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Los Alamos United Way Car Show

Los Alamos United Way Car Show

Music: La Bamba Narrator: Hundreds of Lab employees and Los
Alamos residents turned out in October for the first-ever Los Alamos National Laboratory
… car show. It was the kick-off event for the 2014 Los
Alamos Employees United Way Giving Campaign and featured a wide variety of classic and
custom cars, trucks and motorcycles, all competing for prizes including the Director’s Choice
Award for best in show. Kurt Steinhaus: Cars have been a tradition
throughout northern new mexico and as a part of kicking off our employee giving campaign,
we wanted to build on the tradition of northern new mexico so within about two weeks of opening
registration we had over 90 cars. Narrator: The vehicles on display included
a 1959 Triumph TR-3. a couple of DeLorean’s, a 1927 Ford Model A, a 66 Ferrari 330GT, a
53 Caddy, and a whole bunch of corvettes, mustangs, and ’55, ’56, and ’57 Chevy Bel
Airs. Donations to United Way could be made by buying
a Lab 70th anniversary T-Shirt, and several car owners were offering rides in exchange
for donations. And the Director’s Choice: Steinhaus: This year’s winner, number 33,
a 1939 Buick convertible, Ken Uher, Ken come on forward … Narrator: Other awards include the employee’s
choice, and best cars from the forties, fifties, sixties and seventies. Ken Uher: My dad bought the car in 1976, came
out of a field in Bernalillo … he always told me when I get tired of it we’ll work
out a deal, so I had to wait 24 years. My Dad’s still alive, eighty two years old, he
and my mom are doing great. Steinhaus: Its a great way to kick of our
giving campaign, I give because is the theme, and it couldn’t have been a better day and
a better turn out, we’re really happy. Narrator: Last year’s United Way Campaign
at the Lab netted three point two million dollars in donations from Lab employees and
the Lab’s parent company Los Alamos National Security. I’m Kevin Roark for Los Alamos National
Laboratory on YouTube

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