out of Existence

Last year we received notice that Resolute
was filing a SLAPP suit against Greenpeace in the U.S. and Greenpeace International. And it was naming individuals. It can be intimidating to be personally named
in a fat law suit, you got piles of legal papers, you wonder about, what’s this going
to mean for me? When am I going to have to show up in court? What does this mean for my future? That sort of thing. And three hundred million dollars kind of
hanging over your head. When the lawsuit was filed, they actually,
for individuals like me, had to serve us with papers. There was a knock at the door, I go and the
process server hands me this chunk of paper here, and it was the lawsuit. And it was real at that moment. Resolute Forest Products sued me, Greenpeace
Canada, and a colleague of mine, for seven million dollars four years ago. My love for the forest, really comes from
where I grew up in Ireland. I grew up right at the foot of a mountain,
which still has some of the original Irish oak trees in it. My mom is from Norway, and I think that’s
where my love of nature really started. I was like the family cat, that when my mom
wanted to call me in for dinner, she had to sort of yell into the woods, and I would come
scampering out of the bushes. I am a Greenpeace activist, but I’m also just
an everyday, average mom. My daughter is just discovering certain things
in her environment, and it’s like a light bulb goes off. And it’s so fun to see her realize new things. I want my children to live in a world where
there is such natural beauty, that it causes that sort of awe-inspiring moment. People often don’t realize that Greenpeace
is all about solutions that deliver sustainable economies for local communities, ensure indigenous
rights are respected, and ensure that the well-being of our planet is secured for future
generations. We start with our goal of zero deforestation
and forest degradation. It’s easy to see where that stuff is happening
because of modern technology. Most of what I do works with companies, to
make sure that the commodities they buy, so things like pulp and paper and palm oil, are
coming from really sustainable and responsible sources around the world. And in the Canadian Boreal forest, we’re lucky
enough to have some of the last intact forest left on this planet. The Boreal is the big, green halo on the top
of the Earth. It goes across North America, Europe, and
Asia. It’s one of the largest carbon storehouses
in the world, and if we’re going to have any chance at preventing catastrophic climate
change, we need a healthy Boreal forest. And Resolute Forest Products is one of the
largest logging companies in North America, and so you can’t ignore the impact that they’re
having on the ground there. Calling us a criminal enterprise is so far
from reality, that it is really hard to understand. I think they’re trying to make a point that
if they can take out Greenpeace, who else will be left to stand up to them? Smaller nonprofits, with fewer resources,
would think twice before speaking a critical word against them. Why Resolute is such and important part of
this story is because not only are they threatening the health of these forests for future generations,
they’re also threatening the ability of the environmental movement as a whole to speak
out, to criticize, and to shine a light on the practices that otherwise wouldn’t come
to the public’s attention. This is all about snuffing out and silencing
dissenting voices. And when you do that, you erode public discourse,
free speech, and when you do that, you endanger the very heart of our democratic society.

  • What if the plaintiff had to be an individual representative and if they lost they were personally held liable for the amount the company is seeking from each of the defendants? Must be nice when you have little skin in the game. I only hope our legal system sees through the obvious bully tactics and protects these future conscious individuals. Thank you for your perseverance.

  • Greenpeace still hasn't shown responsibility for its criminal stunt in Peru and its damage to the Nazca Lines.

  • Sue them until they are goneey rfused becausey refused rraised millions and spent it flying allover and paying themselves big money. When they were asked for a video conference th

  • That's what happens when you make fraudulent claims and slander a company with made up facts and opinion based commentary…. Canada's forest policies are at the forefront of environmental standards. Maybe they should actually fact-check and maybe study the system they claim to know.

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