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Logistics And How Shoes Are Picked Up With Your Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Logistics And How Shoes Are Picked Up With Your Shoe Drive Fundraiser

We want your experience to be the best
from start to finish. The Funds2Orgs logistics team picks up your bags of
shoes so you can receive your fundraising
check. Here’s how. We have several drivers who pick up shoes across the United
States. So when our truck is dispatched to your
area, one of our team members will reach out by phone and/or email to verify all
your information, such as address of shoe location, contact name, and phone number and other obstacles there may be. Our team may contact you even though you are not
through with your donation drive to pick up what you have to date. When you’re
fundraising coach calls, let them know your bag count and the address of the
shoes. This way your fundraising coach can
always be coordinating with our logistics team. Accurate bag counts are extremely
important as this is how we plan space on the truck. Once we have confirmed everyone’s
information that would be included on a route we will reconnect with you with
your date and time. Our time is a 30 minute window but we
ask that you block off 30 minutes prior and 30 minutes past your time to allow
for any weather or traffic issues. Our driver will call when they are on
the way. Our logistics team works diligently to accommodate our shoe drive
partner schedules as best as we possibly can. But we cannot always grant you the
time you have requested. Please be patient as we sometimes are scheduling
more than 30 people on your route. Our drivers do pickups Monday through
Saturday, 7am to 7pm. We can schedule outside of those hours under special
circumstances, unless it violates DOT regulations. Once the truck arrives you’ll assist the
driver and labeling the bags with stickers and loading the truck. We ask that you provide people to assist
in the loading and labeling. When your shoes arrive in our warehouse, they are
weighed and processed. The shoes are then shipped to support
micro entrepreneurs in developing nations. Once your bags have been weighed and
processed in our warehouse this information is sent to our accounting
team. This process takes between 24 to 48
hours. They will process your shipment and submit for payment. Your check is mailed with a receipt and
you will be emailed a tracking number once mailed. Please remember your check will be
mailed within two business days once the shoes arrive in our warehouse
for processing. Our trucks make various pickups along their route so it may be
several days after pick up before your shoes arrive at the warehouse for
processing. If you have any questions about how
logistics works or would like to schedule a pickup please call our award
winning team 407-930-2979.

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